• Cashew Bread {Brioche}

    For many of you, I can’t imagine that you’re very excited to turn on your oven and bake some bread. It’s probably hot where you are – a large portion of Comfy Belly readers are in the U.S., and most of the country is hot. I however, am in Seattle—possibly the only place in the country right now, besides Alaska, that is cool and wet. This is not how our summers are supposed to go. The rule is “the rain stops after July 4th” and then it doesn’t come back again until mid-September.

    Cashew bread, sliced, with preserves

    So I will understand if you don’t want to even entertain the idea of trying this recipe. But if you’re game, maybe you can use a toaster oven to make 1 or 2 loaves, at night, when it’s cooling down. I do remember what summer was like – and when I wanted to bake, I did it in my toaster oven.

    Half-loaf of cashew bread

    This bread reminds me of Challah, or a rich, eggy bread that tastes good with something spread on top. Slightly sweet, very moist, and kind of in between a yeast bread and a sweetbread. I adapted it from one of my favorite SCD cookbooks by Kendal Conrad.  It’s great toasted, and in the near future, I’m going to make french toast with it. I bet it’s great for making garlic toasts and croutons as well.

    Cashew flour in my Vitamix dry container

    I’ll admit I’m a bit spoiled at this point, because I use a dry container with my Vitamix to turn the cashews into cashew flour. Then I use my food processor to blend all the ingredients together. You can do all the blending and mixing in one container (a large container), or do it in shifts, but you will need either ready-made cashew flour, or a food processor or high-speed blender to process the cashews into flour.

    If you find that you really like this bread, just double the recipe and bake more loaves at one time.

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    80 Responses to Cashew Bread {Brioche}

    1. Wow, that looks incredible! I’ve been dabbling with gluten- and grain-free bread recipes this week, so this is right up my alley!! But yeah, it IS hot, so my plan is to bake late at night an hour or more after the sun goes down.

      Thanks for this recipe, I love the minimal ingredients. I have the dry Vitamix container, now I need some cashews. 🙂

    2. Debbie says:

      I am very grateful that you shared your recipe! Even as hot as it is here in NC I think I would sweat any day to make this! I had been searching my mind trying to come up with a grain-free bread and this is absolutely perfect for my boys. A big thanks!!!

    3. Tonja P says:

      I stumbled upon your site via Mark’s Daily Apple last week. I specifically got on it last night to see if I couldn’t find a better bread recipe than the one I have been using. The cashew bread was just posted–i happened to have everything i needed (vanilla yogurt…which I wasn’t sure about but used anyway) so I made it on the spot. I just wanted to tell you this was just about the best thing I have ever eaten. It is soooo moist and delicious. My kids (ages 5 and 7) both love it. Thank you sooo much!!!!

    4. Tonja P says:

      One more thing–I too used my Vitamix and my food processor!! Worked really well. Thanks for the tip.

    5. liz says:

      this looks BEAUTIFUL! i’ll bet it would be even more delicious made into french toast!
      can’t wait to try, erica. thanks again for another great recipe!

    6. Jenelle says:

      There is nothing more wonderful than fresh homemade bread. This looks amazing!

    7. Kirk says:

      I waw wondering if you think any other nut could be used and if sour cream can be used instead of yogurt.

      • Erica says:

        I suspect you could use another nut but the flavor will vary. And yes to sour cream – yogurt and sour cream are easily interchanged in recipes.

    8. Kelly says:

      How many cups of cashew flour does three cups of cashews make? (Should I be able to find cashew flour… I’m not sure my sub-par food processor could get them fine enough!)

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    10. Claire Patty says:

      LOVELY recipe. We have had such a rainy summer here in Czech! It’s been so depressing. Crazy how different weather is…there seems to be no happy medium this summer! Thanks for this recipe! I might try it soon. 🙂

    11. hobby baker says:

      Good bread option. I topped up the 2½ cups of cashews I had on hand with some blanched almonds. 4 yr old devoured a slice with our spaghetti for dinner, 7 y old had two slices toasted and buttered with coconut sugar and cinnamon for breakfast. It’s almost like hand held french toast that way! Thanks for sharing.

