• Banana Bread {coconut & almond flour}

    Walnut banana bread sliced

    I’m finally getting around to using coconut flour and nut flour in a single recipe. Both flours offer great health benefits, and can compliment each other in the right ratio and accompanying list of ingredients. My first foray was with my banana bread recipe.

    Sliced banana bread

    The banana bread that I make with almond flour is rich and dense, thanks mostly to the almond flour and bananas. By re-balancing with some coconut flour, the bread comes out lighter without losing the moist taste. And for folks who avoid coconut flour due to texture or taste, you will not taste either in this recipe.

    Mini banana walnut loaf

    On my very long list of to-dos for this blog is to offer up a post on the ins and outs of coconut flour, but until I get to that, here’s a quick list of coconut flour sources. If  you have another source for coconut flour, please feel free to add it to the comments.

    Coconut flour sources

    I’m also very grateful to be able to purchase pasture-raised chicken eggs from my local PCC market. They’re twice the cost of the other eggs I’ve been purchasing, which are cage-free, however I do notice the difference in the yolk, size, and shell color and thickness. The yolk is a bit brighter, the shell a bit thicker, and the shell color has a distinct hue.

    Eggs in container

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    1. Have been waiting for a coconut & almond flour combo in a cake. With bananas and walnuts I can just imagine how delicious this will be. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    2. JoAnne says:

      This is too funny, because I just made some banana bread with almond and coconut flour last night. I added dates and dripped yogurt, though, and only a dash of honey (the dates and bananas made up most of the sweetener). Your web site has been a huge inspiration and encouragement, I’m glad to see you experimenting with combining the flours.

    3. michelle says:

      Looks great. Have been using coconut flour for delicious cupcakes and other recipes, as alternative to our almond flour recipes, so this looks like a nice variation of your wonderful almond flour banana bread with chocolate chips which is a family favorite.

    4. Jessica says:

      Hi, there!

      Thanks for posting about this Banana Bread recipe. I made one last week with my Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread maker. But I didn’t make it using coconut and almond flour. This recipe will give such a great improvement for my cooking skill.

      I never tried to combine various kinds of flour, I was afraid that something would go wrong. But it seems you did it great, and I can’t wait to try this recipe.
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    5. Holy yummo!!! I love making grain-free banana bread with almond butter 😀 Because I don’t have the flour!! Where do you get yours?

      • Erica says:

        Yes, the flour can be pricey, so it’s nice that I’ve cut it down in this recipe. I use Honeyville Grain’s brand. Click on the almond flour ingredient in the recipe to see sources of almond flour.

    6. Mmmm, this looks delicious! I just recently got some coconut flour and have been experimenting a little bit so I can’t wait to try this 😀

    7. PSH says:

      You can buy Edward & Sons, Bob’s Red Mill & Coconut Secrets (coconut flour) on Iherb. They have a huge base of things to buy & saves so much on shipping when you can find it there. Ah, would be so great if they carried Honeyville Almond Flour too.

      Will be interested if you post any brownie recipes using the combo. And not using the nut butter. 🙂

      Thank you, Erica, for all you share of your creative work.


      • Erica says:

        Thanks! Good to know.

        • Loretta says:

          I made the Almond Flour and Coconut Flour Banana Nut Cake. I doubled the recipe. I used Splenda for the sweetener. I also added two teaspoons of Vanilla extract and Two cups of Buttermilk. This cake is so very moist and flavorful. The top Browns beautifully and cuts to serve perfectly. My husband and I loved this cake. I will definetly make this recipe again. Glad to finally find a healthy and moist Banana Nut cake. Keep on baking!

    8. Sara says:

      I was just whining about how I have two very black bananas and no decent SCD banana bread recipe. It’s like you’re reading my mind! Making this tonight!

    9. Theresa Boucher says:

      I buy Coconut flour and oil from Swansonvitamins.com Very good quality and prices.

    10. Kelli says:

      I made this recipe today and it was oh so yummy!! I substituted the syrup for sugar free syrup and added about 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips instead of the walnuts. It’s fab. Thank you and I will definitely be trying more of your recipes in the near future! : )

    11. Amy says:

      I made this yesterday and it was seriously sooo delicious! And worked for everyone, the gluten free people, the starch free people, and the “regular” people in our house. Everyone loved it so much that I should have made two. Thanks so much for this recipe. Question though, do you think it would work with zucchini too?

