• Pizza Tart

    Pizza Tart

    It may not sound like it, but pizza and tart do go together sometimes. We’re having some pizza cravings here, so I whipped out my tart pan and gathered some Parmesan cheese and almond flour.

    Pizza Tart with slice cut

    I’ve used a 1:1 ratio of Parmesan cheese and almond flour for other recipes, like the Parmesan crackers and croutons and Parmesan Thyme crackers. This ratio works well overall for a number of crusty and crunchy-type baked things using a hard cheese (like Parmesan) and flour. My next experiment with this ratio will probably be bread sticks.

    Slice of pizza tart

    Tip I love this tart pan because it is non-stick, so I don’t have to oil or butter it and I don’t worry about the crust sticking. If you don’t want to use a non-stick pan, butter or oil the pan generously, or place some parchment paper below the crust.

    Uncooked pizza tart crust

    Pizza tart before final baking

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    2. I’m not quite sure what might happen to me if I broke my only-all-purpose-GF-flour rule! This looks awesome, and it’s still simple.


    3. Christina Mckinney says:

      I love pizza!!! This looks AMAZING!!! A must try for me!

    4. Stefanie says:

      I tried this tonight but used a regular baking pan. My crust came out pretty soggy. Do you think that’s because of the pan I used or because I didn’t cook it long enough? The pieces that didn’t have sauce on it weren’t soggy and on those pieces the crust tasted awesome.

      Any tips?

      • Erica says:

        Most likely you need to bake the crust a bit longer, and make sure the sauce isn’t too moist. Get your sauce to be on the thick side, with less water/moisture. Hope that helps!

    5. Shannon Karnofski says:

      This was AMAZING! My husband and I just had this for dinner and loved it! Thank you so much for such wonderful recipes. We have been cooking off your blog for the past couple weeks and it has changed the way we eat!

      Your fellow Seattleite 😉

    6. Judy says:

      The recipes all sound great. I would love it if you could figure out the carbs and calories though. I cook for an overweight diabetic who is supposed to eat so many carbs at a meal. If you could tell us carbs and calories per serving it would be great! Thanks for the recipes.

    7. Sophie says:

      MMMMMMMMMM,..this pizza tarte was amazing, tasty & fabulous even! A grans & stylish recipe!

    8. This is a great~very pizza~tasting crust and recipe! Thank you! I halfed the recipe, made round on a peice of parchment, baked on a preheated baking stone on parchment. It did not stick at all, came out wonderful and chewy, crispy like real pizza. A new fave 🙂 I also added garlic and pepper flakes to the crust mix.

    9. This evening I made the Pizza Tart for myself and a regular pizza for my son and husband. Wow! They were so mad that I didn’t make more for them. They continued to eat the Pizza Tart and instructed me to never serve them store bought pizza dough again! Thanks for the great and easy recipe.

    10. Rebecca says:

      How thick should this crust be? I’m planning to do it without a pan, on a cookie sheet. Should it be thicker than the similar cracker recipe or about the same? Thanks!

    11. Lindsay Campbell says:

      I was just wondering if the crust would hold up being used as a quiche crust and I have a tart recipe with bacon and onions and a custard made with 2 eggs that I would love to try.

      Thanks so much


    12. Lindsay Campbell says:

      I just made this last night and it was a hit with me and the kids. I only had a 10 inch round tart pan so there wasn’t enough crust to cover the bottom of the pan.( I think I will double the recipe for that) I’ll try it next with the onion bacon tart recipe I have.

      Thanks so much for the great site!!


    13. Jill says:

      This was very delicious. I made it in a 11×7 Pyrex dish (rectangle) and it turned out really well. I topped it with mushrooms and banana peppers for some tang. Looking forward to using this more in the future. I have one question though. I am eating so much almond flour since I changed my eating to no gluten….how much is too much?

    14. Elizabeth says:

      Is it possible to make the tart dough without the cheese? I’m on the SCD diet and right now all dairy is a no go for me 🙁 thanks

      • Erica says:

        The Parmesan cheese is the only thing binding it together. I haven’t posted anything (yet) but you could try using the pizza crust recipe with egg and nut milk instead of yogurt.

    15. Ann says:

      I love this recipe. After many months of making it, I experimented using mozzarella instead of parmesan cheese in the crust and it turned out great! It made the crust stick together better for me. Anyway, since it got better reviews in the household, thought I’d pass along. Thanks for the wonderful recipes, it’s so nice to eat pizza again!

    16. Matthew says:

      Hi there. Wondering if this crust recipe could be made with coconut flour instead?

    17. Fran says:

      We just tried this recipe tonight and it was very good. Do you think you could use coconut flour instead of the almond flour? Our daughter is allergic to tree nuts (she is at college but I worry when she comes home and would like her to be able to have some).

      Your website has been really helpful. My husband has Crohn’s. We just started the SCD diet. He also is a vegetarian so I have been searching the internet for any good SCD Vegetarian Recipes. Thanks so much!

      • Erica says:

        Thanks Fran! this recipe only works for almond flour or other nut or seed flours. Coconut flour requires different ratios of ingredients. I have a coconut flour cookbook coming out next year with a great pizza/flatbread recipe but I can’t share it (sorry). You can try a seed flour though, such as sunflower seed flour (ground sunflowers) or pumpkin seed flour. I haven’t tried them but they may work well. Best wishes!

    18. Jeannette says:

      Thank you, Erica, for another fantastic recipe! Just the crust alone smelled so good while it was cooking. My grandson came into the kitchen and said, “It smells like pizza in here” & literally jumped for joy when I told him that’s exactly what we were having. We used olives, artichoke hearts, uncured Canadian-style bacon & pepperoni for toppings. It was wonderful!

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