    12. I can’t do dairy right now, so I substituted coconut milk for the yogurt, and it came out just right. I just had a warm slice with strawberry fruit jam, and it was delicious!

      I used my food processor the whole way through (except for whipping the egg whites, of course), and it worked out well. Just made the cashew flour, then added in the other stuff and continued to process. This is a great recipe, and I didn’t feel like it was overly complicated, even making the cashew flour myself first. Thanks for sharing it!

    13. Coco says:

      oh my goodness!! I can not wait to make this! tomorrow perhaps!

    14. Damion says:

      I made my first batch of this recipe this week, and it turned out super tasty! Thanks so much for posting this. I think I need to experiment with it, though. The bread is so delicate that it’s difficult to pick up, and I end up eating it with a fork. 😉 I’ll try baking it a little longer next time (I used the single large loaf option, and I don’t have a convection oven).

      This is the first bread-like thing I’ve had since adopting the SCD, and it was truly lovely to have that experience back. Thank you!

      • Erica says:

        Yes, bake it as long as you can. Either with a convection oven to bake it more through, or at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time (to prevent the outside from burning).

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    16. amy says:

      I am wondering if I did not want to use apple juice should I use water or even milk? If you leave the liquid out altogether does it change the consistency of the bread to much? I really want to get some cashews and try this!

      • Erica says:

        weirdly enough – when I accidently left it out it did not change it from what I could tell, except that it was a bit less sweet. But every baking experience varies a bit with this recipe, so it could be somewhat drier without the apple juice except that I may have left it in the oven a bit longer. I wouldn’t add anything though.

    17. Dina says:

      I could not find the cashew flour in our city but I got the organic unsalted cashew though. Do you think I just need to grand them finely. or I need to soak them and then grand them? Is there any preparation to convert my cashew to flour?

      Thanks alot

    18. monica says:

      HI! I made this last night. how’s the texture inside supposed to be? Mine came out very soft and “wet” so I left it longer in the oven…is that how is supposed to be? other than that the flavor is very good!

      • Erica says:

        Yes, leave it in longer if it’s soft and wet. I use the convection setting on my oven for recipes that call for a longer time baking – but just add more regular baking time to it. You can also toast the slices if they’re still too moist.

    19. Kathleen Czinner says:

      This sounds absolutely delicious – I’m going to make it soon using coconut milk as suggested by someone else. Have read books by Bruce Fife on coconuts – interesting and informative.

    20. Sarah (from Ireland) says:

      Erica, what a wonderful recipe – thank you!! I made this a couple of days ago and I am thrilled. I have tried a lot of gluten-free high-protein bread recipes, but this has to be the best! It’s great toasted, untoasted, and for sandwiches – I can see myself making it over and over. Love your website and look forward to trying lots of your other recipes!

    21. Veronica says:

      Hi, this looks great! could we substitute the yoghurt for coconut milk? my son cannot tolerate any casein… Just wondering whether it would work.

    22. Veronica says:

      Brilliant thanks! I will try butter ghee and see how it works. tried a couple of recipes from this site and my son loves the food! :c)

    23. Caroline Lunger says:

      would this work with cashew milk yogurt?

      looks great..

    24. Erica says:

      I don’t see why not. Let us know if you try 🙂

    25. Greenmama says:

      thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us! My children just had their first almond-butter-and-homemade-jelly sandwiches since we started GAPS seven months ago. What a lovely treat!! My hopes were not high (after several disappointing tries at GAPS biscuits, rolls, etc), but we all ended up really enjoying this recipe and will definitely make it again – I’m so excited to have this as an option for school lunches this fall as well!