      • Erica says:

        I don’t know – it’s quite possible, but bananas bring more sweetness to the bread, so it may not come out as sweet unless you increase the sweetener.

    12. Great recipe for an old favorite! I am really enjoying the combination of almond and coconut flour, especially if you are like me and consume lots of almond flour and want to mix it up a bit.



    13. Diane Kallas says:

      Made this last night and it was amazingly good. We are low carbers, so we substituted a combination of sugar-free maple and sugar free caramel syrup for the maple syrup and it was delicious. I have never been happy with a low-carb baked good before, so I will be making more recipes from your blog. Thanks so much!

    14. Kathleen says:

      This recipe is the best. Dealing with food allergies since about 2005 has been somewhat of a challenge trying to come up with a good banana bread recipe and I finally found one – Thank you for posting this is the boom!

    15. Desert Rose says:

      This looks great! I would love to try it.
      -> Since bananas vary in size, could you please be a bit more specific in your recipe? For example: “3/4 cup mashed banana” or whatever…? (I live overseas and the bananas we get here vary greatly depending on the country of origin.) Thanks!!!

      • Erica says:

        The amount can vary slightly without any recipe issues, but if you need more exact measurements, I’d guess it’s about 1 cup of mashed banana. I’ll have to check the next time I mash up the bananas.

    16. Megg says:

      Just made this for my son who’s on the SCD, but we all loved it! Such an easy recipe, I’ll be making this often. Thanks for all your recipes and ideas!

    17. kelly says:

      I made these with almond meal left over from my almond milk that I make. I dry the pulp either in the oven or the dehydrator then grind them in the food processor. Today, I made these with rice flour since I didn’t have coconut flour. Added vanilla and dates and, Oh my GOSH! NEVER EXPECTED THEM TO BE SO AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!! =D

      • Maija says:

        Holy smokes ~ I’m so thankful I was reading through the comments! Kelly, I have always wished for something to use the almond mush for. Fabulous! Thank you for that.

        Also, thank you Erica for this recipe. I am new to baking without wheat flour. Luckily it’s not a necessity for me, simply a choice. I have bananas on my counter right now! WOOT!

    18. portia says:

      Excellent recipe! Made it this morning and the loaf was devoured. I happened upon your “crohn’s timeline” and was relieved to hear about another mom &son going through the same thing my son and I are facing (although I’m sorry anyone has this stupid disease). We’ve tried drugs, every special diet there is, herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, you name it. I am convinced that it will take moms like you and me to find a “cure”/relief. Good luck to you and your son:)

      • Erica says:

        thanks! Best to you as well.

      • lydia says:

        Don’t feel alone. I’m yet another mom of a Crohn’s boy looking for constant adjustments and recipes to ward off symptoms. It’s an unending quest! It’s nice to see normal foods that can be wholesome foods. Thanks!

    19. Erica W. says:

      I love this banana bread! I’m on GAPS, so I omit the baking soda, but it still turns out wonderful. My only problem has been that it falls apart when I take it out of the pan, so next time, I’m planning to line the pan with parchment first (I figure, this way, I can easily just pull it out).

      I’m having a baby any second, so I baked three loaves of this yesterday to put in my freezer for the post-partum days ahead. My family thanks you for the recipe!

    20. Desert Rose says:

      This looks great and I’m gonna try it! I enjoyed the muffin recipe of your’s I tried recently.

      It would be super helpful if you put the size of the loaf pan in the recipe so we don’t have to hunt through the comments, hopingto find that information.

      Also, since bananas vary greatly in size depending on where you live (I live in the Middle East) it would also be very helpful if you put somethng the actual; volume, like “1 cup mashed banana”… I have no idea what size banana you used! 😉 But I’ll wing it and hope for the best!! Thanks!!

      • Erica says:

        Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to remember to make note of how much mashed banana I actually use next time I bake this, but it varies because I just use two bananas about medium size. I’m more of a wing-it baker and cook when I can, and this recipe can withstand fluctuations and estimates. Hope it works for you. Same goes for the eggs.

    21. Dee says:

      Can I use your recipe in a bread machine?

    22. Christina says:

      Doubled the recipe and made 2 dozen muffins – they were awesome and so filling. I grated 2 carrots in, just for kicks.Thank you so much for a recipe that satifies our cravings for the muffins of old! I’m planning to use this as a base recipe for other muffins I’ve been dying to make.

