• Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    I’m feeling blessed. Blessed with the opportunity to pour my creative juices into writing and photographing a cookbook, blessed with all the summer bounty of vegetables and fruit. I’m completely consumed by all of it, as well as an upcoming life event.

    Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    My older son is going off to college soon, and I’m savoring every moment I have with him. While he’s not going far in the geographical sense, he is taking a giant leap out the door and into a different world, not quite the “real” world, but a demanding one for sure.

    We just need to iron out a few things related to his health, and the rest is in his hands. It’ll be good for him, and for me. I’m putting aside my mental cautions so that the focus is on the present, not on what has happened, or what could happen. It’s a wide-open field, and it’s his to explore. I’m just paying the cell phone bill so I know he has a way to reach us.

    Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    I’m so confident that everything is going to go well that, after we make the drop off to the college dorm, I’m taking off for a photography workshop in Italy. The timing just worked out that way. So much going on, and so much to be happy about.

    As for this scone recipe, it is very basic, with a sweet citris-ginger overtone. It’s just waiting for some jam, jelly, or preserves to complete the flavor. It’s also dairy-free—a departure from my cherry and walnut-raisin scones, which use yogurt and are egg-free.

    Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    Among the more seasonal blessings is the great taste of all the fruit this summer. I’m a berry girl first and foremost, but I never forget about all the other amazing other fruits piled high in the markets right now. I’ve included a recipe using juicy apricots, but you could easily swap in nectarines, plums, or any variations of these juicy treats. I like using apricots because I don’t have to remove the skins before cooking.

    Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

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    19 Responses to Lemon Ginger Scones and Apricot Jam

    1. BJ says:

      Thanks so much – this recipe is going in my cookbook! I made this for breakfast today and it was hard to stop at one….so I didn’t!

    2. I wanted to let you know it gets easier sending kids off. Last year I sent my 2nd daughter to school 4 hours away, eating gluten free and I worried…for about two weeks. It gets better with a little time. The trip to Italy sounds exciting, have fun! Oh and the scones look scrumptious, I will be trying them soon.

    3. I can’t wait to try these scones. The photography workshop sounds like fun. And in Italy! I hope it’s a blast!

    4. Helene says:

      Argh…. I am teaching Squam June, September and October (NC) but won’t get to see you at the one in Italy! It will be quite different then the one here in Seattle!
      Have a blast!

      • Erica says:

        Thanks Helene! I’m so glad you came to Seattle. I’m getting the best food styling and photography crash course I could hope for. Can’t wait for the final day!

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    6. Theresa says:

      Yesterday I made strawberry jam using your apricot recipe. Awesome results. It was delicious!

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    8. Lynette says:

      Hi Erica,

      May sound like a silly question can you use ground ginger instead of fresh ginger for this receipe and if so how much would you use.

    9. Monique says:

      Hi Erica

      I’m commenting on such an old post of yours but I just wanted to write you a note and say – I love your site! Lots of great ideas and so inspiring. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across you but I’m glad I did! Will definitely be pinning some recipes to try out 🙂


    10. Bettty says:

      I love this recipe.
      I’ve never seen a GAPS recipe for jam I will be using this a lot when we have fresh strawberries around.
      Thanks so much

    11. Bettty says:

      Can you substitute other fruits in your Jam recipe?

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