• Paleo, Pork, and a Giveaway

    Comfy Belly: Beyond Bacon

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are a lot of Paleo-style cookbooks being released and many are eye-catching labors of love and dedication. I’ve also noticed some questioning going on. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Paleo, caveman diet, really? I personally have become immune to any kind of diet judgement since my son became ill. A mom will do anything for her child. Period. No dairy. Ok. No grain. Ok. No sugar. Ok. Just make him healthy again.

    The funny thing is that Paleo overlaps other diets and lifestyles. And if you look at my recipe posts you’ll notice that I tag recipes according to their lifestyle and many fit into several tags or categories. It’s all food.

    I can’t get too religious about food terminology. I can about the source and contents of food. I favor organic, sustainable, and so on. I’m way too busy staying healthy to worry about how the latest marketing terms and food craves fit into my lifestyle. And my way of staying healthy is to eat mostly vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, occasionally some fish, meat, and dairy, and some other stuff. What should I call it? I’m not going to sweat it. And you shouldn’t either because there are some great recipes coming out of Paleo websites, apps, blogs, and books.

    Speaking of which, I love bacon. I don’t eat it too often but occasionally it will go on a salad or in a soup or stew. The rest of my family LOVES pork. Which means they are going to love that I got my hands on this new book from Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry.

    I wasn’t really sure where to start. I’ve made my own bacon before and I’m not sure I want to do that again when there are so many high-quality sources for bacon now. The barbecue and rib recipes look great, and if you own a smoker or are thinking about it you’ll love the simple smoke recipes to get your started.

    Comfy Belly: Asian Short Ribs

    I opted for the Asian Short Ribs because I’ve been wanting to try coconut aminos for a while and also because it’s a recipe I can share with you. I also offer substitutes for some ingredients if you’re not doing any tamari or coconut aminos or molasses (SCD).

    The giveaway is over, but try the Asian Short Ribs!

    We have a winner (thanks to random.org): Jacque Bryant

    And another great thing—they gave me an extra copy to give away to one lucky winner!

    Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. The giveaway contest ends on June 22nd, 2013. Good luck!

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    149 Responses to Paleo, Pork, and a Giveaway

    1. Aileen Swenson says:

      Yum! Bacon!

    2. Geraldine Mirabal says:

      I’m your fan!! I want it please!!! 🙂

    3. Debbie Bell says:

      can’t wait to look thru this book!!

    4. Debbie Bell says:

      can’t wait to look thru this book!

    5. Betsy says:

      I’d love this book! So many good cookbooks coming out!

    6. M says:

      I was Paleo when Paleo wasn’t cool!:-)

    7. Rochelle says:

      This cookbook looks amazing. I may have to look into buying a pig 🙂

    8. Cindy says:

      Love your site and have used many of your recipes!

    9. Sara R says:

      I really resonate with this: “A mom will do anything for their child. Period. No dairy. Ok. No grain. Ok. No sugar. Ok. Just make him healthy again.” In this case though, it’s my hubs that I want better again. Gotta learn all I can!

    10. Laurie says:

      Yum! I just bought some shortribs at the farmer’s market this morning, though they are beef. I may try this with them anyway. I would love to win the cookbook.

    11. rebecca says:

      We are just getting into paleo. This book looks awesome!

    12. HEATHER G. says:

      I’d love this book!

    13. Jess says:

      This would be right down my alley because all my friends know I could be vegetarian if that could just include bacon! Finding out some new ways to eat clean pork would be fantastic!

    14. Monique says:

      Hearing great things re this book. Thanks for the recipe!

    15. Rachael says:

      I seriously need this book! I know where I can get a pasture raised pig so the sooner the better!

    16. Christine Elsdon says:

      i’d love to have this awesome looking book.. 🙂
      thanks for your hard work on your blog!!

    17. Catherine Griffice says:

      The recipes sound great!!!

    18. Tracey says:

      Rediscovering bacon has been a gift!

    19. Jenn Maley says:

      I am going to try this recipe over the 4th if July, can’t wait, no one will know it is Paleo.

    20. Sharon says:

      This book would be such an inspiration for a new Paleo person like myself! Thanks for the chance!

    21. Amy says:

      Love Bacon!! This book looks great!

    22. Nicole says:

      I’ve just started the Paleo way and would love to get my 4 yr old twins to eat better! They’re at the ‘we don’t eat/like any food stage’. So this would be a great start, well I think it would be 🙂

    23. Leah says:

      I am new to the paleo lifestyle and am Loving it! I love reading your blog and recipes for new ideas and I mean a “diet” or lifestyle that lets you eat bacon….how can that be bad??

    24. Jennifer says:

      This sounds like a great addition. Thanks for the giveaway.

