• Chocolate Cupcakes {coconut flour}

    Buttercream frosted chocolate cupcakes

    Fluffy chocolate cupcakes: grain-free, gluten-free, and delicious. Try eating just one.

    Buttercream frosted cupcake

    Every so often I  play around a bit (just a bit) with the ratio of eggs to coconut flour. Coconut flour is not difficult to bake with as long as you remember one thing: it loves moisture. Sucks up moisture like crazy. It must have enough moisture in the batter or all you’ll have in return is a dry, crumbly mess. And eggs are essential (or an egg substitute). They bind and provide moisture. Lucky for us muffin and cupcake lovers, with the right ratio of moist and dry ingredients, you can have darn good results baking with coconut flour.

    I’ve used coconut flour before for donuts and cupcakes, all very similar in ratio to this recipe. Because this recipe also has cocoa powder, you can use less coconut flour and still keep the ratio of liquid sweetener and eggs pretty much the same.

    chocolate cupcake collection

    We were eating these for a few weeks without frosting, but now for a treat: buttercream frosting on top of these super chocolate cupcakes. I think these cupcakes go really well with mocha buttercream, but for those who prefer a balance of chocolate and vanilla, I included a vanilla buttercream frosting recipe as well.

    Unfrosted cupcake

    I had to dig out my very-low-budget piping kit I picked up several years ago at a local market, that I used once. I had so much fun playing around with it this time that I’m tempted to purchase a few more piping tips. If you’re curious about how to use a frosting piping kit, see this video.

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    1. nj says:

      Looks great. Do I do anything different in the recipe if I leave out the cocoa in the cupcakes?

    2. Lauren B says:

      Those look SO good! I love the way you piped the frosting. You hav a great eye for creating delicious looking treats!

    3. Cori says:

      Yum. Thanks for the recipe. The cupcakes were great. The frosting tasted like, well, fat. It was pretty awful to us so we doctored it up quite a bit and even added mascarpone cheese in the end. Nothing like a chocolate afternoon!

      • Erica says:

        Thanks Cori! Yes, buttercream is basically fat :). It does taste a bit lighter and less fatty when made with heavy cream, but if you like it that way, you can go that route.

    4. These look god and will save into my “recipes to try “folder. I have coconut flour and have been looking for a recipe to try. Thanks for this. I will let you know what they turn out like.

    5. Shelmellow says:

      I started making these for my birthday cupcakes and thought, aww man, she must have forgotten the oil in the ingredient list!!! I was expecting them to be a flop, but they were amazing! I substituted the maple syrup with unsweetened applesauce and used 1/2 stevia, 1/2 xylitol (equal to 1/2 cup) to sweeten instead (unable to have other sweeteners right now). I filled the muffin cups 1/3 full, added 1 tsp of raspberry all fruit spread in the center, then finished filling. I also added a little of the fruit spread to the frosting (which I again sweetened with stevia and xylitol). They were so good I made them again without the frosting for my kids for a treat. They loved them!

    6. Eszter says:

      I am wondering if I could make it without maple syrup or any other liquid sweetener as I am insulin resistant?
      I would use xilitol, but it isn’t liquid and I guess I have to add something to keep the texture.
      Any idea?

      • Erica says:

        Yes, I would add liquid along with the xilitol. PS I haven’t tried it.

        • sandy says:

          I make these with a granular sugar substitute(stevia in the raw) and use the same amount of liquid the recipe calls for usually unsweetened almond milk (makes them softer than using water but you can use water too) I love them! I am diabetic and have been cooking with almond flour and coconut flour to control carbs for the last 2 yrs… good thing to since I was recently diagnosed as having non celiacs wheat allergy (I had begun to increase my wheat consumption had a very serious skin rash that lead to this discovery)So gluten free for me and sugar free too.Love your recipes… thanks for sharing them I can tweak then to suit my needs very easily.

          • sandy says:

            I also add a tbs of cider vinegar to make then rise just a tad more…

          • Erica says:

            Thanks! Wow, yes good that you had gotten away from wheat/gluten. Good to hear the recipes are easily converted. I’m working on more conversions if you’re interesting in testing recipes, let me know.

    7. Tami says:

      This may be a silly question, but when I think of “mocha” I think of coffee and chocolate. There’s no coffee or espresso in your mocha buttercream recipe. Am I missing something?

