• Frozen Dipped Banana Pops

    Frozen assorted banana pops

    I’m not going to grouse about how it still feels like fall early spring in Seattle, and how it rained this weekend. Instead, I will tell you about our latest treat in the freezer, that I can’t seem to make enough of. This is one of the best summer treats I can think of to make at home. So easy – you must give it a try if you like bananas – in the slightest bit.

    Frozen vanilla banana pop sideways

    I didn’t experience my first chocolate coated banana until I was in my 20’s, on a break from biking around Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island off the New England coast. I stopped at a local grocery store and noted this unique treat among all the ice cream pops and cups. I couldn’t imagine why this frosty treat was not an option on the ice cream truck menu – my greatest exposure to quick, cold treats on a hot, sunny day. It seemed like it fit right in with strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and fudge popsicles.

    Frozen vanilla & chocolate banana pops

    In this recipe, I offer you two kinds of coatings: chocolate, and vanilla  – a dairy-free, SCD version of vanilla using cashew cream. To make a white chocolate dipped banana, just replace the chocolate chips in the chocolate coating recipe with white chocolate chips.

    And the recipe that inspired me is here. If you love vegan, veggie, yoga, and peace, you will love this blog (as I do). I recommend reading the “About” for some poetic guidance for the day. Nina uses raw cacao paste in her recipe, which I haven’t found yet. I tried to make the paste with my raw cacao nibs, with disastrous results, and ran out of patience and nibs, so I’ll try again another time.

    Frozen chocolate dipped banana pop

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    15 Responses to Frozen Dipped Banana Pops

    1. Nikki says:

      My favorite! I’ve only done chocolate banana pops, I’ll have to try the vanilla. Thx for sharing.

    2. Allie Brown says:

      These look DELISH! 🙂 What a fun treat for us SCDers out there! Thanks!!

      • Erica says:

        Your welcome Allie! Just read your bio – my son is a red head as well – very special place in my heart for red-heads 🙂 Be well.

        • Allie Brown says:

          Oh really? How magical!! 🙂 I love seeing other red-heads. It makes me smile, there’s always a special connection! Thank you, Erica. I’m on the road to wellness & so far, it’s been a success!! Thanks for all your SCD recipes!

    3. Jerry says:

      Sounds like a wonderful easy but delicious snack. I believe almonds may compliment quite well with the chocolate and bananas.

    4. You continue to delight with you innovative recipes for all us SCD-ers. Thanks for all your generosity and sharing.

    5. Jeri says:

      My first ever frozen banana was at Disneyland when I was about 8. Since the temperature here in CA is hitting close to 100 this recipe is in perfect timing. Have never seen a vanilla or white chocolate version. May have to try those first.

    6. Carole says:

      I’ll have to give these a try, with maybe a modification or two. I have to use dark chocolate! lol

    7. Carla says:

      I guess you store these frozen b/c the recipe is for “frozen” bananas. I’d like to try the coating for low carb cake pops — will the coating hold up (stay hardened) at room temp?

    8. Thank you! I used to get frozen bananas when I visited the San Diego Zoo on vacation as a kid. I looked forward to getting one when I was there. I’m going to really enjoy these.
      I lived in the Seattle area and remember one year when summer never really got out of the gate. I’m now in Nashville and we broke the all-time record high on Friday when we hit 109. Enjoy Seattle 🙂

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    10. Kim S says:

      Do you think I could use cocoa butter instead of coconut oil in the vanilla version to make them chocolate and also SCD legal?

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