Mexican Chicken Soup {quick & easy}

Mexican Chicken Soup - Comfy Belly

Here’s a really simple, flavorful chicken vegetable soup with a Mexican/Southwestern sway, using left-over chicken and some simple Mexican-inpired ingredients and vegetables (of course!).

Mexican Chicken Soup - Comfy Belly

This soup is quick to whip up when using left-over roasted chicken, but if you don’t have any left-over chicken you can broil or pan-cook some chicken and then shred or dice it and then add it to the soup.

If you like Mexican-inspired food and flavors you’ll want to keep the base and seasonings from this recipe on hand for other recipes like chili and Mexican lasagna.

For example, besides salt, these ingredients are a staple in my pantry:

  • cumin (ground or seeds)
  • chili powder (or my favorites are Ancho and Chipotle)
  • cayenne for some kick (read: spicy)
  • can of fire-roasted tomatoes (or diced tomatoes)

I’m so enamored of Ancho chili (mild and flavorful) that I make my own from dried Ancho chili. I just toast a few in a pan for a few minutes and then take them off the heat when they get fragrant (5 to 10 minutes), cool them, and then grind them into a powder in my coffee bean grinder. I make extra so I always have some handy to sprinkle around.

Mexican Chicken Soup - Comfy Belly

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6 Responses to Mexican Chicken Soup {quick & easy}

  1. Laura says:

    This looks DELISH, and I need to try the cashew cream ASAP! I absolutely love everything about your blog, so much that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Keep dreaming up amazing, healthy, allergy friendly recipes. Here are the details for the award…

  2. Christa says:

    I am on the SCD diet and LOVED this soup. My whole family loved it…they topped it with tortillas, sour cream and guacamole and I stuck to SCD safe plain yogurt and guacamole! Thanks for great recipes always!!!

  3. Nancy Hartt says:

    This soup is the best! I am eating it right now, this is the 4th time I have made it and had to comment. The spice combination is perfect. I am on the SCD and am so grateful to you for your great recipes. I use your cake and muffin recipes every week and don’t know how I’d cope without your recipes. Thank-you! Nancy H

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