      • Erica says:

        I know. I realized that a day after I posted it. It doesn’t really taste like chocolate to me though – more like mocha without the caffiene :). No, it’s not you – it’s me.

    8. Sonia says:

      I made these the other day and they were awesome!! Thank you for this gorgeous recipe! 🙂 I had a minor hiccup… my cupcakes didn’t rise :oP But in spite of that the taste was just fabulous. The batch was gone in a day and a half! 🙂

    9. Hi there!
      My son was just asking for me to make him a cake again yesterday that “flopped” kind of like yours. Getting non-starch-filled gluten free cakes to rise is quite tough, but they still taste great!

      Anyway, since you mentioned about sugar-free chocolate chips, you may wish to drop by my site. I have an easy recipe for making your own both plain and w/ mint flavor. They may not hold up great in your cake, but the extra chocolate “punch” will still be there – w/ no worries about them including sugar!

      In good health,

    10. lillian says:

      I just made these; but i used agave nectar instead of maple syrup (didn’t have any, i added a little vanilla and a qtr cup of heavy cream. i’m new to coconut flour, and every recipe i’ve found so far has yielded dry results. not sure if adding the cream helped, but i enjoyed this cupcake more than any other using coconut flour. I’ll definitely make a again, and next time maybe i’ll inject some whip cream into the center for added moisture…I didn’t ice them since we’ve cut back our sugar intake dramatically, but i think i’ll try your choco-avocado icing with it 🙂 thanks for sharing, i love your site!

    11. I LOVE your site and this recipe! Best coconut flour recipe for cupcakes and I have tried them all!! Hope you don’t mind but am linking you to my site for credit of my addition of cherries and chocolate to this recipe. Cannot express how much I love your cupcakes! And your site..amazing recipes and photos…bring out a book!

    12. Breezy says:

      I used this recipe tonight to make a cake- doubled the ingredients and poured into an 8×8 pan. Frosted with cream cheese frosting made with butter and vanilla and sweetened with honey. IT WAS DIVINE! Not dry at all- tasted just like a cake made from wheat. 🙂 WOW!

    13. Erin says:

      Thank you for this recipe! I subbed in ener-g egg replacer due to egg allergy, and I was so excited that my son was able to have cake for his birthday!!!! Had I not made them myself, I would not have believed they were wheat and egg free! They were light and fluffy, like a real cupcake!

    14. Ann says:

      These were really good! Instead of making icying I like to melt chocolate chips on top and spread it around the top of the cupcake, good for anyone on a time crunch. Also added chocolate chips in them for something extra, Thanks for the recipe!

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    17. Theresa Powers says:

      Just wondering…I noticed that you include oil in the vanilla cake recipes, but not this chocolate one. Is there a reason for that? I’m trying to make a marble cake and was trying to get a chocolate and vanilla recipe that were similar.


      • Erica says:

        The chocolate has a strong flavor that doesn’t really need vanilla, while the vanilla cake is best suited to vanilla flavoring (or citrus, or other flavoring). You can add vanilla to the chocolate though. It will only enhance it.

        • Theresa Powers says:

          I was actually talking about oil, not vanilla. 🙂

          • Erica says:

            woops – sorry – read too fast. Do you mean the vanilla cupcakes? Or the yellow cake? For the chocolate cupcake, you could add a bit of oil, but it’s not necessary because the eggs provide enough moisture and keep it fluffy (light).

    18. Elizabeth says:

      This is by far the best coconut flour baked good I have made. Thank you!!!

    19. Melissa says:

      These cupcakes are absolutely fantastic. Paleo friendly, but taste like real cupcakes! Thanks so much for posting.

    20. Lauren says:

      Made this recipe this past weekend, although I used it as the pies for whoopie pies. (Trying to stay away from nuts, and your whoopie pie recipe calls for almond flour). Must say they were absolutely delicious! However, they did absorb all of the marshmellow frosting I put between them – ended up just eating one cake at a time with the frosting – which still worked well! Once all of the frosting was gone, I think we enjoyed them even more just eating the little cakes by themselves!! Thanks again!

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    22. Meg Higgins says:

      I found these to be a nice healthy alternative to traditional cupcakes. Moist and light.

      In my version, to cut the sweetener and ensure moisture, I added 2 bananas to the wet ingredients and used only 1/4 cup maple syrup. And to increase antioxidants and nutrients I used raw cacao instead of cocoa.