    25. Monique C. M. says:

      Oh dear lord does that sound good! Never would have thought to put tahini on pork OR ribs but my mouth is watering here.

    26. Patricia says:

      Oooo, I would love to win!! 🙂

    27. Melissa Y says:

      I am drooling waiting for the release of this book!!!

    28. Erin says:

      These look delicious! I would love to win a copy, though I pre-ordered mine what seems like a year ago! My most hotly anticipated preorder.

    29. Robin says:

      these ribs sound awesome!

    30. Rachel R says:

      This book looks amazing. Thank you also for your blog, I love the recipes you post!

    31. Richard Main says:

      I can’r wait for this book! I just started Paleo a few weeks ago and am in the process of switching the wife and kids. And since I do all of the cooking this book would come in very handy! BACON!

    32. Teresa Grodi says:

      Can’t wait to cook up some pig!!!!

    33. OH YUM! BRING ON THE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Molly says:

      I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Those ribs sound amazing!

    35. El Fallon says:

      Lurves that bacon! : ) Those short ribs look so awesome too. : ) Yum. Thank you for the nice contest. Have a great Father’s Day. Take care. El : )

    36. Lydia says:

      Oh, I’ve been eying Beyond Bacon for a while now. I am grateful for the variety of resources–blogs, cookbooks, etc.–that are available when in pursuit of real food. Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of this latest resource! 🙂

    37. Heather says:

      This is one cookbook I cannot wait to get!

    38. caitlin says:

      this looks great!

    39. Nikki V says:

      Looking forward to this book. Can’t go wrong with bacon!

    40. MJ says:

      would love it! Love your blog!

    41. Christina says:

      I’d love to win!

    42. Sam says:

      Would absolutely love a copy of this new book- thanks for the opportunity!

    43. danielle says:

      thank you

    44. Debra says:

      I am making that recipe tomorrow! Thanks for the peek inside…and the giveaway!

    45. Patricia Crowley says:

      I’d love to try this recipe!! Thanks for the giveaway too!

    46. Janelle says:

      Ahh those ribs look amazingly caramelized! I’ve been seeing Beyond Bacon all over Instagram. I really want to make the brownies! On a tight med school budget so this giveaway is awesome!

    47. Amy says:

      I am the only one in my immediate family that likes pork. But I hope someday my little ones will come to enjoy it as I do! 🙂

    48. Susan says:

      Would roll in the mud like a pig for this cookbook! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    49. Tracee says:

      I love that so many grain-free refined sugar-free cookbooks are coming out nowadays. Woohoo.

    50. Eligonma says:

      I’d love to win this book. Thanks for the chance!

    51. Tirzah says:

      Great post. Thanks for the reminder. Would love a copy of this book. We love bacon!!

    52. Tasha says:

      Looks so yummy!

    53. John says:

      Bacon Rules…!

      1. All roads lead to bacon
      2. If you can’t find a road, call a friend
      3. Bacon builds better relationships
      4. No all bacon is created equal, but it can be equally enjoyed.

    54. J.Lo B. says:

      bacon=,good stuff, + works great for SCD!

    55. Alexandra G says:

      Love all of your muffins! And I totally want this cookbook!

    56. Mary says:

      I love bacon! And I love your blog which I just found. Looking into paleo and your tips on coconut flour are fantastic – made my recipe turn out just right! Yum!

    57. Jen says:

      I was a vegetarian for a long time. Within the last year I started eating meat again. Now we raise most of our own. We just slaughtered a 350 pound pig! I need all the pork recipes I can get!

    58. Philippa says:

      Looks like a great recipe. Would love to win the book!

    59. I’m a huge fan of yours & of Stacey & Matt. This would would be such a blessing to win!

    60. Sanet says:

      Would love to win the book. I’m a lover of beacon. And this recipe sound so yummy. 🙂 Blessings.

    61. Chrissy M. says:

      I’d love to win this book too..but I have a question can someone on the SCD use coconut aminos for sweetening. I read that it was illegal, someplace.

      • Erica says:

        I think you’re correct actually. I can’t find a source but coconut sap is probably just coconut sugar syrup, so it’s not SCD. Oh well.

    62. Jacque Bryant says:

      No dairy, no grain, no sugar – that’s me! It has been a really hard transition as an adult to this kind of “diet”. A lot of those various diets do overlap but I still have to change and or adjust ingredients. The Paleo is probably the easiest since it is pretty close to the SCD restrictions. I have no cook books so it would be nice. I do love your site and find it extremely helpful. Thank you for your hard work. ~ Jacque Bryant

      • Erica says:

        Thanks! Yes, Paleo is easy to adapt as SCD. Careful though – I see that some are now eating sweet potatoes, and they also are ok with maple syrup and other more complex carbohydrates.