    23. I used pecans instead of walnuts and added a teaspoon of homemade vanilla extract; then I poured the batter into muffin tins instead of a loaf pan. They were nothing short of delicious! I’ve been making the vanilla cupcakes with coconut flour almost every week and wanted to try something different, well I’m sure glad I did!

    24. Afrina says:

      Hi !
      This looks delicious !! One question. How long would this keep for ? Thanks !

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    26. Ellen says:

      Looooooved this bread, I couldn’t stop eating it. Thank you for the great recipe! Ps I used grapeseed oil:)

    27. Arlene says:

      I cannot wait to try this recipe………thank you so much for sharing!

    28. I know some cooks do not recommend it but I have successfully made this recipe using homemade almond flour (grinding natural almonds in my Hamilton Beach blender and then sifting it). I have not baked with store-bought almond flour so cannot compare the results to that but I have to say the bread is neither gritty or anything less than perfect. So if you do not have access to store-bought almond flour or do not have any on hand and want to make this in a pinch, grind up some almonds, sift the meal and use it.

    29. Berneda says:

      This looks great because of the flours. My husband is diabetic II and was wondering what can I use instead of sugar? I would like to use stevia but not sure of the amount. Any suggestions? Thanks.

      • Erica says:

        I don’t know how it will come out, but here’s what I found from a reliable source (Food Substitution Bible): 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of liquid Stevia = 3/4 cup of maple syrup (for baking purposes). So I would try adding about 1/8 of liquid stevia and then more water (about 1/8 cup) to make up for the liquid you lost from maple syrup.

    30. Melissa says:

      Can you substitute the almond flour with hazelnut flour? Our family is just recently transitioning to a gluten free and paleo lifestyle, but I sure want to bake them the treats like banana bread that they love so much. Another thing is that I’m finding the almond flour here in Hawaii is so pricey and ordering online may be just as costly. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your website. I’m so glad I found it!!!

      • Erica says:

        thanks. In most cases (mostly for flavor reasons) you can replace almond with hazelnut. Although hazelnut is expensive also. Another option is cashew. In general, nuts are expensive. Hope that helps.

    31. Kathleen says:

      Made this recipe several times with complete success everytime. Going to add zucchini to it because a friend gave me more zucchini then I know what to do with. Thinking about trying some cacao powder in it for the antioxidents let you know how it turns out.

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    35. Jen says:

      Made this yesterday and it was fantastic! My kids loved it and neither one of them like bananas. Muahaha, I win! Baking two more batches as we speak. 🙂

    36. Veronica says:

      Hi. I made this with mini chocolate chips instead of the walnuts and it turned out great. Thank you! Anyone know if it freezes well? Would love to make a few loaves at a a time.

    37. Jodi says:

      Subbed butter for olive oil and added a drop of vanilla to the mix. Made into muffins for school lunches. Perfect!

    38. Nancy says:

      Since Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming. I would like to use pumpkin. Should I substitute the bananas for pumpkin or add half and half?

      • Erica says:

        I don’t know offhand, but I’m contemplating playing around with this over the next few days. I suspect you would just replace all the banana with pumpkin/squash.

      • Erica says:

        Hi Nancy. I’m going to test two types: with and without banana. I just created the batter without and you need more sweetener without the banana. So if you’re hoping to keep the amount of sweetener down, I’d say you’re correct: do half banana and half pumpkin, BUT, you may need to add a bit more sweetener and the loaf may not be as pumpkin like as my other pumpkin breads. Let me know if yours works well! Best wishes, Erica

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    40. Natasha says:

      Worked beautiful, great taste ad texture. I topped our loaf with pecans and baked in a buttered glass pyrex bread dish. It took 50 minutes exact. Thanks for the great recipe.

    41. Linda says:

      Good morning Erica,

      I just made these and they are delicious. I added walnuts and rasins and made muffins instead of bread. Very good! I will be making these again! Thank you for sharing!

      (by the way I am Jill Evans, Mom and will be bringing some over for her and the boys!)

    42. Robin says:

      This was absolutely the BEST banana bread ever! ♥ LOVED it!!

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    44. Jessa says:

      I’ve had a lot of different banana breads and I’m quite certain this one has been the best! I couldn’t believe how moist and fluffy it was. My kids asked for seconds, of course 😉 Thank you so much for this incredibly delicious recipe!

