• Almond Saltine Cracker

    Almond Flour Saltine Cracker
    Here’s a simple sea salt cracker that is easy to make, and can take on other flavors if added, such as garlic, sesame seeds, or other seasonings and herbs. I did make one batch with sesame and poppy seeds, for a simple seeded cracker, which I will post separately.

    These crackers go well with dips and cheese plates. The cheese in this photo is my homemade herb and onion goat cheese which I’ll post soon as well.

    Almond Saltine Cracker
    Scoring dough for crackers

    Tip The more you bake them, the crunchier they will be.

    More cracker recipes…

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    49 Responses to Almond Saltine Cracker

    1. April L. says:

      I will definitely be trying these–so simple! I just want to let you know that I just found your blog, and it’s already one of my favorites. I want to make pretty much every recipe I’ve seen so far. 🙂

    2. Erica says:

      Thanks April. Always good to hear 🙂

    3. Tracee says:

      I’m always up for a new cracker recipe. These look good. The goat cheese looks fabulous!

    4. Laura Groome says:

      I can hardly wait to try this recipe! Just discovered your blog….so happy!

    5. Lillea says:

      These looks fantastic. I feel better when I’m eating no grains at all (including rice), but sometimes I miss the crunch of crackers so this is a great option! 🙂

    6. Kait says:

      I just wanted to let you know that I found this recipe, made the crackers, and ate them with a random pumpkin pie spread (which I’m proud to have made up all by myself) in less than one hour. I also have some left over to eat with some pumpkin chicken chili tonight. This all sounds weird. I’m a college student, so finishing off a can of pumpkin myself has proven to be a fun task. I also cut your recipe in fourths because I’m cooking just for me. Yes, it was strange using half an egg. The crackers are delicious though. Thank you for the recipe!

    7. vany says:

      thanks for the recipe, i live in korea and it is hard to find low carb any-things here, but i did find a bakery supplier that sales almond flour. so i can make my own crakers. also i appreciate the time you take to post, thanks!

    8. kristen says:

      what does ‘blanched’ almond flour mean? can you substitute any other flour? also, what if i used an egg replacer? would that change anything?

      • Susan P says:

        Did you get your question answered? Blanched Almond Flour is sort of what it sounds like – it’s finely ground up almonds. Blanched means that the skins have been removed. Honeyville (you can order from AMazon) makes a WONDERFUl almond flour and I use it all the time. It makes a wonderfully light bread and tastes great (watch closely b/c it can burn easily) It cannot be substituted equally with wheat flour or other flours. Best bet would be to follow recipes that use this flour. Once you get the hang of how it works, then you can strike out on its own. If you can’t find what recipe you need here, http://www.elanaspantry.com also uses almond flour quite a bit. Good luck!

      • Erica says:

        Hi Kirsen! Sorry I missed this (way back in 2011!) and thanks to Susan for replying. I have a page on almond flour that can help as well: https://comfybelly.com/2009/01/baking-with-almond-flour/

        Blanched almond flour means the almond skins are first removed using the blanching technique (in hot water) and then the almonds are ground into a fine powder.

    9. Fiona Elliott says:

      made these today and they were delish. had them with cauliflower soup then later with some cheese. So easy and yum. Adding a few herbs and spices and or garlic would be lovely too.

      Cheers Fee

    10. where do you find almond flour in korea? slash Seoul? I’m starting the paleo diet and need some almond flour!


    11. Marilyn says:

      I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your site. If I were to make a site, this would be it. This is the way I eat and cook. So many of these recipes are reminiscent of ones I make for myself. so, thank you so much for putting these and oh so many more in one convenient solutions and fine tuning the recipes. What a great resource you have given to a community that wants healthy great food. Great minds think alike is true!

    12. Janelle says:

      I was just curious, I have made these before and love them! A great alternative to boxed crackers made from things that re good for you. But, how long is their shelf life in a sealed container? I would love to make bunches and bunches to have on hand, but not if they won’t last. Thanks! Love love your blog. 🙂

      • Susan P says:

        I’ve not made them yet (although excited to try them) Could you make a huge batch and freeze them? Might be an option. If they are made with almond flour, they probably won’t keep for months on end (provided they would even last that long :-D) C

        • Erica says:

          I haven’t done so, but yes I think you can seal the crackers well and freeze them. Almond flour can stay fresh when refrigerated or frozen for at least 6 months and my bet is longer than that.

    13. Carey says:

      Just made these and they were excellent! Spread with goat cheese and chives I couldn’t wait to let them cool. I’m so happy to have found your site, it’s changed my cooking life 🙂

    14. Carey says:

      P.S for anyone who can’t buy almond flour I always make my own becuase its too expensive for me. All you do is grind it in small batches in a blender, its not going to be as fine or “fluffy” as the kind you buy but it works if you’re in a pinch.