    63. KimH says:

      Those Asian Short Ribs look amazing!1 I’d love to win this book! I need all the help I can get. 🙂

    64. Jen says:

      Looks so yummy! Would enjoy a copy of their book!!

    65. Alicia says:

      Can’t wait to check out the book!

    66. Dolly says:

      When my son got ill, I also did everything I could do to make him healthy again. We have been following the SCD diet for the last 3 years and it’s so nice to find new sites with amazing SCD friendly recipes. I would LOVE to try the Asian Short Ribs! Are both the coconut aminos and the fish sauce brands you have listed SCD legal? I am new to your site and can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Thank you!

    67. Tonnie Rogers says:

      Thank you for the recipe…and very interested in the cookbook and the paleo lifestyle. But need help! 🙂

    68. Pat B. says:

      WOW! I get a pig every year and it would be wonderful to try some new recipes!

    69. Debbie says:

      My diet doesn’t fit into ANY category – as you said regarding your son – I just want to get better. It’s all food. Thanks for the recipe.

    70. Jerrit says:

      This looks like it could be very yummy!

    71. Melinda says:

      I just recently found your blog while researching the SCD diet. I can’t thank you enough for all the great information and recipes. And thanks for the giveaway too! *fingers crossed*

    72. Diana says:

      Mmhh bacon! I’ve also learned to move past labels and other people’s judgement. I focus on eating things that make me happier and healthier. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us

    73. Nicole says:

      What a beautiful looking book. I would love to win it!

    74. Karen says:

      I like pork but am never sure how best to fix it. This book would be a gift and hopefully help me through that issue. Bacon. What can I say……ahhhhhhhh bacon!

    75. Christine says:

      I just started going paleo…an autoimmune style paleo protocol too (ugh). The GF lifestyle alone didn’t help me much. So, I gave it a whirl because when Mom feels better…everyone feels better right? Anyway, I am kind of getting bored with the same ol’ same ol’. This cookbook would be great. Bring on the bacon 🙂 BTW, when I do allow for that “cheat”, I have found help here. Thanks!

    76. Carolyn says:

      The ribs look delicious!

    77. Kathleen Czinner says:

      You’re just wonderful putting all this info out there for folk like me. I’m once again refining my diet trying to be totally & truly grain-free, dairy-free (tried goat’s milk after cow juice kept bringing on lots of mucous with sinus, rhinitis, bronchitis and any other ‘itis’ caused by mucousa. I’m off goat’s as well now – 1st day today. Also going sugar-free. LOVE MY BACON though and buy free-range, tastes so much better and not as salty – just had some with a nice salad – yum!yum!yum! I’ll look out for this book.
      BTW have heard of Norman W Walker? All about juicing veg & fruit and other interesting info – I’ve been trying this too and like it – feels nice & clean in the tummy.
      Again, thanks a mil for your great site. So look forward to your latest postings.

    78. Jen says:

      I’d love this book! Bacon is a food group all its own!

    79. Katrina says:

      I’m 5 days into eating Paleo. Thought I would die doing it. Still wondering how people live without grains, dairy and sugar. Planning to keep trying for health reasons. Good thing I love fresh fruit and veggies. And secretly love a snitch of bacon now and then. 😉

    80. Lisa says:

      This looks delicious, can’t wait to try! I LOVE all things pork…fingers crossed for the giveaway!

    81. Christy says:

      Just recently started eating grass fed bacon and what a difference in taste! recipe looks awesome and someting my husband would enh=joy greatly! thank you for the many ideas, blogs, recipes to help us learn about food and becoming healthy!

    82. Ari says:

      This recipe will make its debut at my bf’s birthday!

    83. Janet Brown says:

      This book sounds great. I would love the opportunity to win and try the recipes. Thanks!

    84. t0rie says:

      Great review, thank you! And that recipe looks delicious… Yum!

    85. Teresa says:

      Always love and appreciate your reviews. And I would love to have this cookbook! It looks fantastic!

    86. Pamela Murawski says:

      4 years with ulcerative pancolitis and following the SCD diet. Any new advice and recipes will be so appreciated.

      Still so much to learn. Love your muffin recipes, especially Cinnabon!

    87. Suzi G says:

      Just found this website and I am so excited!!

    88. Lisa D. says:

      Bacon?! I’m in!!

    89. Penny says:

      Hi Erica,

      I seem to thrive on daily servings of animal protein: pork, beef, chicken, fish and eggs. Would love to explore this book!

      thanks for all you do.

    90. Christina M says:

      That cookbook looks very interesting!!!!