    45. joanne says:

      almond and coconut flours are super simple and easy to make

      i started pressing the milk from almonds and coconuts for my lactose intolerant daughter. we use it for cooking everything. 🙂 even made sour cream from cashews, and it was GOOD! lol. i digress.

      quick and easy instructions.
      1-make milk
      …blanch almonds and remove skins, likewise prepare the coconut (i use my dremel tool to drill a hole in one “eye”, put it hole side down on an empty spaghetti sauce jar, then drill a second hole on the top. drains in a jiffy. then put it in a bag,give it a spin and smash it on the concrete. do it again. twice is usually sufficient. in my experience, it has to be concrete or rock. a corner is better than a flat, one strike will do it on a corner. but i’m rambling again. take it inside, compost the bits of shell. any bits stuck to their piece of shell can be easily popped off by inserting the business end of a butter knife between the meat and the shell. rinse well)

      put equal parts nut and room temp water in the BLENDER and grind on high for two or three minutes. watch out that chunks of coconut dont get stuck on the blade. i’ve never had that problem with the almonds.

      now here’s where it gets fun. lol. i have issues with the joints in my hands so when my daughter is home we simply put the wire mesh strainer over a bowl and pour through. restrain into your milk jug using a cheesecloth to catch any sediment. we then dump the pulp into the cheesecloth and squeeze the stuffing out of it. she ends up twisting it with the pulp inside, and it comes out quite dry. IF on the other hand, i’m home alone, i just dump it in the juicer. lol. works waaaayyyy better than the french press/bodum. but really annoying if ur only making one coconut or a cup of almonds. great if ur doing like five coconuts and a few pounds of almonds. 😀 this whole process takes about an hour.

      2-on to the flour.

      i use plain paper or re-use parchment to help suck up the moisture. line a baking tray and spread a thin layer of squeezed nut meat on the tray. use as many trays or do as many batches as you need. sometimes i just keep the meat in the freezer until i need it.

      you can either dry it in a dehydrator (in my dreams, lol), use the oven on the very lowest setting until it’s dry and NOT toasty. or….do what i do. i leave several trays on the baking rack overnight.

      then, throw it in the food processor. if its very dry, grind it up good and put it in a flour container, you’re done! or, if it’s still moist return it to the tray to dry some more. i usually end up returning the meat to the tray to dry, but i still like to give it a grind to loosen up the particles. and usually on the second day it’s dry enough to grind and store. trust me, grinding damp flour will get you mush. lol.

      anyway, i know it looks like a bit of a manuscript, but i hope it helps

    46. Carol Ramirez says:

      I just come across this recipe and tried it. It is very very good except I wish it were a little sweeter; do you think I could add maybe 1/4 c. Truvia without ruining it? I used just almond flour (no coconut) and pecans instead of walnuts and added about a teasp. of cinnamon…other than a lack of sweetness (to my taste), It is a real keeper.

    47. Alison says:

      Oh, this bread is so very delicious. I slathered some butter on it and thought I might end up eating the entire loaf. It’s definitely going to stick with my paleo-friendly recipes for a long time. Thank you.

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    49. DJ says:

      So awesome!!! Just tried this tonight and I think it even rivals my hubby’s regular banana bread that my friends absolutely love!! Ended up with two mini loaves 3×5 ish and was still nice and moist. Love how the house smells after baking banana bread!! Will definitely domthis again some more! Thank you for the recipe!!!

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    52. Allison says:

      I made this recipe yesterday, but I made some alterations since I didn’t have coconut flour, I used rice flour to replace it, but added 2 teaspoons of ground flax seed to soak up some moisture. Also, I added 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. They turned out great as muffins baked at 350 for 14-16 minutes.

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    54. Chera says:

      Is it possible to use just all coconut flour?

    55. Aileen says:

      Hi Erica,
      So I have been loving your Zucchini bread recipe (I’m on 3 loaves in last 2 weeks! Btw, I forgot to mention my store is selling Almond Meal – not flour, this works just as well, no change in qty, if anything maybe more “nutty” because of the texture. Anyway, I know a lot of folks have nut allergies, but I thought I would share my favorite nut for Banana Bread is Pine Nuts because I don’t love walnuts. I toast them first and put them in my bread as well as on top…

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    57. Michael says:

      Can I double this recipe and bake in a single pan? I have a deep loaf pan 9inX5in.

      • Erica says:

        Probably, but it may take longer to bake and might burn a bit on the outside. I usually double this recipe and spread it across one smaller and one larger pan (3.5 x 7.5 and a 4.5 x 8.5 pan).