    26. Matt says:

      I substituted unsweetened almond milk for the yogurt and a water/honey mix for the apple juice. Worked like a charm, though I’ll need to titrate the water to make up for the added moisture from the nut milk. Still, it’s extremely good.

      Also, I recommend cashew pieces and not whole cashews as they are about 25% less per pound than whole nuts.

      Thanks for this awesome recipe! Next step is to make a bunch of loaves and freeze them 🙂

    27. jesselle says:

      i have made this bread before! thinking of making it again tonight! it was so good we ate half the loaf right out of the oven and 1/2 in the morning!

    28. Yael says:

      I tried this recipe on this blog, really like brioche, but I also tried this recipe with blanched almond flour, add water with honey instead of apple juice , and add 3/4 cup water with honey instead of the
      Yogurt This was one of the best bread ever .

      I am flowing SCD diet, but addition to this diet I am also have migraine headache , so I can’t eat ANY KIND of cheese, white, yellow, wine, chocolate , citrus Fruits , coconut oil, and any herb for inflammation . I am much much better today than I was 8 months ago , but I have long way to go, and with your recipes you making it very easy on me. Thank you.

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    30. Kahriz says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.. I am very much grateful, i love bread and i keep on looking for a healthy substitute and so far this is the best i’ve ever found.

    31. amanda says:

      its in the oven and looking really good and fluffy like it was alive,i said a prayer as im not a very good backer.
      I mixed the wet ingredients well before i added the dry and I think that gave it more fluff and the cider just before I put it in the oven but before the eggwhite,dying for bread.I paid a fortune for the nuts sso Im making sure this is a success.Thank you for your fantastic and inspiring site, its keeping me on the straight SCD road to health.xxx

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    33. Michelle says:

      Do you think this would work with flax or chia goo instead of eggs?

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    35. Margarita says:

      How many cups of cashew flour is needed? I already have flour from Trader Joe’s.

    36. Jessica says:

      I baked this bread for an hour and a half before the toothpick came out somewhat dry. The crust is wonderful – nice and crispy. The center was still wet, but not soggy. I zap mine in the toaster and eat with a little honey, butter or jam.

      I subbed buttermilk for the yogurt.

      I have a vita mix but not the dry container. It was difficult to grind the cashews all at once. Next time I will do that in 3 batches. Also, took blending all the ingredients at high speed in the vita mix to get a uniform batter. Thank goodness for the 2 horsepower motor!

      I recently eliminated wheat from my diet to see if it would help with the bloating I have been experiencing. So this bread has been great for the transition. Thanks so much – I prefer it to other grain-free recipes I’ve tried.

    37. Molly says:

      Just made this using Trader Joe’s Cashew Meal. I didn’t have a scale so used approximately 3 cups of the flour, which looked like it left about 1 oz left in the 16 oz bag.

      This recipe is great! Really glad to find an alternative to almond flour recipes.

      It cooked well in two small pans in my non-convection oven–I’d worry that one large loaf would scorch on the outside before being done. I love how crusty it is and already enjoyed a couple pieces warm from the oven with a raspberry chia jam. Thank you!

    38. monica says:

      Hi! I have some store bought cashew meal. Do you think I should still use 3 cups ? Maybe a bit less? Thanks!!

      • Erica says:

        Sounds like it’s about the same. The most accurate measurement would be to weigh it, but this recipe is somewhat forgiving, so I think you should be ok.

    39. Ingrid says:

      Perhaps the thing my son misses most on SCD is challah on Friday nights. I have been looking for a substitute and this may be it! Can’t wait to try it. Thank you. Ingrid

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    42. Karen says:

      Can I use cashew butter instead of the cashew nuts, and if so, how much cashew butter should I use? Thanks!

    43. joy says:

      what kind of yogurt do you use? plain or vanilla??

    44. Holli says:

      Hi! I can’t have apple juice, no sugar, no carbs. What do you think would work good to substitute for the apple juice? Almond milk or coconut milk, I don’t know. Thanks.

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