• Cream-filled Cakes and Cupcakes

    Creme-filled cakes

    I was never really a Twinkie fan – I leaned towards the chocolate variety of cake treats as a kid – however these seem a bit healthier, so I can’t resist making and eating them. These are for the kids (in all of us).

    I purchased a Norpro Cream Canoe Pan, which comes with a easy-to-use decorating set as well. I was under great pressure from S to make “real” cream filling. I have a quick recipe for the creme filling, or you can use the marshmallow filling or shortening-based filling from my Whoopie Pie recipes.

    Boat baking pan

    I’m using coconut flour in this recipe, but you can also use your favorite cake recipe to create the cakes. Each recipe makes 4 boats, so if you’re not making half vanilla and chocolate, you’ll want to double the recipe to fill all 8 boats in the baking tray. If you’re making cupcakes, each recipe makes about 6 to 8 cupcakes.

    Chocolate and vanilla cakes

    Notes The vanilla cakes and filling are SCD legal. Try using strawberry or raspberry jelly instead of the creme filling! They’re great.

    Inject creme into cake

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    23 Responses to Cream-filled Cakes and Cupcakes

    1. Debbie says:

      Wow! I want one of these right now!

    2. Raj says:

      Yum! I grew up *loving* twinkies and ding dongs. Terrible I know .. but oh so tasty. I’ve been using almond flour for most of my SCD baking – curious what your thoughts were on almond flour vs coconut flour. When do you choose to use one over the other?

    3. Erica says:

      Hi Raj. Coconut flour has a lot more fiber than almond flour, so it can be a bit challenging for some to handle. Coconut flour is not for everyone, but if you don’t like nuts or can’t eat them, it’s a great alternative. I eat both, but I find almond flour easier to digest. Both taste great and coconut flour does not taste like coconut at all (which I like).

    4. Tracee says:

      Thses look great! I didn’t know there was twinkie shaped pans.

    5. Jane McGee says:

      Absolutely delicious! I have been on the SCD since 1996 and these cakes provided a wonderful new change, particularly when combined with the marshmallow frosting.

    6. Lauren says:

      Freaking fabulous! They were even better cold out of the fridge (I used the cream filling recipe as frosting.) I also cut the honey in half by adding a little under 1/4 tsp powdered stevia to the vanilla batter w/ 1/4 cup honey, and 1/8 tsp stevia to the cream filling w/ just one TBS honey. AMAZING. The best allergen and grain free cupcakes I’ve made yet–and I’ve tested a lot of recipes. And hands down the best allergen free frosting yet as well!! Thank you!! YUM!!!

    7. Carrie says:

      Is shortening legal on the SCD diet??? My husband has been doing this diet with me b/c i have U.C. and we were so thrilled to see all of your awesome recipes!! Thank you a million times over for this free site! You have know idea how hopeful it makes me!! 🙂

    8. Erica says:

      Hi Carrie – thanks! Hmmm – just checked the list of illegals/legals and it doesn’t list palm oil or shortening (I use Spectrum’s palm shortening). You can try it and see how you do with it, or maybe find someone on an SCD blog who might know for sure. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be ok because it’s usually just vegetable fat.

    9. Roxanne Weiser says:

      I am baking these right now and 12 minutes is not NEARLY enough time. Can the recipe be that different???? Maybe it’s taking longer b/c I doubled it???

    10. Roxanne Weiser says:

      Whew, all they needed was five more minutes. I didn’t let them cool off all the way and just slapped the cream on top. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM! Tomorrow will make two weeks that I’ve been on the SCD and these are just HEAVEN. I was really craving something sweet today….and baked goods in particular 🙂 thanks for all of your recipes 🙂

    11. Erica says:

      Hi Roxanne – glad everything worked out! Whew. Yes, if you double the recipe it might take a bit longer to bake.

    12. Elizabeth says:

      we tried the shorting one and it came out tasting like shorting and we tried the marshmellow fillling but it came out just like bad tasting honey any tips?

    13. Erica says:

      Elizabeth, with the shortening, it’s good to whip it up quite a bit and add more honey if necessary. I only use Spectrum Shortening (palm shortening), so I’m not sure if other kinds work well. For the marshmallow, again, really whip up the eggs, and then add the honey slowly to taste it. Too much honey will probably take the life out of the peaks. Also, make sure not to burn the honey – that probably doesn’ taste too good. Hope that helps~!

    14. elizabeth says:

      it did thanks!

    15. Bev says:

      Could Stevia be used in place of honey?? If so, the same amount?? Liquid??

    16. Erica says:

      Bev, hopefully someone will chime in because I don’t have any experience with Stevia. I know that many readers have substituted stevia + glycerin in place of honey.

    17. Bev says:

      Thank you so very much for your response. I will try that. I have just recently begun a diet change and discovered your GREAT website and can’t wait to dive into all the yummy recipes. Thanks again and I hope soon to be able to have a helpful hint of my own to share.

    18. Anita says:

      I would love to make these using unbleached white flour, would it work? How about butter instead of the shortening?

      • Erica says:

        Yes to the butter, but I’m not sure about the amount of AP flour – coconut flour requires more moistness in a recipe since it soaks up moisture, so maybe 1 less egg would do the trick. Hope that helps – I haven’t tried it with AP flour yet.

    19. Akshaya says:

      Hi, can we use butter and oil mixed together as a substitute for shortening. If no, please tell me a substitute for shortening because I can’t find shortening anywhere as they are always out of stock.

    20. Akshaya says:

      Do I need to melt the butter before adding it to the rest of the ingredients?

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