• Berry cream pop

    Berry cream pop

    This is one of many fruit pops that I blend up to satisfy the craving for ice cream pops. I tend to vary the ingredients depending on what I have in the freezer, what season it is, and what I have on hand. I use crème fraîche to get it rich and creamy, but it can be made with lower-fat yogurt.

    You can swap out the raspberry juice for any kind of fruit juice (grape works well als0). I also use mixed frozen fruit, and of course fresh fruit or fruit syrup is also an option. I also taste test the liquid before freezing it, and it also doubles as a smoothie.


    I use Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds, but you don’t have to invest in all that plastic. A paper cup and paper stick balanced with some foil or wax paper will do the trick as well.

    Raspberries have big seeds, so I don’t use that many when they are fresh or frozen. If I have time, I make raspberry syrup by boiling the raspberries in some water and then straining the seeds out of the liquid. Then use the syrup as sweetener in place of honey.

    The honey doesn’t dissolve well when using frozen berries, so I wait until the smoothie is fully blended before adding the honey. You can also dissolve the honey in the juice or some warm water.

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    1. max says:

      take my word for it this is just spectacular

    2. Gwen says:

      These look sooo yummy! I’ve been looking at pop moulds and the Tovolo molds look really nice but I was wondering about the size… They seem really big and I’m thinking my toddler wouldn’t be able to finish one in a timely manner (or at all). Any advice?

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