Horseradish Sauce

My first taste of horseradish was as a kid during a Passover seder. The horseradish is  symbolic of the bitterness of slavory the Jewish people endured in Egypt. You might also like…Spinach Tart {with an almond flour quiche crust}Raisin Walnut SconesRatatouille "Pasta"

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Mustard Herb Roasted Chicken

Mustard herb roasted chicken pieces make for tender meat, with a crispy outer edge. You might also like…Macaroons: Lemon, Vanilla, and Chocolate KissedFirecracker PopsChocolate Chip Scones {coconut flour & book gi…

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Thanksgiving Ideas

Here are some thanksgiving ideas for anyone wanting some inspiration for a grain-free, gluten-free meal. You might also like…Chocolate Chip CookiesRaw Blackberry CheesecakeTortillas {using coconut flour}

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Ratatouille “Pasta”

My go-to cold weather dish, with a dash of omnivore love: Ratatouille “pasta” using spaghetti squash. You might also like…Strawberry ShortcakesLemon Ginger Scones and Apricot JamMustard Herb Roasted Chicken

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Ghostly Chocolate Cupcakes {using coconut flour}

Here’s a recipe for ghostly chocolate cupcakes.  You might also like…Sesame Dijon CrackersBoeuf BourguignonPopovers {using coconut flour}

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