• Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

    Comfy Belly: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake Raw Chocolate Cheesecake (2 of 3)-2

    I truly belong in a chocolate lovers support group. I few weeks ago I starting feeling a bit sick from eating too many raw brownie bites in order to keep me going on a crazy schedule and fill in for some missed lunches. I’ve successfully avoided chocolate with evaporated cane sugar, but I think I overdosed on cocoa and dates. So I took a break. It felt good. And then Valentine’s Day crept in. Hence this raw chocolate cheesecake.

    Comfy Belly: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

    Comfy Belly: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

    So here I am playing with cocoa and cacao (raw version of cocoa) again. This recipe is still in the expermental stages, but geeze, it tasted good the first time out of the gate. So here is my foray into raw chocolate cheesecake.

    I prefer avocados in this recipe because they are less expensive, and I like the consistency of creamed avocados. But it’s up to you. Take a gander at the headnotes for all my suggested substitutes.

    Comfy Belly: Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

    I’m on some pretty tight deadines with projects and book stuff, so I hope you’ll understand if I run now. And shower your love on someone today. Even if it’s just a smile for someone who looks down. It really works. xoxo.

    Raw Chocolate Cheesecake (3 of 3)-2

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    57 Responses to Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

    1. Ammie says:

      I have a dear friend who suffers from celiacs and a myriad of tummy issues. I’m always on the lookout for treats I can bake for her and this may fit the bill. The only ingredient that would be questionable for her is the maple syrup. How do you think Xylitol would work in this recipe? I’ve never baked with it so I’m not sure if you could sub it cup for cup. Do you have any experience with Xylitol? Any info or recommendations you can make would be greatly appreciated.

      • Erica says:

        Hi Aimmie. I don’t have experience with Xylitol but I am curious. I think small amounts of another sweetener would work fine in the crust and glaze, but not sure about the larger amount needed in the cake layer. That said, you could swap the cashews for banana (soft) and that would be a really great natural sweetener that might allow you to avoid needing so much sweetener (1/2 cup of maple syrup or honey). Hope that helps!

      • Lisa says:

        As someone with a sensitive stomach, I have to be careful with xylitol. It causes stomach upset in me and my daughter in anything more than minuscule amounts. I would do better with small amounts of maple syrup or honey, or banana or date as suggested above, although any sweetener can offset a sensitive system. But as a once in a while treat taken with digestive enzymes, I think this cake would go over well 🙂

        • Myia says:

          I used brown rice syrup and liquid stevia drops to create the consistency and sweetness of maple syrup. I can t have fructose so I am used to experimenting. It was really yummy:)

          • Erica says:

            Good to hear your subs! thanks for sharing what worked for you. I hadn’t thought to sub with stevia but I imagine it works well. Best wishes.

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    3. Yael says:

      Can I follow your cheese cake recipe with out the coca powder and the chocolate on the top? ( can’t eat chocolate , trigger my migraine . Thank you

      • Erica says:

        hmmm. it does have a nice flavor before adding the cocoa, but I’m not sure about the final product. I would use the other raw cheesecake recipe in that case (raw blackberry cheesecake)

      • michelle says:

        I, too, can not have chocolate due to migraines and the caffeine content, have you used carob before. When ever a recipe calls for chocolate chunks or cocoa powder I use carob instead, can be found at most natural food stores 🙂

    4. Sia says:

      Wow that looks so ridiculously good that I haaaaaaaave to make it. I love that is it totally dairy and wheat free. Yipeeeeeeeeeee!

    5. Jennifer says:

      I’m making this for a birthday this week and want to prepare it ahead of time. Just to clarify, is this served frozen, like an ice cream cake?

    6. Alanna says:

      Oh my god, this looks absolutely incredible! I love that all the ingredients are totally normal and easy to find. This recipe is going to make a lot of people very happy – I can’t wait to make it! So excited about your book! Love your photos and site design. 🙂

    7. Faye says:

      This chocolate cheesecake looks amazing!

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    10. Ani says:

      This cake is definitely amazing!! A total hit in my house (like all your other recipes :)) I left my a few minutes out before serving and it taste like a delicious mousse, so good!
      Thank you so much for all your recipes!! I can’t wait to get your book 🙂

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    12. michael says:

      Your recipe looks lovely. I personally wold try adding some vanilla extract to the chocolate cheesecake filling to enhance the chocolate flavour. Make some lovely vanilla paste by drizzling 100g – 200g agave necter/maple syrup/honey and six fresh plump vanilla beans in a food processor, making sure to trim the hard ends of the beans. Simply blend until you have a smooth whole vanilla bean paste which tastes amazing. Store in the fridge and use in recipes that call for vanilla extract. Buy vanilla beans on-line to save money. Make sure the vanilla is a fresh grade A same some beans are partially dried and do not taste as strong. Enjoy!!

    13. Liz Overton says:

      Do you roast the hazelnuts to remove the skins? Or is there another non-roasting method?

    14. carmen says:

      I just made this cake last night for a dinner party! It was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe!

    15. Kim says:

      This was Amazing! I have really been missing things like this!
      Really rich, and the cheesecake layer is the best 🙂 I made mine with avocado.
      Thank you!

    16. AU says:

      Hi! I made this for Christmas Eve dessert (with Avacados) and it never set. I’ve been racking my brain why it didn’t turn out. I’ve followed the recipe to the “T” except after the fact I realized I accidentally forgot the 1/2 cup of hazelnut butter. I don’t know how that could so drastically affect the turnout if this. Any suggestions. Thanks so much!!! 😉

    17. amanda says:

      I just made this and all I had was a pie metal pan to put it in. Its in the freezer now, do you think ill have trouble taking it out? Everything tastes great, so I hope it comes out!

    18. Amanda says:

      This is THE best dessert, I have ever eaten. Thank you so much for creating such healthy, delicious dessert options.

    19. Michelle says:

      Just made this awesome cheesecake. My 15 yr. old can’t believe it does not have cream cheese in it. I didn’t make the glaze as that would have made it too rich for us. It looks and tastes great with out it. Thank you so much for giving me a “cheesecake” I can enjoy without the dairy issues. Delish!

    20. Jennifer says:

      Is it possible to substitute honey for the maple syrup in this recipe? Honey is typically the only sweetener that I use.

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    22. Amanda says:

      I have made this a couple times and now have changed them to chocolate bars. I no longer include the crust, as my children didn’t care for it. So i put the cheesecake layer in a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Then I just follow the rest of the directions, and cut them up in little squares. I store them in the freezer. They are very good straight from the freezer!

    23. amanda says:

      This was absolutely delicious! my glaze did not stay lovely and glossy like yours though….Was also wondering if anyone knows how many calories per serving? Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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    30. Chinelo says:

      Has anyone tried using dates in the crust?

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    32. Stv says:

      Hi! Can I do a half cashew half avocado recipe? As in…can I substitute 1 avocado for 1 cup of cashew?
      I’d love to make this for my baby’s birthday. I just love your recipe!

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