• Coconut Flour Waffles

    Coconut flour waffles with raspberries
    You may be thinking that you don’t like the taste of coconut, but these waffles do not taste at all like coconut. The interesting thing about cooking and baking with coconut flour is that for most recipes, the flavor is quite neutral. I’m not sure why, but all I know is that I get a slightly sweet, light, waffle that tastes just like I want it to. And then I add my favorite toppings.

    I like maple or raspberry syrup and berries on my waffles, however these waffles can be eaten with a variety of toppings, and you can also add berries to the batter. For a treat, my younger son loves adding chocolate chips to the waffle batter, and then eats them as a snack, just like that (with his hands). We all have different tastes, so follow your heart, and if you like waffles, give these a try (even if you don’t like coconut).

    Notes This recipe is similar to my fluffy coconut pancakes recipe, however I reduced the amount of baking soda by half, to 1/4 teaspoon. I don’t bother whipping the egg whites, but you can do so for this recipe as well.

    You can store these, sealed, in the frig for later. When you’re ready, you can reheat them briefly in a toaster or toaster oven.

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    46 Responses to Coconut Flour Waffles

    1. Kara Knight says:

      These look great! I’m going to whip some up for my son tomorrow. Thanks for all the great recipes!

    2. Jose says:

      Great recipe! I’ve never tried coconut flour but I often make pancakes from almond flour. Thanks for the great idea, and for the waffle iron suggestion. Ours died a few months ago, and we’ve yet to replace it. I’ve been missing waffles but I never really found a good gluten-free recipe. I’ll be trying these soon.
      Great site!

    3. Nan says:

      Did you write the review on your favorite waffle iron page? It calls for white and whole wheat flour but has the comfy belly logo at the top!

    4. Erica says:

      Hi Nan. The reviews come from Amazon readers. That page is pulled in from Amazon.com – it’s part of my list of Amazon favorites. Sorry I can’t edit that part, but it is helpful to see what others have said, regardless of their ingredients used. It’s kind of like getting an excerpt of the reviews without actually going to Amazon.com.

    5. Nikki says:

      I am definitely going to try these! I recently discovered the joys of baking with almond flour and coconut flour. Just made a coconut flour cake this morning!

    6. Brandon says:

      OK, now I need a waffle iron!

    7. Karen says:

      Where do you find Coconut flour?

    8. Erica says:

      Karen, I feel a post on CF coming up. Until then, here are a few places (and I’m sure others have good sources as well):
      in stores: Bob’s Red Mill
      >From Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=coconut+flour&x=0&y=0

    9. Nick says:

      Tried these making pancakes yet?

    10. Ellen says:

      Great recipe! Really saved me this morning when my nut-allergic dd who is on SCD for Crohn’s wanted waffles for breakfast. I was going to make up my own recipe, but decided to look online first. These came out great (although fyi for others, we found they took a fair bit longer in the waffle iron than waffles made w. wheat flour). Thank you!

    11. Erica says:

      Hi Ellen – thanks! Not sure why they took longer – they don’t do that for me.

    12. Lindi says:

      I just made these for lunch for my husband and I. We are just starting to use coconut flour so i have only made 2 things with it before. These waffles were not what i expected. They didn’t get crispy life regular waffles and they tasted like and had the texture of eggs. I don’t think i will make these again but i am going to try and make waffles with almond flour. * I should probably add that the almond flour waffles are not crunchy either. You could try drying them in a warm oven or the dehydrator for an hour to see if that makes them crunchy. Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking now.

    13. Kelly says:

      Would a little more coconut flour make them crispier?

    14. Kelly says:

      Thank you. Might try it that way.

    15. heather says:

      2 Tbsp of flour doesn’t sound like very much when most recipes call 1 or 2 cups of other flours. How many waffles does this recipe make?

    16. I just made these for breakfast! They were fantastic! Thanks for another great recipe! I am so glad to have discovered your site!

    17. amy j. says:

      These were great! I made them in my belgium waffle maker and got about 1 1/2. I thought that they were fairly “crunchy” on the outside and I used agave nectar. Of course, I haven’t had a “real” waffle in over 2 years, so I’m not sure if I really remember their level of crunchiness. Thanks so much for the recepie!

    18. Stephanie says:

      these are amazing! after having no luck with almond flour waffles, i decided to look for a coconut flour variety. i really enjoyed these and may try date sugar next time for the elusive “crunchiness.”