      They were great. I plan to make them for snack for my son’s kindergarten class. That will be the true taste test!

    23. Patricia says:

      I made this to battle the hurricane blues this afternoon, and it was great! I can´t have sugar, so in place of the liquid sweetner, I added a 1/2 C mixture of stevia, pumpkin, and applesauce. For the frosting, I mixed melted chocolate (enjoy life brand), coconut oil, coconut milk, and mint extract. Hello, “thin mint” cake! YUM 🙂 Thanks for this!!

    24. Jill says:

      I absolutely love this recipe! If anyone is looking to make them sugar-free and isn’t too turned off by Splenda, substituting equal amounts of liquid and Splenda work really well. I used 1/2 a cup of coffee and 1/2 a cup of Splenda and they turned out beautiful. I have had less than ideal outcomes baking with powdered stevia (dries everything out- yuck!) and can’t afford the liquid concentrate, otherwise I’d go the more natural route. College student budget!! Sigh.

      I would also suggest separating the eggs and whipping the whites, then folding them into the mixture at the very end. This gives them more structure/rise (the last batch I did this with actually rose up above the tops of my cupcake liners!). It also stretches the batter further; I got ten cupcakes out of that batch 🙂

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    26. rtfemail says:

      Used this recipe to make a mini chocolate cake tonight. It actually turned out pretty tasty! I didn’t have maple syrup, so I had to use granulated sugar. The mix was too thick at first, so I had to add 1/4 cup of water to it. So excited to have a simple, strictly coconut flour, cake recipe!

    27. Amy says:

      These are amazing and gave me back cake for the first time since going paleo. My husband even thought they were good and he can always tell the difference with wheat free … Thanks and keep the recipes coming!

    28. Caiti Jayne says:

      I made these chocolate cupcakes excactly as posted, i added a tsp of mini chipits to the tops of them after added to the liners, like you said. They didnt sink much but they were really delicious at the top. I think next time I will either add them to the batter before adding to the liners or maybe add a bunch and swirl them in once added to the liners.

      The frosting I used was a chocolate frosting from another cookbook, but i decided to add peanut butter to it and extra cocoa. i also mixed in some mini chipits into the frosting to make up for the chipits i thought were missing from the cupcakes!

      overall they turned out awesome, very delicious. i think the batter was just a TAD “eggy” for me when eaten without frosting (with the frosting you dont notice), so maybe next time i will use an egg subsitute such as 3 tbsp of grass fed whole milk per egg instead of the actual eggs. I dont know how that will turn out but worth trying! Maybe it wont rise enough…but we’ll see. This made 8 cupcakes for me. Thank you for the recipe.

      • Erica says:

        Yum. Love your additions. Funny, I don’t find it eggy, but I love it as light as it is. I’d love to know how the egg subbing goes. I’m hoping to try that as well using flax.

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    31. lynl says:

      Erica, this is a fabulous recipe! I was afraid to make a cake for my son’s 4th birthday party (I’ve never actually made one) and I became paleo in January so was even more nervous after hearing horror stories of cakes that taste good but just aren’t ‘cake’ to non-paleo eaters. I was delighted with your cake when I did my recipe testing! I followed a few suggestions from your readers, too: doubled the recipe and baked in 7″ pan for 30 minutes (perfect!), instead of heavy cream I added 1/2 cup whipped coconut milk (from a can that I whipped and keep in the fridge for ‘lattes’), I did not double the maple syrup but doubled everything else. Wow! I was so impressed and so was everyone else! This is a real cake!! And, none of the finickyness of traditional cake baking, either-thank you, thank you, thank you! I made a double layer cake (so I made the recipe twice rather than quadrupling the recipe), added sliced fresh strawberries to between the layers and used whipped coconut cream (just the hard solid at the top of 2 cans of coconut milk) sweetened with a bit of maple syrup to frost the middle layer ‘glue’ for the berries, the sides and the top. It was spectacular!

    32. Anne Cleve says:

      YUM! My daughter and I were craving a treat, and this hit the spot! We used coconut sugar dissolved in water for the liquid sweetener, and coconut butter for the shortening with good results. Thanks for the great recipes!!

    33. Carrie says:

      I tried these and wow they are amazing !! Thank you 🙂

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    35. Sadie says:

      Have you tried these with flax/chia egg substitute?

      I tried a similar recipe and replaced the required 4 eggs with chia substitute, but they didn’t rise or cook in the middle.

