• Root Fries with Roasted Tomato Chutney

    Parsley fries

    I’ve been playing around with the whole “fry” thing. The butternut squash fries recipe was a hit for many, and for some, well, let’s just say that it didn’t quite satisfy their desire for a “potato-like” fry. I too was looking for a more authentic fry fix, and as I suspected, parsley and parsnip roots fit the bill.

    Parsnip fries

    Parsley root and parsnip look very much alike, however they do have a subtly different taste. To me, parsley root tastes a bit more herbal and has a sweeter aroma when baking. Both have slightly more flavor, sweetness, and aroma than potatoes, in a welcoming sort of way. But what’s really nice is that both have the texture of potatoes when baked.

    Parsnips front

    Parsnips top

    So seasoning is important here. A good amount of sea salt, and possibly black pepper, garlic powder or fresh crushed garlic, and maybe some Parmesan cheese if you want to have garlic/cheese fries. The garlic cheese fries were quite delicious and had an extra crunch to them. Quite a satisfying texture indeed.

    Note for SCDers: Parsnip is SCD legal, but with some reservations. I suspect it will depend more how your body handles either parsnip or parsley. Parsnip is related to the carrot, so I would think if you can handle carrots, then you can handle these.

    Slicing up parsnips

    For the roasted chutney, I roasted cherry tomatoes, red pepper, and onions according to my recipe for panzanella salad and then gave it a whirl in my food processor. Of course, the fries will also taste great with ketchup.

    Parsnip fries fresh out of the oven

    Parsnips with tomato chutney

    I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do! And, if you want the chutney to last longer, try canning it using a sterilized jar. I just came across this great recipe for tomato chutney that includes directions on how to do so.


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    14 Responses to Root Fries with Roasted Tomato Chutney

    1. nj says:

      My problem with fries is that they are not crispy.
      I’ve read some where if you pre boil or fry twice they come out crispy but I’m still working on it. I’d rather bake.
      If anyone knows about this let me know.
      P.s. I’ve also used turnip and rutabaga, if you are scd advanced.

      • Erica says:

        thanks. the double-bake idea sounds good. just at a lower temperature to prevent burning.

      • Laura says:

        I find the best way to make sure they’re crispy is to bake on a flat cookie sheet, not a rimmed roasting pan. Also, make sure you space the fries out on the pan so that they don’t touch each other – if you don’t give them enough room they will steam instead of brown. This works for butternut squash, but I haven’t tried parsnip yet!

        • Erica says:

          Great tips! I agree. This applies in a skillet and pan as well. Spacing out the veggies or other food pieces prevents them from steaming in each other’s excess moisture.

    2. This is something that I need to try asap. I always have a craving for fries, this sounds wonderful.

    3. These look lovely. And the pics are fantastic. Thanks for sharing! I’m a HUGE fan of anything made with root veggies. I love the way roasting them brings out the sweetness of the vegetables.

    4. Paul says:

      The recipe looks great, however, correct me if I am wrong, but the original Breaking the Vicious Cycle Legal/Illegal List has parsnips listed as “illegal.” Just an FYI.

      Thanks for the attempts on making SCD fries!

    5. I love parsnip fries! I think if you put them under the broiler at the last few minutes, it will crisp them up. I’ve never heard of using parsley root before! but i’m growing some out in my garden. so maybe i’ll give it a try before the leaves wilt in the houston summer heat! the tomato chutney sounds great and your pictures are lovely. 🙂

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    7. Shauna says:

      I loved the parsnip fries recipe. They were more “fry like” then butternut squash and crispier. I altered the recipe and used white pepper, garlic, sea salt, and chili powder instead. Keep up the great work. Your website is fabulous!

    8. portia says:

      I made these but cooked 2 POUNDS of parsnips and my husband and son barely left any for my daughter and I! The tomato chutney disappeared as well… I saw them scooping it up like it was soup. Amazing recipes here on this blog. So happy I found you!

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