• Fudge Popsicles

    Fudge popsicle

    Fudge popsicles remind me of hot summer camp days, merry-go-rounds, and city parks. Camp counselors handed the pops out in record time (but not fast enough), while we sat patiently in the grass, sweat dripping down our faces. Crowd control at it’s finest.

    You can use any kind of milk for this recipe since the cocoa dominates the flavor. You’ll just need some time for the mixture to cool (at least 15 minutes) and then more time for the pops to freeze (at least 3 hours). So plan ahead for these.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m curious to know how the pop will taste if I use pureed banana in place of milk. I bet it’s outstanding.

    Tip For a lighter chocolate flavor, you can add less cocoa powder. Also, this recipe is lactose-free when you use coconut or almond milk.

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    37 Responses to Fudge Popsicles

    1. Kat says:

      Oh my.. I’m gonna have to try these ASAP
      Thank you!
      Ugh! I don’t have popsicle molds.. ok I’ll get some just for this 🙂

    2. jacquie says:

      we had a hot humid day here – those look wonderfully refreshing. i haven’t used coconut milk before – other than for daiquiris – which is not really cooking. but i think that is condensed (or something) and i’m guessing that is perhaps not what you used. where do you get coconut milk? is there a particular brand that you like?

    3. Erica says:

      @Kat – no need to get molds if you have paper cups and some kind of stick to place in them. Athough I love pop molds. @Jacquie – I used a can of coconut milk I had left over from last summer (risky, I know). The brand is Thai Kitchen I think. It has gum additives though. I’ll gather up some coconut milk sources and post.

    4. Katie says:

      I have used Natural Value Natural Coconut Milk with A-MAZING results. It separates a lot in the can because it has absolutely no fillers or gums or anything, but I think it tastes 100 times better as a result. And for those on the SCD, it’s “legal” : ) The company confirmed that the only ingredients are coconut and water — woo hoo! Just thought someone might want to know; I definitely looked for a long time before finding it.
      P.S. If anyone decides to go this route, make sure not to get he Organic kind; ironically, it has all the gummy fillers in it but the Natural kind does not. Cheers!

    5. Erica says:

      Katie, great tip! thanks!

    6. Taylor says:

      Mmm fudgsicles are the best!!

    7. This is very cool! Homemade fudge pops, what a great summer idea!

    8. Linda from NJ says:

      Oh boy these look good and I like that they don’t have pudding mix and other junk. Thanks … can’t wait to make and enjoy!!

    9. Jan says:

      How many pops does this recipe make?

    10. Erica says:

      Hi Jan. This makes from 4 to 5 pops.

    11. I’ve been craving fudge popsicles. Yours look much better than the ones from the grocery store. Love your blog!

    12. Jessica says:

      These look delicious. Let us know how it works adding the pureed banana…I might just try it myself.
      My motto is, you can never have “too much” chocolate!
      BTW – Love the design that your popsicle forms make.

    13. I am going to try these soon. I love the fact that they seem very simple to make! Thanks for sharing!!

    14. Memoria says:

      I need to make this!! I have some popsicle holders yearning to be a part of this.

    15. Katherine says:

      Could you use stivia in place of the sugar?

    16. Erica says:

      Katherine – I’ve never used stevia, but I’m sure you can. I just don’t know the amount you need. Maybe someone can chime in if they use it regularly. There’s usually a ratio to go by.

    17. brittny says:

      These are absolutely amazing. I’m boring and only used plain milk and white sugar, but they are so delicious!! Way better than store bought because the cocoa flavor is so much more intense. Thanks for the great recipe!!

    18. Anim says:

      Thanks for the recipe! I made these yesterday and they are delicious! I used high fat cocoa powder from Penzey’s spices and made 1/2 of the batch with shredded coconut. So very good and rich, like eating a frozen brownie! I “politely” offered some to my boyfriend, but inside I’m hoping he doesn’t take me up on the offer so I can eat them all over the next week!

    19. jayloh says:

      This recipe + my Zoku popsicle maker = HEAVEN. Thank you so much for sharing. They’re delicious. Way better than store bought…

    20. Ari says:

      I would say if you use stevia, to really go with what you feel. Stevia is a stronger flavor and you won’t need as much of it to sweeten these so maybe start with a few tablespoons and go on from there.

    21. Ann says:

      This recipe looks wonderful, im just wondering if you think it would work if you put carob chips in a food processor and just used a half cup of that instead of cocoa?

    22. Caren says:

      Thanks for the great recipe! I need to make these dairy free. Any ideas for replacing the butter?

    23. Erica says:

      Caren, I haven’t tried it, but a butter sub, or oil would probably work. If you use Ghee, (clarified butter), that will take care of the milk solids. I bet there’s soy butter as well.

    24. Erica says:

      Ann, I bet you could use carob chips, but I haven’t tried. Cocoa powder is processed to remove most of the cocoa butter, so it’s different than chocolate or carob.

    25. Chanina says:

      I made these a few days ago with coconut milk, and also replaced the water with half coconut half water. They were AMAZING!
      I also added some heering liquer to it, I love chocolate cherry and coconut together.
      While I was making pancakes a few berries fell into the mixture, wow, what a great addition!
      This passed the fiance test, and I am definitly making them again with real cherries in them!

    26. Susan says:

      Well, my son’s allergic to both milk and coconut, so the first time I used almond milk, and it was less than successful, turning out more like ice milk with a filmy fudge taste.
      Then I tried the pureed bananas and sifted the cocoa and whisked the mixture briskly so that it was well blended. They took forever to freeze and I finally left them overnight. This morning all eight of the sticks pulled out without the fudge, so I ended up scooping it all into a bowl to serve later. The taste is very intense – a banana fudge frozen custard. I think it’ll be too much for the son I made it for, but I’m sure his brother will polish it off post haste.

    27. Erica says:

      Susan – thanks for trying this recipe with almond milk. I haven’t used almond milk in a while. Sounds like cocoa doesn’t dissolve well in almond milk. Just fyi – I lowered (but in half) the amount of cocoa that I add now – it is a very intense flavor – my younger son likes it but my older one does not.

    28. Susan says:

      Thanks Erica, I saw your amended version and did reduce the cocoa in the banana version. I think the banana puree version still might work if the banana is a partial substitute for the milk, rather than replacing the entire amount. Maybe half and half, or 3/4 milk to a 1/4 puree.

    29. Erica says:

      Susan – I agree – a bit of milk with the banana could change everything.

    30. Amanda says:

      Made these over 4th of July weekend for my fiance’s brother and his family – they are definitely kid- and adult-approved! Thanks for the great recipe!

    31. Kelly says:

      Just thought I’d share that this recipe makes awesome HOT CHOCOLATE! I made a double-recipe (using coconut milk and ghee) to fill my popsicle molds and had some leftovers. My daughter and I have really been enjoying our hot chocolate.

    32. Erica says:

      Kelly – thanks! I had no idea. What a great discovery 🙂

    33. Kathleen says:

      Will be trying this differantly real soon – cannot eat anything with that contains corn products so store bought fudgesicles are out of the picture til now. I can make my own – yes this is great thank you!

    34. I made these for my son, age 7, and he is LOVING them! What a great treat for those following a Specific Carbo Diet. 🙂

    35. Nancy says:

      Wow, 1/8 cup of honey per serving is a lot of sweetener.

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