• Cherry Scones

    Cherry Scones

    I didn’t realize that tart, dried cherries taste really good in scones. I’ve been cognizant of a bag of dried, tart cherries sitting in my pantry that I bought at Trader Joe’s quite a while ago, occasionally throwing them in salads. But now they are making a play in my scone recipe.

    I guess I could have gone shopping for currants, or some other standard scone supporting ingredient, but I like to use up what I have on hand (it makes me feel green).

    In any case, these are good. And I’ll have to confess that I added chocolate chips to half the batch just to see how the combo would fair. Quite decadent.

    Apparently cherries have powerful pain relief properties for runners and other athletes. Since I just started trail running again (light trail running that is, with my dog, who stops to sniff quite often) these will come in handy.

    Tip This recipe was inspired by a recipe in a wonderful cookbook by Kendall Conrad.

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    23 Responses to Cherry Scones

    1. Karen says:

      These look wonderful, thanks for the recipe. I have a bag of dried blueberries waiting for this recipe:)

    2. S. McDowall says:

      I have yet to go through all your recipes but it gives me hope that I will not be eating bland,tasteless food. I look forward to trying all your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing.

    3. Deborah says:

      I’ve only just found your blog but delicious recipes and wonderful photos. I do want to draw your attention to the fact that something is wrong with your feed. Dosen’t work?

    4. LUcyRic says:

      Would it be ok to use frozen cherries? Does extra moisture affect the batter?

    5. Erica says:

      Lucy – funny, I was thinking about that as I made another batch (I realized that Trader Joe’s adds sugar to their dried cherries, so I won’t be using those anymore). The moisture might be a problem, and the texture would be different. You could roast the cherries or dry them before baking. Or try another dried fruit you have on hand.

    6. Patrick Griffin says:

      I tried this recipe and found the dough was very crumbly, with the ingredients listed. I had to add a half cup of oil and an egg to get to get to a cooking consistency. They turned out great, but not with the ingredients listed.

    7. Erica says:

      Sorry Patrick – I’ve never had a problem with the recipe. It’s very thick, but doesn’t crumble. Did it taste like a scone?

    8. Steve says:

      I just made these with dried Blueberries from Trader Joes and they were good. TJs by my house has 3 types of dried blueberries, one of them has no sugar or sulfites, just blueberries. It’s obvious which ones because they look super dry, and they are. Next time I may soak them a few minutes to see if that helps, or try using fresh berries. They did have cherries with nothing added, but I like bluebrries better.
      Oh, and to make these decadent, I bought Macadamia nut honey at Henrys by a brand named Royal Hawaiian Honey, spread a little on the scones and it tastes kind of like a carmel sauce.

    9. Erica says:

      Nice Steve. I would definitely try fresh blueberries – they don’t hold as much moisture as cherries. Thanks for sharing.

    10. Gina says:

      I just made these with freeze-dried blueberries that a reconstituted for about 10 minutes in room temp water, and then drained well, and they turned out great! Thanks so much Erica!

    11. Michelle Tiede says:

      Thanks for a great recipe, Erica! I made these for breakfast this morning, and they were fabulous! (I love all your recipes!)

    12. Michelle Tiede says:

      Hi Erica! Have you ever thought about coming up with a recipe for pumpkin scones? I would love that! Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!

    13. Erica says:

      Michelle – I’ve never had a pumpkin scone. Great idea. What is it that you like about the taste? Does it taste like a pumpkin muffin, or pie?

    14. Michelle Tiede says:

      I don’t know if I’ve had one either, I just thought it sounded good! Lol! Maybe like a pumpkin muffin, with the texture of a scone?

    15. Sophie says:

      gf scones made without butter or margarine,..That’s the way to go!!

    16. Grazing Kate says:

      Like the recipe but have a query – almond flour – does that mean ground almonds. Now this is something I should know, but what is the best equivalent of cups for us folk in the UK? I use grams, but my scales can do ounces and fl oz too.

    17. SJ says:

      These are delicious! I followed the recipe but used dried currants instead. Thank you!

    18. Nicole says:

      Your scone recipes are kitchen magic. Initially you wonder, how can this possibly turn out good with just yogurt and a little sweetener? But I make these at least every two weeks and they are always fantastic. My favourite variation is adding the zest of an orange and some chopped dark chocolate, but I’ve made them with fantastic success with lemon zest and frozen wild blueberries. Tonight I made them with chopped dark chocolate and frozen raspberries. I am sure they are going to be divine! Thanks so much for all your recipes. They make grain-free baking so accessible.

    19. Erica says:

      Thanks! I love your additions 🙂

    20. Gary says:

      I want to that you. I have blood sugar issues and I love bread, muffins but my favorite is a nice cup of tea and a scone. I clicked you like formyour scone recipe and it would not come up. I am assuming I can take this cherry scone recipe and use anything instead of cherries.

      Thankmyou so much for giving me back low carb muffins, cookies, breads and scone.

      I tried one of my own recipes for blueberry muffins but I used coconut flour and honestly I did not likemthe taste but I will muse one ofmyours but I think I am going to be happier with almond flour.

      On a side note my first attempt at low carb flour wasmhemp flour. Wow that is a very dark flour.

    21. I tried making almond flour scones for the first time today, inspired by your recipe and your lovely photo, and they came out delish! I made a fig & chocolate version and a bacon & green onion version. A wonderful way to start the weekend. Thank you for posting! Your blog is awesome. 🙂 Definitely bookmarked.

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