Mexican/Spanish Rice

Mexican Rice

This dish is easy to make, cooks fast, and is a one-frying-pan meal. I should really create a new category called “21 things to do with leftover roast chicken”, and this recipe would fit right in with a bunch of others. (Maybe I’ll work my way up to 21.) The other gem in this recipe is the use of cauliflower rice.

It’s easy to substitute grains with other kinds of food that can compliment the dish. This recipe uses cauliflower as the rice, however the dish holds up quite well with quinoa or brown rice. I keep frozen packets of Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice in my freezer – each packet heats up in 4 minutes.

Diced chicken

If you’re going for cauliflower, just chop up the cauliflower to a “rice-like” consistency, and add it to the saucepan. If you want more detailed instructions, here’s a link from that helps, and there’s another one at There are an abundance of cauliflower rice recipes on the Internet, from cauliflower fried rice to cauliflower rice pudding.

Cauliflower rice

If you’re going with quinoa, it will take about 15 minutes to cook, so you’ll want to prepare it ahead of time. If you have leftover quinoa in the refrigerator, that will work too.

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  1. shalonne says:

    This came out SO good! Thanks for the great recipe!!

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