        • Michael says:

          Thanks so much for the info! I subbed olive oil with coconut oil and 1/4 cup more maple syrup. Made the bread a little more moist. Amazing! Thx for the recipe!

    58. Jessica says:

      Love this! Made 12 muffins for my kids lunches. I subbed flax eggs for 2 of the eggs and a quarter cup applesauce for the third. I also threw in a handful of mini chocolate chips and raisins instead of the walnuts. I also used coconut oil instead of olive. Everything else kept the same. I loved this recipe because it did not use a ton of almond flour. That stuff is expensive but so amazing!

    59. Kathleen says:

      This turned out soooo good! The whole family loved it! Yum! So excited because we are new to gluten free and trying so many new things… this was the first one that all 4 of us loved! comments like “this tastes like normal banana bead” and “can i have another piece?” were music to my ears! Had to cover the edges with foil and bake about 6 or 7 minutes extra til the middle was thoroughly baked.

    60. Natalie says:

      This recipe is fantastic! The ingredients are in perfect proportion, and the bread comes out of the oven perfectly cooked through and moist. I like to throw in a little cinnamon, ground tea leaves, and a teaspoon of lemon or orange juice (but the recipe doesn’t need these additions to be great). Thank you for posting this!!!

      • Erica says:

        wow, I love your additions. I’ll have to try that. I have been thinking of doing a lemon spin on this recipe with zest and a lemon icing.

        • Natalie says:

          I truly love this recipe! Just made it again, same as above, but threw in a little orange zest and chopped strawberries. It keeps so well in the fridge too! I’ll definitely be making this for an upcoming family gathering. Thanks again!

    61. Katy says:

      Absolutely delicious!! Thank you!

    62. Madina says:

      This looks so good to make! Unfortunately I have neither coconut or almond flour, would whole wheat flour be a good idea for this and how much? Thanks!

    63. Caroline says:

      This was really really good. I liked the combination of almond and coconut flour. Almond flour is good but I already eat so many nuts on this SCD; I don’t care for coconut flour straight up, but the combination in this recipe was just right. I doubled the recipe, added cinnamon and blueberries. Thank you!

    64. Tegan says:

      I made these tonight with peanut flour instead of almond flour and they’re FANTASTIC! I was surprised they actually rose, and the maple syrup is an A+ idea.

      I baked them in mini muffin tins for 20 minutes and it was perfect. Thanks!

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    68. Meredith says:

      Thank you so much for this recipe. I made these yesterday and they are the best muffins I have ever had GF or not. I haven’t loved baking with almond or coconut flout but I think the combination and the moisture from the bananas gave it an amazing texture. I made a little crumble for the top with a little almond and coconut flour some almonds and a little applesauce and olive oil. SO GOOD 🙂

    69. Stacy says:

      I just made these…..absolutely delish!!!! Try them! You will not be sorry. I think I could eat the whole loaf. I discovered I was out of maple syrup and I can’t have honey so I used Agave. It was perfect!

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    71. Jennie says:

      This bread is delicious! The texture was perfect, it baked wonderfully evenly and the heavenly smells coming from the oven enticed even my picky teenaged son. As suggested above I added some chocolate chips (dark), cinnamon and vanilla…
      Wonderful! I look forward to trying other of your happy-tummy makin recipes!

    72. Dara says:

      The bread is simply delicious! Thank you so much and I look forward to making your other amazing recipes 🙂

    73. Andra says:

      We make this weekly! Delish!

    74. Dorie says:

      This was Delicious!!! The best banana bread I have ever had. It was moist and flavorful!!!

    75. umm to many says:

      I really liked this but I will add another banana two doesn’t seem to have the banana flavor I like. I added 1tblsp on almond butter and 2 dates and I liked those improvements!

      • Erica says:

        wow, I’m sure the recipe can withstand another banana; sometimes I throw an extra in if the bananas are small. Use very ripe bananas for a very banana flavor. Best wishes!

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    77. Patricia says:

      Thanks for this great recipe! I have made it several times. Kids like it when I add chocolate chips (of course). I use dark chocolate and it tastes wonderful!

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    79. Valerie says:

      Found this recipe through the facebook post of coconut-flour banana bread. I tried it today, and YUM. Nice texture and great flavor! I did add a bit of vanilla, because it’s in the recipe I used before I went grain-free. Thank you!