      • Sunshine says:

        I find that using sliced almonds pulsed in a food processor or blender prevents making almond butter accidentally.. And makes the almond meal/flour more comparable to the purchased kind… But it’s true, nothing’s as fluffy as what the giant industrial machines seem to make… But for the most economically speaking purchase of Almond Meal, I love Trader Joes (less than $3 a bag at last purchase). Thanks

        • Sunshine says:

          P.S. I just ran out of almond flour myself & had to make it too. Make sure that between every few pulse you scrape the blender or food processor really well because the nuts are just dying to turn into butter.

    15. Alicia says:

      These are so good! I’ve got morning sickness and have been craving saltines, but obviously can’t have them on SCD. My husband found your SCD-legal saltine recipe and gave it a try–I was incredibly skeptical right up until they came out of the oven. I’ve been eating them nonstop since. Thank you!!

    16. Karis says:

      Have you ever made a cracker using coconut flour?

      I have loved your recipes, especially the Parmesan thyme crackers!!

    17. Super Yum! I keep returning to your delicious recipes. I added fresh chopped chives and another batch with chives & dried shallots. These are delish. I bake at 330 for 20 minutes due to olive oil smoke point at 350. It is so awesome to have crackers!!! Thanks again.

    18. Veronica Dunning says:

      Tried them and they worked a treat! Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

    19. J says:

      Years later this recipe is still alive! I discovered it last week and finally made them last night. I used butter instead of oil and they came out like flaky nutty crackers. More fragile than a real cracker, but right now I am eating them with sugar free strawberry smuckers and they’re delicious! Almost like eating a butter cookie with a jam filling. I added pieces of Brie to some and it was even better. Next time I bake up a batch I’m going to experiment with cheese and garlic and different herbs. Possibilities are endless 🙂 Thanks for this great recipe!

    20. Susan P says:

      I’m SO excited to try this recipe. I have found tons of recipes for Paleo etc but haven’t found one for Saltines. I really miss Saltines! Whoo-hoo! You rock. Just found your website (and ordered your book) can’t wait to try all the yummy goodness I’ve found here. Thanks much!

    21. Marci says:

      Well I must say I am very surprised and pleased how good these were. Surprised because they were so easy, dough was easy to work with and results were excellent. I added a bit of rosemary and parmesan to half the batch which was similar to a favorite cracker I use to buy. My husband liked the plain ones and could not believe I had just made them. I will try next time to make the dough square to get the maximum nice looking crackers and maybe some a bit thinner and some still thicker for more toppings or dip.

    22. Tina KALVELAGE says:

      These are great!!!!!
      And easy to make!!! Thank you

    23. Gail Fries says:

      I’ve never tried to make crackers so these will suit my gluten-free needs. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to trying this and other recipes listed on this blog. Gail Fries

    24. carissa says:

      Thanks for the recipe! Is it possible to replace the egg with flax?

      • Erica says:

        I’m not sure since I haven’t tried it, but I’d love to know as well. I think it will because I’ve seen other cracker recipes that use just flaxseed and “flax egg”.

        • Janice says:

          Have you tried egg substitute? Or flax egg? I would love to know how it works out. Thank you.

          • Erica says:

            Yes! great timing. I tester just had great success with flaxseed meal in place of the egg. She actually preferred it and said the cracker had a lighter and more cracker-like texture!

    25. Lisa says:

      I just made these with the flax substitute and they are fabulous. I don’t usually like flax but you cannot taste it in this recipe. Thanks for the great cracker recipe!

    26. KRM says:

      I made them last night to add to our Thanksgiving southern turkey dressing. I used the Flax meal variation and they were wonderful.
      Thanks for the recipe!

    27. Laurien says:

      They look delish!
      How big are the crackers if you make 30? Is it like a cracker bread? Cause it sounds a lot!

    28. Jaci says:

      I haven’t tried these yet but was wondering if anyone has tried making the dough, forming it into a dough, refrigerating it and then slicing it thinly. Thanks for the recipe…my 6-year old is on the SCD and he will be really happy to have something crunchy and salty!

    29. Alt Food Guy says:

      Just tried to make these and they came out mostly good though I should have let them bake a bit longer. The ones on the edges where good but the center was not really baked at all. Could be my oven too.

      I will try to make again since the fully baked ones where good!

    30. Anita says:

      thank you for the recipe. just bought 3 lbs of almond flour at costco, and am excited to try some crackers.

      can i use a baking tray/sheet instead of a baking mat? I don’t think i have a mat.

    31. Hi Erica,

      Just linked to this recipe on my blog:


      Thanks for such great SCD blogging. Here’s to making SCD easier and tastier for everyone 🙂

    32. Charla Eastwood says:

      Has anyone tried this recipe with just egg white? Or, any thoughts on how it may turn out using just egg white? I know, I can try it, but I’ve tried so many recipes that didn’t turn out, and ingredients are expensive. 🙂

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