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    Thanksgiving Ideas - Comfy Belly

    Here are some thanksgiving ideas for anyone wanting some inspiration for a grain-free, gluten-free meal.

    I wish I had more time to do this post justice, but I figure even inspiring you with some ideas is a good thing.

    I’m keeping my meal kind of basic this year, and I was thinking of skipping the turkey, but I decided against this heretical act.

    So here are some Comfy Belly recipes that I hope will inspire you to cook a little, whether it’s just veggies, dessert, or the whole shebang.

    The Turkey

    Over the last few years, my favorite way to cook all kinds of poultry is by breaking it down into parts and then seasoning the parts. I use a pair of small scissors explicitly made for this task.

    So that’s what I’m doing this year with my turkey, which is on the smaller side, about 10 pounds, because it’s just four of us this year. This technique is similar to a butterflied or spatchcocked turkey, however I take it a step further by cutting up the wings, legs, etc. This way I can pull the white meat out earlier than the dark meat, since it cooks much faster and tends to dry out when cooking the bird as a whole.

    When I roast the bird as whole, I keep it simple by spreading butter, herbs, and salt under and over the skin, and then roast. I know, pretty simple, but it works. Another favorite technique is a dry brine.



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    2 Responses to Thanksgiving Ideas

    1. marsha says:

      Hello, Just stumbled upon your website/blog – it is fantastic! Wish I had found earlier…Just made the butter biscuits. Score. How well do they keep at room temperature? Do they need to be refrigerated or frozen if not all eaten on the day baked? Know you are busy with the holiday but an answer later is fine. Enjoy your thanksgiving. Thanks for so many excellent looking recipes -looking forward to trying many more.

      • Erica says:

        thanks. they won’t keep more than a few days, covered, at room temp. I suggest refrigerating or freezing depending on how long you want them to last. Cheers!

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