    80. katy says:

      We keep our bananas in a paper bag to get them to blacken faster–because we LOVE this bread! Somehow it gets better and better over the course of a few days (is that a coconut flour thing?). I love it warmed up in the toaster and smeared with peanut butter. I also love it plain. We all love it.

      Thank you!

      I’ve been making it with coconut oil instead of olive oil, and adding a T of rummy vanilla extract. I’ve been leaving out the chocolate chips. I’ve also been *always* doubling the recipe because one loaf is never enough.

    81. Claire says:

      Oh my gosh I have the same peter rabbit plate at home!!!

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    85. Kristin Yeager says:

      Made this banana bread today. It is great! Can’t believe I made banana bread with 2 cups of sugar in the past! Never again!

    86. aya says:

      i am looking forward to making this. in order to have it ready for breakfast, i was considering following the recipe up until the step where you pour it into the loaf pan. do you think i could leave the batter overnight? in fridge or cool place (it’s winter and my tiny NYC kitchen is not too steamy)?

      thank you

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    89. Maria says:

      We make the Banaba bread every week. The family loves it.

    90. Kim Giachinta says:

      A friend passed this along to me and I’ve since passed along to lots — they all love!! any idea of fat/calorie content?

    91. Alyssa says:


      I tried this recipe in a standard loaf pan, after 40 minutes it was burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. My husband loved the burnt outside 🙂 How do I get it to cook all the way through?

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    94. Shari says:

      This was my first attempt at (on purpose) gluten free baking. To be honest my expectations were quite low – not because of the recipe itself, but because 99% of gluten free pastries/breads/etc I’ve had in the past have tasted like cardboard.

      I am pleased to say that I found this recipe, and your other banana bread recipe using just coconut flour, to be delicious! Like some of the other reviews have said, I can’t believe I used to bake banana bread with heaps of sugar. Never again! Thanks so much for this recipe, I absolutely love it.

    95. Jessica says:

      Just wanted to let you know Costco.com carries Honeyville almond flour. 2 – 3 lb bags for unde $40 and no shipping charge. Membership required of course.

      I have 3 banana bread recipes I use depending on what ingredients are on hand: one from 101cookbooks that uses lemon and has an icing, one from My New Roots and yours. I feel set – no need to look any further! I’m not paleo or gluten free but like to cook that way frequently. Thanks!

    96. Rita R. says:

      Thanks Erica for recipe, this was the 2nd recipe I was trying from your website and turn out amazing, I followed your recipe just added a little nutmeg and baked in a 9inch round pan and came out great, texture look good , moist and taste great. Thanks again 🙂

    97. Robyn says:

      If making as muffins, how many does it make? 8 or 12?

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    100. Nanda says:

      I just made these per the recipe (using same brand almond flour) and they are so wet on the inside, almost like they aren’t done enough but the top is browned. I made regular and mini muffins, and the regular were in as long as your loaf! (40 min), minis were 28 min. My oven was more like 325 instead of 350, according to my oven thermometer.

      Not sure what happened, but this happened with your zucchini bread recipe as well (the almond flour one). Took a lot longer and still seemed wet on the inside.

      • Erica says:

        Yes, this can depend on a number of factors, including the oven temperature, which can actually be lower than the setting. Are you using honey or maple syrup? I suggest reducing the temperature and baking longer if you want to prevent over-browning the top. The other option is to go in the opposite direction and turn the temperature up and live with the over-browning, or just make muffins.

    101. Heather Collins says:

      Greetings, You mention the physical differences in pasture-raised, cage free eggs. Are you aware of any major nutritional benefits to eating pasture-raised cage free eggs? This is something I have not done research on yet. I appreciate any information you can share. Heather

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 | the portland kitchen

    103. Liz Hilliar says:

      Thanks for a fabulous recipe. Made into 12 muffins and baked for about 25 min @ 170 fan forced. Used rice malt syrup for my sweetener and didn’t add the nuts but very happy with result. Tasty, healthy, satisfying and easy! Suits my gluten free and low fructose friends too. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes (especially with coconut flour)

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    107. Kerry says:

      Best clean banana bread recipe I’ve made so far, thanks 🙂

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    110. Blithe Nine says:

      I make this recipe at least 2x a week. I sub almond flour for cashew flour and sometimes i add a cup of shredded zucchini. So good!

