• Jelly Roll Cookies

    Jelly Roll Cookies

    I started out with the intention of making fig newtons, and ended up making jelly roll cookies. They’re not that much different from one another. And the reason I switched gears? I took an informal poll here regarding the pending fig newton recipe, with unusual silence, followed by “when are you making donuts again?”.

    I thought my kids liked fig newtons – I purchased the raspberry fig newtons, for the record. But it turns out they were just hungry, and didn’t have a discerning palate, as they presumably do now.

    Black Mission Figs

    In any case, I made fresh fig jam, and made a round of cookies. I ate them. They were good. And then, I did it again with my favorite fruit spread, and, ah, yes, a little better when it’s the jam you love. So, pick your favorite jelly, fruit spread, or other filling, and try these. They come out of the oven with a crunchy shell – they do soften up to be a fig newton style cookie as they cool, but you can reheat them for a few minutes at about 3oo degrees F to get the slight outer crunch back.

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    15 Responses to Jelly Roll Cookies

    1. Thanks so much for creating these! I love fig newtons. I have since I was a child. And they were one of the things I missed most when I went grain free. I’ll be trying these this weekend. Mmmm, figs!

    2. jamie says:

      Thank you very much for this delicious recipe. So kind of you to share.

    3. Jill says:

      I wish I lived at your house! Hope to make these soon. LOVE LOVE your blog.

    4. Erica says:

      Thanks Jill – love your blog too!!

    5. Sophie says:

      Waw!! This recipe, aka the endresult looks mighty pretty & ooh so tasty too!

      I really love all of your unique recipes. I am recently gf & lactose intolerant. I love to make & bake things, gf & dairy free too!

      I love your COOl blog!

      Many greetings from a foodie fan from Brussels, Belgium!

    6. Erica says:

      Hi Sophie. Thanks for the kind comments and for stopping by 🙂

    7. Kelsi says:

      Hi Erica:

      I love this blog! Recently started the SCD and am really appreciating all your inspiration (as is my husband – he was quite scared to say goodbye to his comfort foods!)

      Question – I am unable to source Almond Flour (and live in Canada, so cannot get the Honeywell on-line) – will coconut flour work for most recipes? I can source that easily here, so am wondering if I should go through the hassle of trying to find someone to ship it over the border…

      Thanks and keep up the good work!

    8. Erica says:

      Hi Kelsi. This page has a bunch of sources for almond flour: https://comfybelly.com/2009/01/the-scoop-on-almond-flour.html

      I’m pretty sure Buyalmondflour.com is Canadian-based.

      Unfortunately, almond and coconut flour behave differently, so it depends on the recipe. Sorry!

    9. Kelsi says:

      Erica – you are right, it is a Canadian site! Thank you so much. I was able to ask my local specialty food store to bring this into stock, so I am all set.

      Thank you for your help!

      P.S. Made your strawberry/rhubarb tart for Thanksgiving this weekend and it was a hit! 🙂

    10. Tracee says:

      I can’t wait to try these!!! Eddie and I were just talking about fig newtons the other day, you must have been listening!

      I love the new look, very crisp and clean.

    11. Elaine says:

      What can I replace the apple juice with if I use some other berry for a Low Carb option?

    12. Nahla says:

      I am planning on making these for my son, do you think it will make any difference if I substituted figs with strawberry? I would use your recipe for the strawberry jam.

    13. Olivia says:

      Let me start by saying you have the best recipes ever! My best friend and I just made the chocolate chip scones today and they were great! I saw that you addressed another comment about coconut flour-is it really not possible to substitute? I’m not very good with experimenting but I would love to make these, and I don’t use almond flour.
      Thank you so much, and PLEASE, keep up the good work!

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