      Wondering if you’ve had success with egg substitute in any of your recipes?

    36. Willow says:

      These were awsome! Huge hit with my family!

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    38. Erika says:

      I tried these tonight. Was craving chocolate cupcakes and had all the ingredients. They are yummy and I love how simple the recipe is! I just made the cupcake part. Will keep this one in the recipe binder. Thank you!

    39. Danielle R. says:

      These sound really tasty and super easy to make. I’m curious though – do you think adding a bit of red food dye would affect the consistency of the cupcakes? I’ve been looking for a simple GF red velvet cupcake recipe for what seems like ages, and this may be what I’ve been looking for!

      • Erica says:

        I’m actually testing this know (great minds think alike) for my next cookbook. I don’t think it will change it drastically but the ratio of ingredients may vary a bit. You’ll want to lower the amount of cocoa a bit and add some natural red dye or beet juice (at least that’s what I’m doing).

    40. Michaela says:

      I’m planning on making these cupcakes for a GF baby shower! Thank you so much!!

      But my question is: have you tries doubling this recipe? I was reading what you said about coconut flour and moisture/eggs and it got me a little freaked out as I had planned to double this recipe. Do you think it would be safe?! :-/

      Thank you!


    41. Simone says:

      Hi there…saw your recipe sounds wonderful…I cannot eat eggs…do you have a suggestion to substitute..

    42. Theresa says:

      Thank you!! These are by far the easiest & tastiest cupcakes made w/coconut flour ever! I just make then plain as muffins, no chocolate chips, no frosting. I would imagine they’d be amazing with the frosting as well!

    43. laurelry says:

      Made these over the weekend in to a cake. Best cake ever. Loved it so much. Thanks. 🙂

    44. Ann H. says:

      Hi i was wondering how to convert this recipe to a mug cake i can make in the microwave. i like a fluffy cake and i dont eat grain
      or sugar so… coconut flour and sweetners are my best bets.

      i do also like to use the sugar free syrups. as flavorings as well.
      i would love to make it as a mug cake. how can i do that ?

      • Erica says:

        I haven’t done it (yet) but I think you can sub the sugar-free syrup for regular and then bake the batter in an oven-proof mug. Not sure of the baking time. Good luck!

    45. Ann H. says:

      Hi what i was asking you is how much coconut flour… and the rest of it would i use for one mug cake. in other words…. what would this recipe be for one mug cake. i’m sorry but i dont know anything about baking and i cant figure out how to make this recipe work for one mug cake and not a tray full of cupcakes.

    46. Victoria says:

      Love love love LOVE LOVE seriously these are AMAZING!!!

    47. Renee says:

      Soooo Yummy!!!!! Light, and fluffy.

    48. Christiana says:

      they’re awesome! light fluffy & dark 😀

    49. Rebecca says:

      I had some coconut flour and didn’t know what to do with it, found this recipe and followed it to a T. Absolutely beautiful. The texture is so good! And I got Big thumbs up from my partner and son too 🙂 it’s a keeper.

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    51. Ami says:

      I have to say that these are SO incredible. I sprinkled coarsely ground coffee beans on top which just puts it over the moon!
      Thanks for the recipe!

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    53. Faithy says:

      Greetings, just made a batch of these, slightly adjusted it to use 4 eggs, used cacao flour instead of cocoa and frozen raspberries instead of chocolate chips. They smelt great! Tasted a warm one and they seemed to be very cakey. Haven’t had a cold one yet. But thanks for the recipe!

    54. Casey says:

      Thank you so much for this recipe! It has been my standard birthday/treat recipe for the past 9 months as we’ve worked to heal my 2 year old’s eczema/leaky gut. It’s been hard to limit fruit and sweets for my two boys, but this is the best cupcake recipe we’ve found (and I’ve tried a dozen or so…). Perfect crumb, and it actually passes for a “regular” cupcake. I’ve read so many comments on other recipes that say this, and I didn’t know how that would be possible until I found this recipe. Love the simple, clean ingredients too.
      One note that might help readers: coconut flour is tricky, as others have noted. In previous recipes I tried, I may not have been as particular about fluffing the flour before measuring, and ensuring I got exactly the amount required. One TBSP either way can completely change the texture of the baked item.
      I’m off to try your very vanilla cupcakes for my 5 year old’s birthday (with the chocolate ones served at his birthday party this weekend!).

