• Strawberry Muffins and Cream

    Fresh-picked wild strawberries

    It’s July 4th weekend here in the U.S., and it’s also the final Wimbledon weekend and the start of the Tour de France. Being a life-long tennis player (junior tennis, high school varsity, college varsity, USTA and club team tennis), I always watch/tape the major tennis events. Several years ago we took the kids to Wimbledon while traveling around England, and they had a blast. Every year now, as I watch the televised matches, it reminds me of great memories I have of chatting with British tennis fans, eating strawberries and cream, and watching the kids playing tennis on grass tennis courts attached to our B&Bs outside of Cambridge and in Bath.

    Dex, my loyal berry protectorProtects the berries from deer, birds, and bunnies

    It’s also strawberry season in my garden. I have wild strawberry plants that yield a fresh crop of berries about 3 times a season. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a fourth yield. And they’re prolific. I give at least 40 plants away each summer, and they still creep into the empty spots by the beginning of the next season.

    Sunlit berries, muffins and cream

    I decided to toss some of the strawberries into a batch of muffins, and then take it a step further by adding some cream to the top of the muffins. If you’re a strawberry and cream fan or strawberry shortcake fan, I think you’ll like this recipe.

    And if you’re overflowing with strawberries, here are some other strawberry recipe ideas:

    As for the cream, I whipped up some of my crème fraîche made from yogurt. I make crème fraîche using heavy cream and yogurt starter so that I can remove lactose in the heavy cream. You can also make crème fraîche with buttermilk. Another cream option is to just use sweetened heavy cream, whipped cream, or even buttercream frosting.

    Tip I used fresh strawberries with this recipe. If you use frozen strawberries, I would defrost them first, chop them up, and then pat them dry before adding them to the batter. To save the strawberries in the freezer for another time, cut the green stems and top off of each berry and freeze them in a closed container or bag. And don’t wash them.

    Happy weekend, whatever you’re doing and eating!

    Strawberry muffin with whipped cream


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    25 Responses to Strawberry Muffins and Cream

    1. Ann says:

      Does this recipe call for frozen strawberries or fresh strawberries?
      Looks amazing!

      • Erica says:

        I used fresh. I haven’t tried frozen yet, but I think both work. The only concern I have about frozen is the moisture they add. I would probably defrost them first and pat them dry.

    2. Michelle says:

      We bought our strawberries and cream and plan to make these today before heading to the pool. Your vanilla cupcake recipe was delicious, great for future birthday celebrations! We frosted them with your chocolate frosting recipe. (: Thanks for providing a great website, our family favorite. Try and limit our wheat intake and love the healthier options of coconut and almond flour, honey and maple syrup as sweeteners….OUR favorites for deserts/breakfast are banana chocolate chip bread/muffins and flourless brownies, plus your layered yellow cake recipe…so many good ones to choose from.

    3. Debbie says:

      This recipe looks amazing, but I’m wondering why it’s tagged as egg-free. Do you have a recommendation for how to substitute for the 4 eggs? That would make my day, thank you!

      • Erica says:

        Woops – sorry, it shouldn’t be tagged as egg-free. There are a few types of egg subs that I know of – but I haven’t tried them. The most popular for muffins is bananans.

    4. Ann says:

      I made these yesterday with the fresh strawberries and whipped topping, DELICISOUS! It reminds us of the gooey butter strawberry cake that we used to make from a box, but its fresh and healthy! Wonderful, and probably one of our favorites from your website!

    5. Tara says:

      I love your blog!!! We are going strawberry picking in a couple of weeks (thanks to a late strawberry season) and this is definitely on my ‘to make’ list!!!

    6. Coco says:

      I am making these tomorrow and I am sooo excited!!

    7. Anita Wilhite says:

      These were very good. Made them tonight and I doubt they will make it to see daylight tomorrow. Not overly sweet and a nice cake-like consistency. Bravo!

    8. Amy says:

      Hi Erica!

      These look wonderful! I can’t get my 10 yr son to eat blueberry muffins but he LOVES strawberries and I know he would gobble these up! I’m trying to get away from using honey so much…could I substitute xylitol (we use Smart Sweet brand from birch)? If so, would I need to add more liquid ingredients? How much and what kind of liquid (coconut milk? more oil?)

      Thanks so very much for all your beautiful and tasty recipes! We are really enjoying them! It’s been a challenge having celiac disease, but your wonderful blog certainly helps! 🙂


      • Erica says:

        Hi Amy – I’m not an expert on the substitute sweeteners, but a dry sweetener plus more liquid would probably work. Let me know if you try it!

    9. I made these muffins and took them with us for a weekend trip. They remained remarkably fresh and tasty for at least 5 days. My husband and son thought they were excellent too. We did skip the cream as we are dairy-free, however, we didn’t miss it!

    10. Jennifer says:

      Your base recipe has become my go-to for muffins! I like to add some nutmeg and cinnamon because I love them both. Today I made them with peaches (probably closer to 2 cups) and a little dollop of mascarpone cheese before baking. Reminds me of a summer cobbler.

    11. Julia says:

      A wonderful recipe! I used to bake all the time until I needed to go gluten free. It is so nice to have recipes that I can enjoy! I substituted rhubarb for the fruit and used apple sauce instead of butter/oil and they turned out fantastic 🙂 They only needed an extra 10 minutes to bake. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes with all of us!

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    13. Kari says:

      Delicious!! I made the whipped topping for your vanilla cupcake recipe. Wow. These are really great!

    14. Mary says:

      So good, I doubt my alterations affected it much…

      *Added 1/2tsp of Chia seeds with wet ingredients (blended it really well) then blended in coconut flour/baking soda. Then pulsed a few times with a little less than a cupful of frozen mixed berries. They were absolutely perfect.

    15. Jamie says:

      This was amazing! I made it into a loaf and added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon! Some people may not be able to or want cinnamon but it added a good little touch to it.

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