    111. debbie says:

      I would like to make 12 muffins with this recipe. Any suggesting to the approx. time to cook? thanks

    112. Denise says:

      I tried this recipe this weekend because I had 3 sad bananas in the fruit bowl. Since I didn’t have coconut flour I ground up rolled oats in my coffee grinder for the 1/4 c, melted coconut oil for the olive oil, and some rolled oats (not ground) for texture and to compensate for the moisture of the extra banana. I had chopped pecans and frozen blueberries on hand and used both. This batter filled 12 muffin cups and took about 25 minutes to bake. Family was over and the muffins didn’t last long–wonderful recipe. Thanks!

    113. debbie says:

      Could I add 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries?

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    115. Mel says:

      I just substituted flaxseed flour for almond flour. I then doubled it and added both cran-raisins and walnuts. Used canola oil instead as I don’t like the flavor much of olive oil except in some salads. I used agave syrup. It tastes very yummy! I made 2 loves. One portion is a tiny bit undercooked since I used all the rotting bananas in my freezer that were starting to drip (6 bananas). It’s very good though. Thank you for posting this! Having fun with it. PS: I used cream of tartar since I didn’t have baking soda…

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    120. Denise Mastry says:

      Can I use only al,ond four in your recipe for Banana Bread (using coconut flour and almond flour)?

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    126. Angela says:

      Found this recipe and adapted it slightly to use the almond pulp I had left over from making almond milk this morning. Instead of almond flour I use a cup of wet almond pulp and baked them in muffin paper cases. Love the results and thank you for a great recipe that I will use again.

    127. Yorisha says:

      Hi Erica, i’m trying this recipe right now, i use 2 small loaf pan, after 40min the inside seemed uncooked so I add another 20min. I didn’t use the eggs, i sub them with flaxseed meal+water. I forgot to add the olive oil too, that’s not good right? I rarely bake but eager to try gluten free and eggless recipes. I hope you could have some more eggless/gluten free recipes for cakes 🙂 Thanks..

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    129. Pam says:

      You’re recipes are just perfect! It’s such a pleasure to bake again and enjoy the healthy ingredients and the great tastes. I made your banana bread into muffins, cooked for 25 minutes and will frost them with cream cheese frosting (softened cream cheese, maple syrup to taste, a touch of vanilla, a pat of butter and a pinch of salt). What a treat. I’ve used Hodgson Mill Coconut Flour with good results.

    130. paleo says:

      This was absolutely the BEST banana bread ever!

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    132. Andy says:

      Can’t believe how beautifully moist and just generally delicious this came out. My new favourite banana bread recipe!

    133. Carrie says:

      This is the BEST SCD recipe I have come across. Thank you! I have experimented with a few changes that i think add to the yumminess. Tablespoon of cinnamon plus 1/4 cup walnut flour. And mix of ripe banana and apple sauce. It’s our new cinnamon coffee cake.

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    135. Your recipe turned out perfectly! Thanks so much.
      I added raisins, cinnamon. Tastes great served with fresh eggs.

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    137. Deepa Madhau says:

      I made the banana cake today with chocchips.. It came out amazing.. Hopefully my children will save me a slice! I am surprised that they eating it! My daughter is on her 3rd slice with whipped cream! Its simply delicious. Thank you for this amazing banana cake recipe

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    139. Nicole says:

      I made this recipe a few times and it turns out great, always! I do exchange the maple syrup for raw agave nectar and it is still super delicious! Thanks for all your recipes!

    140. Vernon says:

      Please can you write your receipes in weight rather than volume. it is hard to try and convert the quantities to metric. However the recipe was very good, even though i had to guesstimate quantities.

    141. Carolyn Kropp says:

      Today I swapped put apple sauce for banana and blueberries for nuts. Added some lemon zest and almond……fingers crossed is yummy……

    142. Pingback: Birthday weekend plus lots of recipes – A Fit Mess

    143. MB says:

      Hi, I just made this recipe this morning and it didn’t taste good. I’m not sure what I did ~ I see all of these wonderful comments. I substituted applesauce for the honey but otherwise kept it the same. It had a bad aftertaste. I’m wondering what I might have done wrong?

    144. I am so thrilled with this recipe…thanks for sharing it and also for the lovely photography. My bread is in the oven. Let’s see what happens!!

