• Leek, Mushroom, Chard Frittata {and a Frittata Ratio}

    Comfy Belly: Mushroom, Rainbow Chard, Leek Frittata

    A frittata is a bit of a free-for-all. You don’t need much to make a good frittata. Do you have at least 4 eggs, or better yet, 6? Do you have any onions, veggies, or leftovers? Maybe a few sausages, some peppers and onions? Gather it together and grab a skillet.

    Comfy Belly: Mushroom, Rainbow Chard, Leek Frittata

    crimini mushrooms, diced

    This frittata is a reflection of what was on the way out but still in my refrigerator this week. I added some mushrooms on their last leg, a bunch of beautiful rainbow chard (purchased soley for the colorful stems) and leeks because I’m trying to change up my onion sources.

    Mushroom, Chard, Leek Frittata (2 of 8)-2

    rainbow chard

    Comfy Belly: Mushroom, Rainbow Chard, Leek Frittata

    chopped rainbow chard

    Comfy Belly: Mushroom, Rainbow Chard, Leek Frittata

    leeks: wash the outside, slice vertically, rinse the inside, then dice

    For frittatas I don’t follow a recipe too often, just a ratio. My ratio for a frittata goes something like this:

    • about 3 cups of chopped goodies/leftovers
    • 4-6 eggs (depending on how many other ingredients I’ve added and how fluffy I want the frittata to be; more eggs = more fluffiness)
    • 1/4 cup or so of Parmesan or other cheese, shredded or grated; for dairy-free, replace cheese with an extra egg and an additional 1/8 teaspoon of salt
    • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of salt, plus other herbs and seasonings (depending on what else is in the mix)

    It does help to combine things that complement each other, so there is some experimentation involved. Or just follow someone’s recipe and adjust to your liking and what you have hanging around.

    Comfy Belly: Mushroom, Rainbow Chard, Leek Frittata

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    16 Responses to Leek, Mushroom, Chard Frittata {and a Frittata Ratio}

    1. Genie says:

      What a great way to use rainbow chard. I love how you can see bits of the pink stem in the frittata.

      We’re growing rainbow chard for the first time right now but I think we planted them too close together because they’re crowded and not very big. I guess the solution is to pull up every second one and eat them quickly to give the remaining ones room to grow.

    2. Joy says:

      Yum! This looks delicious! I haven’t had frittata in so long!

    3. Joy says:

      Yum! This looks delicious! I haven’t eaten frittata in so long. The chard is beautiful!

    4. Chef Rachel says:

      This looks fantastic. I’ve not made a fritatta in a while and will try yours! I really enjoy your recipes and photos.

      Chef Rachel, The Healthy Cooking Coach

    5. Kathryn says:

      This looks delicious, and sounds easy because I always have this kind of food in my fridge. Thanx for the recipe!

    6. Tara says:

      I go a little overboard buying veggies since I live in such a great place for produce (Northern CA near Santa Cruz). I feel HORRIBLE when things go bad because I haven’t used them! Thank you for reminding me about the wonderful frittata and giving me a ratio so that it’s foolproof! I’m thinking Friday nights might start being frittata night so that I can load up again at the farmer’s market on Saturday. 😀 Oh, btw, I found your blog through the Paleo Parents. 😉

    7. Frittatas are my go-to meal, they are great for cleaning out the fridge too.

    8. Beautiful chard! It’s always exciting to cook with so many colours 🙂

    9. Erica, I do happen to consume quite a bit of eggs during the week for breakfast in one way or another but I think these frittatas look simple and very delicious. Best of all its gluten free and my wife will be happy with this 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Erica!

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