    91. Nichole says:

      Ahhh….bacon…ribs…shredded pork shoulder roast. So much to love about pork !! My husband is such a fan of bacon that he has a bacon tie, bacon band-aids, a bacon air freshener…all presents from those who know him well. 🙂

    92. LOVE your blog and I have been dying for this book. Hope i can win to add it to my growing collections of amazing Paleo cook books.

    93. ikkinlala says:

      I’m not sure if Canadians are eligible, but am commenting just in case because this book looks great. I’m not paleo, but my parents raise a few pigs every year and I usually buy a side of pork from them.

    94. This book is so gorgeous, I think even a vegan could appreciate it 🙂

    95. April says:

      Oh thank you so much for this giveaway! I want to own this book so badly but I’m on budget >.< Thanks again, I'm crossing my fingers!

    96. Heidi says:

      these ribs look amazing!! so does the book 😉

    97. Linda says:

      Thanks for sharing this recipe! I would love to have the book!!

    98. mindy connelly says:

      i would love this book too! love your site.

    99. Nancy says:

      That looks like a great book!

    100. Alana Berger says:

      Love your blog.. Started on SCD 6 years ago and healed my myself. My diet is now mostly paleo. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be the winner of the book.

    101. Jerri-lynn DeGayner says:

      Would love to add this book to my cooking library. Blessings!

    102. Jill says:

      Nothing beats a beautiful cookbook! I would love a copy!

    103. Tammy Prillaman says:

      Yes, please

    104. Ashley Tucker says:

      I’d love to win this!!

    105. Patrick Wood says:

      Thanks for all your really great reciepe’s Erica! Really been enjoying them!

    106. Joy says:

      Wish I had something creative to say 🙂 me and my family enjoy your recipes, your new cook book was 1st to my collection this yr. This would be a fun book to have. I’ve heard lots of great things about it.

    107. Shari D says:

      Love your info & your presentation of it. Thank you.

    108. Dita says:

      I love your recipes. I would be glad to win the book.

    109. Pingback: Beyond Bacon Early Reviewers & What They Are Saying | Paleo Parents

    110. Joi M. says:

      Great review! I’m drooling over those ribs. Hope I win a copy of the book!

    111. Tara says:

      I found your blog through Paleo Parents, so it would come full circle if I could win their book through YOU, lol.

    112. Kathryn S says:

      Thank you for the chance to win this book. I would love to win 🙂

    113. Stephanie KL says:

      We have a whole hog in the freezer. “Beyond Bacon” sounds like the pork encyclopedia containing all one needs to know about the subject. I would love to win this cookbook and cook my way from head to tail.

    114. Janet says:

      OMGoodness, these look so good!!

    115. Jessica D. says:

      My kids would probably even eat cardboard if there was bacon on it – yum!

    116. Amy Ayers says:

      OMG! I would love to win a copy. Through the success of my meat CSA, I’m looking at ordering a whole hog. This would be perfect!!

    117. Lauren S. says:

      That book looks amazing! I would be ecstatic to win it!

    118. Carolsue says:

      Ribs! Bacon! Doesn’t get any better than that! Hope I win.
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    119. Cynthia vela says:

      I would love to win this! The book looks great, especially that picture, yumm! Thanks for sharing your review with us!

    120. Yay! Love pigs and bacon. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

    121. Elena says:

      I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!!

    122. Maggie says:

      This cookbook looks awesome! Thank you for the chance to win it.

    123. Maggie says:

      Just realized my email was wrong on the previous comment. Sorry about that!

    124. Blessie Nelson says:

      Awesome! Love to win this!!

    125. brandylynn223 says:

      So excited for this book! This recipe looks good and totally agree with being over defending my diet choices! My family is healthy, my husband and I are losing weight and feeling better than ever, ALL THAT MATTERS!

    126. Dara says:

      I am so glad I learned about your website! I’m fairly new to Paleo/Clean eating and your recipes have been very helpful & inspiring 🙂 Having Beyond Bacon would be a wonderful resource as well!

    127. Kelly Z says:

      Short Ribs look amazing and so does this book!

    128. Ann Ketz says:

      Thanks for reviewing – can’t wait for this book and love your blog!

    129. Jackie Vetter says:

      Would absolutely love to win this book! constantly looking around for recipes to keep it going!

    130. Jyenny says:

      I loves me some piggy and my birthday’s on Sunday (6/23). This cookbook sure would be an awesome gift 😉 😉

      Thanks for a great site. Keep on cookin’

    131. Kelli Marek says:

      A COMMENT : )

    132. Tammye says:

      Well, I am sure this is just as wonderful as any other recipe you have shared! Keep them coming! I just had a nibble of the brownies made from your recipe— that would be great dessert for this dish!

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