    19. Amber says:

      I can’t tollerate eggs. BOO! Wonder if you could make these using on of the egg substitutes? Or perhaps bananas as an egg substitute? Any help?

    20. Margaret says:

      I made these this morning. I tripled the recipe, since I have 5 children. I use a belgian waffle maker by All-Clad, and got 1 1/2 waffles (6 squares). These turned out very dense, I guess because of all the eggs (I used 10 eggs instead of 12, even though I tripled the recipe). They smelled like French toast while baking. Flavor was ok; the cinnamon was a nice touch, stevia instead of honey added welcome sweetness. The texture was…interesting. Pretty good straight out of the waffle iron, a bit rubbery after sitting for a few minutes. My younger children thought they were ok, ate them up with lots of butter and maple syrup, but asked me to try a different recipe next time. My teen’s comment was “it tasted like a bad muffin I had once, but that could have been because I waited awhile before eating it, and then added too much syrup.” Since I am the primary person who is grain-free (hence the coconut flour), I think I would rather skip waffles than try this recipe again.

      • Erica says:

        Please be aware that you are no longer using this recipe, but changing it to something entirely different with so many substitutes and measurement changes. By reducing the moisture and not having honey, the recipe is quite different. So it looks like you need to replace the loss of honey with something.

      • Monique says:

        I just tried out this recipe exactly as it is written and I too got the same results as OP. The texture was just too odd for me. Mind you that I’ve never tried a coconut flour waffle. I have nothing to compare it to. Maybe this is how they all taste?

        • Erica says:

          I’m not sure what your texture turned out to be, but it is consistently a softer waffle for me and I haven’t ever had a problem with this recipe as written so I’m not sure what else to say. It’s not a crunch waffle, just fyi, if that’s what you are hoping for.

    21. These are quite tasty! I did whip the egg whites out of waffle making habit, but I’m not sure that mattered much (probably won’t bother next time). Definitely a “frugal” grain free waffle. Made them a day ahead so I could toast them up a little crisper in the toaster oven tomorrow. Just wish they made a little more 🙂

    22. Lynette says:

      We just made these for dinner and were disappointed in the taste, they were really blah and they were very dry. They looked amazing and cooked up great in our waffle maker, just tasted terrible. Sorry 🙁

    23. Chi-Chi says:

      Thanks for this recipe. I was looking for a simple waffle recipe using coconut flour and not almond flour and this one hit the mark. I added one ripe banana instead of the honey because in my previous experience, products baked with coconut benefit from the moistness of banana and I think the texture is just right. Nice.

    24. Danielle says:

      These were delicious! Moist and flavorful. I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out brilliantly using my All Clad waffle iron…I knew not to expect crispy going in but just wanted flavor and something that didn’t fall apart…we ate our burgers with them..thanks for a great and easy recipe!

    25. I am considering substituting agave syrup for the honey, do you think this would pan out?
      Also, how much date sugar for crunchiness? Date sugar in addition to the other sweetener?

    26. mari says:

      I love this recipe! I did use 2TBS more of coconut flour for the recipe to make thicker waffles. For a crispy waffle I added coconut sugar to the batter. I also added blueberries to the batter while on the waffle iron then closed it, they came out beautiful and they were thicker and delicious.

    27. Mary says:

      These were very sturdy and will work really nice for bread slices.

    28. Sakinah says:

      I just made these for myself because my kids had already eaten and it’s new for me since I can’t eat gluten. My 3 year old twins came to the kitchen and saw what I had made and wanted some. I said, “these are different waffles, I don’t think you will like them”…they tried a bite and one of them said, “these are not different, I want some”. So needless to say, the waffles I made, are not just for me….I have to share…I always have to share lol. They are a little different in texture than what I am use to but still good enough to eat. This was my first time using coconut flour.

    29. KT Sweet says:

      Light and fluffy. Really enjoyed them. Must confess- lacking 4 eggs, I subbed about 1/4c liquid buttermilk for 2 eggs. Used coconut oil for oul because the MCTs are good for the brain. For syrup, I warmed organic maple syrup wuth organic frozen blueberries and ground chia seeds. My best attempt at healthy syrup. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe. (Skipped the cinnamon, prefer buttermilk flavor.) Used my Waring belgium waffle maker and had a decent first batch. Might use tad less buttermilk and add coconut sugar next time to crisp them up.

    30. Grace says:

      These look phenomenal! Any suggestions on making a pumpkin version?

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