• Orange Sesame Chicken {fast-cook}

    Orange Sesame Chicken - Comfy Belly

    A few days ago I posted the slow-cook version of this recipe, so to counter that here’s a fast-cook version of orange sesame chicken.  

    Orange Sesame Chicken - Comfy Belly

    The only difference between the two—the slow-cook version yields extremely tender pieces of chicken. That’s not to say the fast-cook isn’t tender, it’s just not almost-falling-off-the-bone tender, as slow cooking is so good at doing. The sauce finishes a bit thicker in the fast-cook recipe, but you can simmer the slow-cook version for a few minutes once it’s done cooking to reduce the sauce and thicken it.

    So there you have the trade-offs. I’m currently partial to the fast-cook method, but they both have their merits. In any case, enjoy with steamed veggies, white rice, or cauliflower rice (recipe below). Chopsticks are optional. Enjoy!



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    14 Responses to Orange Sesame Chicken {fast-cook}

    1. Wow! This looks so amazing (I would do the slow version) and i have to try the white cauliflower rice.

    2. I made this just the other night and it was amazing! My entire family liked it, which is saying something because my dad isn’t a huge fan of chicken. Thanks for another fantastic recipe! 🙂

    3. Jessica says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for all of the amazing recipes! This was delicious. :+)

    4. Amy says:

      My family LOVED this dish tonight!!! I added some coconut aminos and a splash of vinegar. The color of the sauce is so appetizing!

      • Erica says:

        Good to hear. Another option is to add a splash of fish sauce. love the vinegar idea! I thought about adding apple cider vinegar but I know some can’t do vinegar and it seemed to stand on it’s own without it. Now I’m curious!

    5. Lisa says:

      Soooo good! I didn’t have the thai peppers or red pepper flakes, so I used a dash of cayenne. One thing missing I noticed (from my Chinese Restaurant) was the pineapple chunks. I also used a splash of ACV and next time will try the Redboat Fish Sauce for a bit of unami. Another hit from your kitchen!

      • Lisa says:

        One more thing to note, I used drained diced tomatoes for the tomato paste because I have not gotten letters back from companies about no starch, no sugar in the canned tomato products except from Muir Glen.

    6. Jeannette says:

      This was delicious– my husband and I loved it. I do have a question about the sesame oil. Is it possible the amount should be 1 teaspoon rather than 1 Tablespoon? The sesame oil taste was almost overwhelming and next time I will try 1 teaspoon. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks!

    7. Roxann Valdes-Rasmussen says:

      Hi. Love your SCD cookbook and loving the website. What is the difference between “sesame oil” and “toasted sesame oil” as this recipe calls for?


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