• Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    I wrapped up my holiday bark production a few days ago. There was the equivalent of about 15 pounds of chocolate in my kitchen, and that means a lot of sugar. For a chocolate lover like me, it can be a very dangerous place to be. But I held back, for the most part. That’s because I avoid sugar. But I love chocolate. A tricky place to be.

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    I know that sugar-free means different things to different people. For my sugar-free I avoid processed and refined sugar. My two sources of baking sweetness are as close to the earth as possible—honey and maple syrup. So after all that bark was dispersed to various friends and co-workers, I set out to make my own decadent chocolate treat—truffles.

    Truffles are expensive to buy, and it’s hard to find them without refined sugar or other stuff I avoid. You can also easily cut the cost of truffles in half by making them on your own, and you can choose the type of chocolate and other flavorings, which is huge for someone like me who dissects food labels on a regular basis. I don’t want soy lecithin in my chocolate, and it’s used quite a bit.

    In the midst of this holiday season, I’m searching hard to find peace for my mind and body. I think we’re all trying hard to find peace. It’s a challenging time of year. Some have an easier time finding peace, and others need our help. We live in a complicated world.

    As for the peace truffles, the ingredients are few and the process simple. My favorite kind of recipe. You can make these truffles firm or soft. To keep them firm, just leave out the shortening. Otherwise, add between 2 and 4 tablespoons of Spectrum shortening, coconut oil, or unsalted butter. I haven’t tried the last one, but it should work. Update: I used coconut oil and it worked quite well.

    I hope you find these as delectable as I do. May we all find peace. And chocolate.

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles

    Comfy Belly: Peace Truffles



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    13 Responses to Peace Truffles

    1. I love how simple these truffles are. Yum!

    2. Levi says:

      Wow. These look delicious! I better keep this post away from my wife or else we will be eating truffles everyday!

    3. jacquie says:

      oh i so second that thought – “a little bit of chocolate a day can’t hurt anyone”

      this look wonderful – though i wonder about the 2/3 a cup of maple syrup as that sounds like a lot. were these on the sweet side? i wonder about 1/2 a cup? what about the addition of some diced dried fruit such as cranberry or sour cherries? i wich i had some chocolate on hand to experiment w/……

      • Erica says:

        It does seem like a lot, however the Sharffen Berger chocolate has a very strong flavor. It may vary with another brand of chocolate. You can start with less and add more as necessary. And, yes, if you use dried fruit (such as cherries or dates) you won’t need as much (or maybe not any) sweetener.

    4. I agree, chocolate is my weakness and 15 pounds would be dangerous for me to have around! These truffles would go fast at my house.

    5. Lesley says:

      I love your recipes!! And your website! can’t wait to try them!!! Thanks!!!

    6. Gina says:

      Hi Erica, these look fantastic. I was thinking about making these to send to a friend overseas… do you think they might ship well (if packaged well)? Or are the likely to melt easily?

      • Erica says:

        I don’t think they’ll melt, unless it reaches over 100 degrees F, but even then I think they’ll stay together, especially if you seal them with a coating of the cinnamon/cocoa mixture, or just cocoa. Even when I added a few tablespoons of palm shortening and coconut oil, they didn’t melt at room temperature. If you’re concerned, don’t add to much of the coconut oil or shortening. Pack them securely and with padding so they can’t roll around or get smushed.

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