• Asian Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups

    Asian chicken salad in lettuce cups

    Here’s a rare treat in my kitchen these days: a dish with some chicken (or any meat for that matter). I love this concept because it’s centered around vegetables, herbs, and spices. This recipe also has a great flavor to it, especially if you like ginger, cilantro, and garlic. An added bonus is that it can be eaten warm or chilled.

    ingredients on cutting board

    Two out of four of us are eating primarily, if not exclusively, vegetarian. I’m doing quite well (mostly because I prefer this way of eating), but my son is not so happy. So I try to sneak in a bit of chicken or cold-water fish every once in a while (but it’s a bummer that he doesn’t like fish either).

    This healing step is giving us great results, and reducing the acidity and inflammation in his body. Meat is acidic by nature (red meat creates the highest acidity in the body), and it’s harder to digest. Now that he’s cramp- and nausea-free, he’s eager to balance his diet out a bit more (and get away from just smoothies and soups).

    Vine flowers

    These fuchsia flowers grow on salmonberry vines (Golden salmonberry, according to  Internet images) that hang out in the woods, near the blackberry vines. The stems have very fine thorns here and there, so I try to be careful when I cut them. There are several species of vines that grow around each other, so it’s sometimes hard to tell what each one is. And there are several types of blackberry vines, just to make it even more complicated.

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    1. Hi! I found you sit searching for strawberry ice cream, but everything looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try out this dish – it’s one of my favorites to order out.

    2. melanie says:

      Lovely recipe. Great for lunches and low carve too!

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