• Falafel and Yogurt Tahini Sauce {grain-free, gluten-free}

    Comfy Belly: Falafel

    Bring together some carrots, parsely, green onions, cumin, eggs, garlic, a lemon, sesame seeds, and a few other delicious ingredients and you have vitamin-rich falafels. Both falafel recipes are gluten-free and grain-free (quinoa is a seed).

    Falafel batter in food processor

    Just to warn you, after eating some of the raw falafel batter, I was told that I had the distinct aroma of Mediterranean food, which can probably be attributed to the cumin, sesame, and garlic in the recipe. Frankly, this is so tasty, I don’t care. Just share and it won’t matter.

    Falafel batter closeup

    Sizzling falafels

    For both falafel recipes I used almond butter but you can change it up by using pumpkin or sunflower seed butter, or other ground seed or nut to add some crunch to the falafel. And while using chickpeas is still a gluten-free endeavor, I prefer these recipes to the chickpea-based fafalel.

    The falafel using quinoa has a bit of a crunch thanks to the quinoa. I use red quinoa, but you can use any quinoa you have on hand—yellow or a blend come to mind. Just remember to cook the quinoa before adding it to the falafel batter.

    These taste good cold too, especially in a salad, just in case you need to grab a quick carry-on snack. Or, for dinner, this meal goes well with fried cauliflower and yogurt tahini sauce, or in a salad with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers. For the falafel salad, I thinned out the tahini sauce for more of a salad dressing-consistency.

    Comfy Belly: Falafel

    These recipes were inspired by Sprouted Kitchen’s Quinoa Falafel recipe.


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    26 Responses to Falafel and Yogurt Tahini Sauce {grain-free, gluten-free}

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I recently went gluten free for medical reasons and have been lamenting the loss of falafel (I’m a vegetarian and it was a major food staple for me!). I will be making this pronto 🙂

    2. Love the idea of adding carrots to falafel-an extra bout of vitamins!

    3. Sherry says:

      This looks so good! Can’t wait to try it.

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    5. Your photos are awesome! And I loved the way you explained the recipe so anyone could understand it 🙂

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    8. Dawn says:

      Recipe didn’t work for me. Measured everything per recipe but turned out soft even after overnight refrigeration. Stuck to the pan cooking them. Might work if they were deep fried.

      • Erica says:

        Sorry this didn’t work for you. thanks for letting me know. The batter should be somewhat sticky though, so it was probably too wet. I also let the falafel sit in the pan for while to get a well-fryed bottom so I can lift it to turn it over in the pan. Adding more oil to the pan may help as well. I checked my notes and reduced the amount of lemon juice, however you can add more almond flour to the batter if they are not sticky enough. I’m assuming you were following the almond flour recipe and not the quinoa recipe. Best wishes, Erica

    9. I just made the grain free version (sort of halved the recipe) and ate the whole batch in one go. The flavors are absolutely amazing. The texture, however, didn’t quite work. My batter was too wet. I fried some in oil, many fell apart. I tried to bake a few patties in the oven, with slightly better results. Will definitely try again with some adjustments. They are too good.

      • Erica says:

        thanks for the feedback. did you note my changes to the amount of lemon juice? I’ve occasionally had to add more almond flour to the batter, but they can be a bit finicky sometimes.

    10. Hi Erica, yes I did reduce the lemon juice. I ground the almonds myself. Perhaps the meal wasn’t as fine as it should be and didn’t soak up enough liquid. Like I said, it will not discourage me to make these again. In fact, I’ll try it again today!!

    11. rhonda haymon says:

      I also had a problem with them falling apart, but I added some coconut flour and that did help.

      • Erica says:

        Yes,this can be a bit finicky. thanks for the idea of adding coconut flour. I’ll have to play around with this more, because the flavor is great.

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