    145. Norah says:

      Made this for the first ever using both almond and coconut flour and it turned out delicious

    146. Norah manson says:

      Made this banana bread for the first ime ever using almond and coconut flour it was delicious

    147. Sue says:

      Just wanted to say I made this and it was very good and extremely moist. Because of the size of my pan it wasn’t a very high loaf, but that didn’t matter at all. As well, I make my own nut flour and this particular one had almond, walnut and pecan mixed together, so it doesn’t have to be just almond flour in my opinion. Thanks for the recipe!

    148. Jen says:

      It was very moist and tasty. I added a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. I would cut the salt to 1/4 tsp next time, I thought it tasted salty. Maybe that was because I used 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce for the maple syrup/honey. Anyway, this is the first time I have baked with almond and coconut flour, and it was a success!

    149. Brittaney says:

      Hello, I made this recipe tonight for the first time and I used the 6 mini loaf pans connected. The bread did not rise at all and I could taste what I believe to be the coconut flour. Any advice how to make it rise? And taste less bitter? Otherwise the bread was very moist and only took 22 mins in my oven.

      • Erica says:

        This is a very reliable recipe, so I’d check to make sure you added baking soda, and that your ingredients aren’t spoiled, stale or that you added the correct amount of each ingredient. Are you using US or metric measurements?

    150. Danni says:

      Excellent collection of recipes you have here!
      I thought I’d post an alteration I made. I didn’t realise you had a coconut flour only recipe.. Oops! I didn’t have almond flour/meal on hand and my local organic store only sells a 250g bag for $17 AUD (they only keep it in the fridge – no cheaper varieties available) which is a bit extortionate!
      Anyway, in place of the almond I used 1/4 cup amaranth flakes, 1/4 cup arrowroot/tapioca starch and 1/4 cup buckwheat flour. To make up for the higher absorption of these flours I used an extra large ripe banana and another small dash of olive oil. Also added 1 heaped TSP of cinnamon along with a dash of ground nutmeg, clove and cardamom.
      I had to bake it for around 60-70 minutes. But it worked wonderfully! Absolutely delish 😀
      Thanks for the recipes and all your hard work 🙂

    151. Cayla says:

      This is delicious! The best GF banana bread I have ever made. At 40 minutes, it was still very soupy, and I started to wonder if it would turn out. It ended up taking 55 minutes. It was on the verge of being too brown, but next time I might decrease the temp. I will definitely make it again! Thank you!

    152. Candi says:

      Thank you for this recipe! I use it at least once a week. So nice to have baked goods again.

    153. Cheesesteak says:

      When you say you use dates, are they chopped up like raisin-sized pieces or blended so you can’t really tell they’re there? I’ve been seeing dates used in recipes a lot lately…thanks.

      • Erica says:

        I’d suggested chopped dates in raisin-size pieces or smaller, for sure. Not too many though unless you reduce the sweetener a bit since dates are quite sweet.

    154. Vicki Soto says:

      Thank you for making a recipe with real ingredients… I kept running into recipes with fake sugars like Splenda and Stevia (which seems to slow weight loss for me). I will try this out this weekend. My husband loves banana bread. Thanks again.

    155. Deborah Frost says:

      This was awesome!! Did exactly and turned out perfect !! Just want to know carbs count etc?

    156. Joe says:

      I’ve been craving bread since I started the SCD diet a few weeks ago! Thank you, this really hits the spot! I like it warm with a slab of butter.

    157. Katja says:

      Oh my god! This is amazing, thank you so much for the recipe!! 🙂

    158. Kimber says:

      I’m fixing to make this recipe and looks delicious. Reading the comments everyone loves this bread. I have a question, can you use all almond flour instead of both coconut and almond? If so do you know how much almond flour to use? I’m trying to use less carbs as possible.

    159. Kimber says:

      Thank you!

    160. zoe De Sousa says:

      Do you have any advice if I want to use this recipe for muffins instead of a loaf? Oven guidance?


    161. Marise says:

      I came across this recipe just 2 days ago and I maDe it today. However, I did not have quality maple syrup at hand, so I substituted with 1/2 tablespoon of coconut sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey; in addition added a drop of almond essence and cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. It came out superb and I am enjoying it. I always wanted a hassle free – gluten free banana bread and I got it through you. THANK YOU.

    162. Rita says:

      Can I replace the almond flour? What should I use?

    163. Jenell says:

      Made this today following the recipe adding walnuts, raisin, cranberries, cinnamon and almond extract. Really yummy! Thank you!

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