• Sesame Dijon Crackers

    Sesame Dijon Crackers

    I’m on a cracker hunt – a hunt for delicious cracker recipes that use nut flour, or other non-glutenous flour, or something healthy and non-traditional, if you know what I mean. There’s nothing like a good cracker to support creamy goat cheese, a slice of smoked salmon, or a generous scoop of creamy dip.

    And we have among us a cracker addict. Not a crack addict. Not me – I’m just saying.

    I love cheese. Not everyone loves cheese, or they only like certain cheese served a certain way, but sometimes you don’t even know there is cheese in a cracker. I don’t taste the cheese in these crackers, but then again I love cheese, so it could be that I just have a high threshold for cheesy food.

    In any case, here is a cracker recipe that I adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, Grain-free Gourmet.

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    1. Jane Daniel says:

      I have here a “cracker” recipe that is tried and well liked. I plan to use it at my wedding reception (glutton, sugar, dairy-free). Hope it works for you.
      Savoury Crackers for dipping
      1 1/4 cups egg whites (egg whites from about 12 eggs)
      2/3 cup butter
      1/2 teaspoon savoury seasonings (my own mix)
      (Use seasonings of your choice)
      1/2 teaspoon celery flakes
      1/2 tsp sea salt
      1 c coconut flour
      1 1/2 tsp baking soda
      Beat the egg whites until frothy. Melt butter and allow to cool from ‘hot’ to ‘warm’ and add slowly to the egg whites while beating them. Add celery flakes.
      Sift coconut flour, savoury seasonings, salt and baking soda and then quickly add to the egg white/butter mixture and combine thoroughly but quickly.
      Fold into a small bread pans (3”x5”)
      Bake in preheated 350F oven for 35 mins. until golden brown.
      Cool completely.
      Slice into 1/4” thick slices then cut them in half. Place on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and flatten each cracker. Bake again at 200F for 45 min. Turn them over and bake again for another 45 min. They should be hard when cooled.
      Makes dozens.
      Store in a tight cookie tin in the fridge. Will keep for months.

    2. Jen says:

      I HAVE to try these! My daughter and I can’t tolerate sesame seeds, but I’m going to try and leave them out. So far, she’s not been able to tolerate SCD yogurt, but she’s had months of great healing and I’m going to try it on her again. Thanks for sharing. I’ve got the Everyday Grain Free Gourmet cookbook and love it. – Jen

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