    55. Toni says:

      I just made these! Super yummy! I did substitute monk fruit for 1/2 the honey and added a little coconut extract to the chocolate butter cream frosting just to give it a pop. Sprinkled a little unsweetened coconut on top and they are beautiful as well as delicious! Second recipe of your I tried this weekend! You have a new fan!

    56. Vian says:

      I made these for my birthday with a mocha buttercream (not yours, I made it up) and peppermint coconut milk ice cream. If I hadn’t made them myself, I wouldn’t have known they weren’t made with wheat flour. So moist, fluffy, soft and delicious, with a perfect crumb and lovely rich chocolate flavor. For my buttercream, I just used 1 stick Kerrygold butter, maybe 2-3 tbs. maple syrup, 2-3 tbs. cocoa powder and a teaspoon instant coffee granules and whipped it up with a mixer. It wasn’t too sweet, but complimented the cupcakes perfectly.

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    59. Carlee R says:

      Hi Erica! I made these cupcakes with the chocolate ganache for my birthday! I know I am late on the Paleo game, but I wanted to thank you for this great recipe. It is super easy and perfect. Thank you again!

    60. Lucia LV says:

      I just made these without the frosting. The texture was perfect, they rose well and they taste good! I put a few chocolate chips on top of them. Next time I’ll try substituting the honey for apple sauce or yogurt and Splenda. Thanks so much for the recipe. These are the first healthy cupcakes I’ve made that have actually turned out well.

    61. Bianca says:

      I would love to try this recipe for a chocolate cake, will same directions work (though obviously longer cooking time) .. Any hints welcomed ..

    62. solmaz says:

      These cupcakes look amazing, but how can I make this recipe to work without the eggs? I am allergic to eggs:(

    63. Jo says:

      How long would I bake these for in a mini muffin pan?

    64. Jules says:

      Hi there – i can’t wait to make these! Are the cups US or UK measurements? I work in grams so I need to convert the measurements 🙂 thanks!! Fab recipes xo

    65. TK says:

      Hi I made this as a cake, and its the first paleo cake my hubby actually ate and i was wondering can i just double the ingredients to make a bigger cake?

    66. Barbara says:

      Hi my cakes turned out good but not light and fluffy. As do not like too much sweetness used half the amount of honey. Also used cacao powder. As in uk should I also convert cups to grams?

      Thanks so much for all your recipes.

    67. Lucero says:

      I just made and OMG!!! Too good to be real!! Thanks!!

    68. Madi says:

      Wow. Made these like 6 times, ALWAYS GOOD! Frosting comes out funky so I just top with enjoy life chocolate chips.

    69. Holli says:

      Do you know what you can replace the shortening with. More used to recipes with coconut oil or butter. Also I am interested in more recipes with both almond meal and coconut flour together. I think people should specify If they use almond flour or almond meal. Thanks!

    70. Holli says:

      Hi, I am really getting into your recipes because I use sugar free honey and syrup out of necessity but my family is used to sugar and I have one that will want to use splenda granulated. How do you convert the honey and syrup measurements to use sugar or splenda instead. Also I say someone using canned coconut milk and stevia drops and I thought I might use that for myself with sucralose drops instead of the stevia. Do you know the ratio measurements for that too? Thanks so much for your time and advice, I am so happy to bake sugar free and give my family recipes also with almond and coconut flour.

    71. Vivian says:

      These are in the oven right now! Unfortunately, my oven is currently broken and will only go up to 255 degrees F… so checking every now and then until they’re ready 🙂 Thanks so much for yet another amazing recipe.

    72. Isalyn says:

      Just made these and added one mashed banana. Instead of half a cup of honey, I used a quarter cup of melted chocolate (naughty, I know) and a quarter of a cup of honey. Came out beautifully – so delicious and light. I iced them with ganache made with chocolate and vanilla yoghurt and garnished with a slice of caramelised banana (sauteed slices with honey in a frying pan). I turned out 12 modestly sized cupcakes. If you want larger ones, this recipe will only make about 8-10. They look amazing!

    73. Allison says:

      The second time I made these cupcakes I used my steam oven and they turned out even better

    74. I just tried this recipe, but I cannot follow directions to save my life.
      For a double batch, instead of (1/4)x2 cup coconut flour, I used 3/8 cup coconut flour, and 1/3 cup of tapioca flour.
      I also added 1/2 tsp vanilla, and instead of honey/maple syrup, I used 2/3 cup organic cane sugar and 1/3 cup of milk.
      To my delight, I did not ruin the cake.
      It has a great, rich flavor, and holds together very well. I had no issues with rising, and the cake is bouncy and supportive enough to use for my (allergy ridden) son’s 1st birthday cake. Thanks for the inspiration!

