• Nut Butter Truffles

    Peanut butter truffles

    I always get some help with these – mostly with the clean-up (also known as the “lick-up”). There are two parts to this recipe: making the peanut butter truffles, and then dipping them in dark chocolate (this part is optional). The second part was inspired by my kids’ desire to have peanut butter cups.

    My older son decided he only likes milk chocolate, so that will have to be another day. But for now, these peanut butter truffles with or without chocolate are great for peanut butter lovers (not to mention chocolate lovers). If you ever crave Mary Jane peanut butter candies, these are a nice variation. These are not tough on your teeth (not taffy-like), and they are more like peanut butter caramels, however the peanut truffles alone (without chocolate) are better frozen or refrigerated.

    Peanut truffles with chocolate

    Note The nut butter truffles are SCD legal without the chocolate.


    Truffles in pan, cut

    Now, you can either wrap the truffles in wax paper and store them in the refrigerator or freezer to be eaten at your leisure, or you can dip them in melted chocolate. Continue reading if you want the chocolate truffle version.

    Melt the chocolate chips in a bain-marie double boiler setup, or in a bowl over boiling simmering water. Melt it slowly until it is easy to dip and drip the peanut truffles. For more on tempering chocolate, read here.

    While the truffles are still frozen, dip each one into the chocolate and place on parchment or wax paper to cool. If the truffles get soft, place them back in the freezer for a few minutes and continue. When you have dipped all the truffles, place them in the refrigerator to set (about 2 hours).

    Truffles on tray

    Store the truffles in the refrigerator in a closed container for longer storage. We also like them cold – kind of like putting a candy bar in the freezer for a different experience. Either way, this is a great peanut butter/chocolate fix!

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    22 Responses to Nut Butter Truffles

    1. ~M says:

      I believe these are called buckeyes! And what a delicious-sounding, “real foods” version!

    2. Erica says:

      Well, what do ya know – you’re right. I had no idea. Thanks!

    3. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much, these are super-yummy! We are staying away from sugar, so for the chocolate-covered part I melted 2 ounces of unsweetened chocolate, 2 tbsp margarine and 3 tbsp agave over low heat, then dipped the frozen truffles in it. They didn’t harden quite like in the picture, but they were delicious! I’m sure someone can come up with a better combination to get it to a consistency closer to melted chocolate chips…

    4. Erica says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Yes, they won’t harden as well because of the consistency of agave (or honey for that matter). It’s hard to duplicate the solid crystal formation that you get with sugar at room temperature. They just behave differently at room temperature. Thanks for sharing!

    5. Joanna says:

      These look delicious, but I’m surprised to see that you eat peanut butter instead of a much healthier nut butter. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/aflatoxins-or-another-reason-to-shun-peanuts/. This is a great article about them. I love your blog though. Can’t wait to try out all of these recipes!

    6. Erica says:

      Joanna, that was then, this is now. My son used to eat peanut butter, but not anymore. He was one of those kids that lived on PB&J. He doesn’t seem to miss it either. I have since become intolerant to it since I stopped eating it. And of course I’ve become more aware of what foods bother me.
      Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
      These could easily be made with a nut butter, such as almond butter. Thanks!

    7. Christina Mckninney says:

      Erica, do you know where I might be able to find unsweetened chocolate??

    8. Carol says:

      Hello-we’re making these for Thanksgiving. Any idea if the honey can be substituted with palm oil and then stevia. We’re trying really hard to avoid sugar. After that-I may try to cocoa you suggested previously. I SO appreicate you sharing your knowledge and life!

    9. Erin says:

      Oh my gosh, these are so good! I just enjoyed one with a cup of coffee and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this recipe, as well as many others on your site. (I am following a modified version of the SCD due to Crohn’s disease.) My daughter is allergic to tree nuts, so regrettably I can’t do much with almond flour/butter. Your coconut flour recipes have saved the day for us! Anyway, getting back to the peanut butter truffles — I could eat the whole pan! Thanks again.

    10. Tracy B says:

      I haven’t tried these but am wondering if the consistency would hold if the honey/agave sweetened chocolate was swirled in prior to freezing rather than used as a coating. Just an idea (mostly because I’m lazy….hehehehe)……has anyone tried it?

    11. Susannah says:

      Hi, did you use salted or unsalted butter and peanut butter for these?

    12. Erica says:

      Ah, sorry, unsalted. I’ll change that now. Thanks for catching that!

    13. Sivan says:

      Hi. I have made these a couple of times and they are incredible. Thank you. Would just like to find out if I could make them with coconut butter as nuts don’t agree with me. I have ulcerative colitis and trying to cut out nuts.

    14. Sivan says:

      Hi Erika. Thank you so much for this recipe.i make them for my husband, they are incredible. I have ulcerative colitis and decided to cut out nuts. Could i substitute the peanut butter for coconut butter?

    15. Sivan says:

      Forgot to ask what temperature on a candy thermometer would I heat the honey, butter to.says 10 mins but I think my stove might be too hot as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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