    75. I also used 5 eggs instead of a doubled 6

    76. Megan says:

      I just made these, they’re great! Truly a cup-cake experience, not a muffin. These could be used as a birthday cupcake recipe!

    77. Christelle says:

      Can I use splenda instead of maple syrup or honey? Need your immediate response. Planning to make these for our xmas party on monday. Thanks!

    78. Gina says:

      I intend to make these sat with erythrotol n I may purée beets as the liquid to give it a special secret ingredient I will let you know how they turn out

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    80. Gina says:

      I made these tonight and they were perfect! I’ve been looking for a cupcake recipe that didn’t leave me feeling awful and sluggish after eating. I especially like that the recipe makes a more reasonable number of cupcakes. I don’t need two dozen cupcakes sitting around the house, lol. I’ll be saving the recipe to make again.

    81. Kashmira Lal says:

      I found these very eggy. Almost like eating a chocolate quiche. I feel like it needs another flour in there to create the right texture. Next time I will try some quinoa flour also. Otherwise delicious taste and great sugar free desert… just missing that cupcake texture.

      • Erica says:

        I would check your measurements, and possibly the coconut flour you are using. This cupcake is anything but eggy when I make them.

    82. Jade says:

      Okay in my defense I don’t bake as much as I cook but I was looking for a GF recipe to make cupcakes for a coworker. I just flat out could not believe that only a 1/4 cup coconut flour and 1/4 cup cocoa could make 8 cupcakes. I made 6 slightly larger cupcakes with this recipe, I was pretty impressed, and it seriously took me probably less than five minutes to mix up and put in the oven. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    83. Sarah Bird says:

      I’ve just bought your coconut flour book on Amazon. It arrives tomorrow. I can’t wait!! I am not intolerant of any ingredients but I do follow a healthy diet, mainly slimming world, also strict vegetarian. I’ve been cooking with coconut flour to cut down on normal flour calories in slimming world recipes. About to make these cupcakes as without a doubt your recipes are the most proficient coconut flour recipes there are available – having tried a lot! Is it possible to substitute the maple syrup/honey for sukrin gold sweetener and the equivalent volume of coconut milk (alpro)? Need to make the recipe slimming world friendly. Thanks so much Erica. You’re brilliant at these and I literally am bursting with excitement for the book to arrive! Sarah x

      • Erica says:

        Thank, Sarah! I think you can sub the sweetener, I haven’t tried it though. I know readers sub liquid sweetener in a variety of ways, including adding extra milk and a dry or reduced liquid sweetner. Enjoy the book! Best, Erica

    84. Cathy says:

      I will be trying your recipe soon. for the sweetener I will use some organic unsweetened applesauce as suggested in one of the posts, and some Now Better Stevia Liquid. I have been using this stevia for along time and usually can sub all sugars with this. The big thing for me is to get the right amount. According to other coconut muffin recipes I have made, I think 1/2 teaspoon of the Now Better Stevia Liquid would make it sweet enough. I thought also to add some dark chocolate pieces, I always get at least 80%.
      For icing, I thought of some cream cheese, almond butter and cocoa and a few drops of the stevia. Mix all together until smooth and ice the cupcakes. I will let you know how it turns out. I get my stevia from Iherb.com. If you never ordered from them you can use code: ACi997 and get $5.00 off your order. I get a large bottle and is about $18.00 but lasts along time. No shipping on orders $20.00 or more. Thanks for the recipe! I love chocolate. Oh, I get organic cocoa powder from Iherb.com too. I get Repunzel brand.

    85. Kama says:

      Just tried your lovely recipe and it was a hit in my family. We served it with milk jam (creme de leche) and cream when straight out of the oven for a decadent treat and they were define.

      I added powdered vanilla pod to the batter and popped a few white choc dots on top (no dairy issues here obviously).

      Thank you for sharing

    86. Shannon says:

      These were delicious!! I used peanut butter in place of the shortening in the buttercream icing recipe and it was delicious!! Yumm!!

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    Coconut Flour Cookbook by Erica Kerwien - Comfy Belly
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