• Sandwich Rounds {almond flour}

    Comfy Belly: Sandwich Rounds

    Ok, let’s talk sandwich rounds. 

    Comfy Belly: Sandwich Rounds

    There a couple of bread recipes in my SCD cookbook that you can use to make sandwichs, including this recipe for flat rolls or sandwich “rounds”. It produces a round piece of bread that tastes like a sweet roll, doesn’t fall apart, and is easily tweaked to your liking. They don’t have much elevation so they’re not a typical roll, really more of a hybrid of a roll and a flat bread.

    To create variety try different toppings. My personal favorite is a pinch of sea salt, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Onion and garlic bits or dried garlic powder would be good too. Sprinkle the topping after the rounds are poured onto the cookie sheets, and then bake. Read the recipe head notes to the recipe for tips on reducing the sweetness and adding an egg wash close to the end of the baking time.

    Comfy Belly: Sandwich Rounds

    My favorite use of these rounds is for panini or grilled sandwiches like the apple, cheese, mustard panini in my SCD book and in the photo below. And here’s a fun site for more panini ideas.

    Comfy Belly: Sandwich Rounds

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    106 Responses to Sandwich Rounds {almond flour}

    1. Sheila H. says:

      You have made my day. We used to love the sandwich rounds from the bread aisle but thought we had given them up forever. Will make these tomorrow and surprise my 3 boys. Thank you.

    2. Maya says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please…would you mind telling me the coconut flour version of this so I can make it?

    3. KD says:

      These look like they’d make great pizza crusts! Have you tried that?

    4. Meredon says:

      I can’t seem to get hold of blanched almond flour, and I’ve just read an article saying that too much almond flour is bad for you. I wondered if you have tried making this recipie with coconut flour, do you think that would work?

      • Erica says:

        Yes, you don’t want to fill up on too much almond flour but these are quite thin and mostly egg and flour. That said, I avoid breads that are heavy on nuts as well, so I agree with you (that goes for cashews, almonds, pecans, and others). I would like to create something like this using coconut flour. Just hasn’t happened yet. Best wishes.

    5. Bernadette says:

      So what happens if you omit the sweetener? if you want it to be more like regular bread without a sweetness to it? Does it not taste good?

    6. Jessica says:

      any other kind of flour we can use besides almond, right now i cant have that

    7. Tara says:

      How sturdy are these? I’ve been using the “Sandwich Buns” recipe from Melissa on Satisfying Eats and they’re wonderful, but not very sturdy at all…they are a coconut flour/almond flour mix. 🙂

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    9. Alison says:

      OH. MY. WOW. I made this over the weekend, and it is spectacular! I say “this” and “it” only bc I ended up spreading the batter in to a long rectangular pan and then cutting it equally for sandwich tops and bottoms. It is even better toasted or pan “fried” 🙂 Making another batch today, only this time I am using a muffin top pan! Definitely a keeper <3

    10. debbieM says:

      We used 1 cup of kefir and ended up with a pancake batter…we wondered if 1 cup of liquid was a typo? We ended up with one solid joined together “pancake” on the parchment paper and the rest of the batter we cooked in a muffin top pan and they turned out like muffins. They do taste good.

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    12. merry says:

      allison, when you cooked the batch on a sheet pan did yo use foil or spray or put dirctly on the pan? also, did it change cook time? great idea btw.

    13. These sound great, and they look amazing too!

    14. contifi says:

      Looks delicious! Looking forward to my coconut and almond flour arriving so I am able to make these.

      • Erica says:

        yes, a reader said she had success mixing almond and coconut flour together (it’s on facebook but I’ll copy it here).

        From Karen: “I was short 1/2 c. of almond flour and replaced it with 2T. Coconut flour. They turned out great with a little bit lighter texture. I also topped some with cinnamon, they make a great quick breakfast to go.”

    15. angie estrada says:

      These were great. Thanks for making life easier!

    16. Melody♪♫ says:

      THESE ARE FANTASTIC! I’ve been panini deprived since I went GF 18 months ago. I made 2 panini sandwiches this weekend, so far! Now I’m going to try a couple rounds for the burgers my husband is grilling…

      Thank you so much!

    17. tina says:

      You can substitute soaked, sprouted and dehydrated sunflower seed flour for almond flour
      in any recipe I’ve tried so far. Organic sunflower seeds are easier to come by and less pricey than almonds. I haven’t tried this recipe with sunflower seeds yet, but will post once I do.

      ? for you….has anyone tried making this without the eggs? We have one with egg allergies, so wondered if I could use squash or some other liquid that might bind in place enough for these to work? She is also allergic to flax seed and other obvious egg substitutes.

      • Erica says:

        Hi Tina. I haven’t tried it but I’m curious to know as well. Great idea, please let us know if you do try it.

      • Lisa says:

        I tried this today and subbed in tapioca flour for 1/3 of the flour total as I ran out of almond flour. I did not use eggs – just a splash of milk extra. They were absolutely perfect – soft enough to be yummy, but held together to the last bite of ham and cheese sandwich!

    18. Yes you can use squash, and also sprinkle in some psylium husk as well instead of eggs. Binds everything nicely.

      Hope this helps, james

    19. Lisa says:

      I omitted the honey. Added 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Cut the coconut milk to 3/4 cup. I LOVE THESE!

    20. Emily says:

      Hi thanks for this recipe!!! I love it. I used 1.5cups almond flour and 1cup oat flour. turned out great too!!!

    21. Elizabeth Hardwick says:

      Have a look at chickpea flour pancakes (socca) I have to avoid eggs as ibhave a sulfite intolerances and eggs are quite high in sulfites

    22. Aunt4God says:

      I used coconut/palm sugar (instead of honey) and regular milk in mine. Since they’re cooked, the palm sugar works nicely. Also, it doesn’t work well to spray cookie sheets, they spread out way more and still stick. The silpat ones came out much thicker and didn’t burn like the others did.

    23. Lucy says:

      I added some shedded mild cheddar cheese – not much – and sprinkle Za’atah (Middle Eastern food spice/thyme mixture) on the top with the sesame seeds – a big hit!

    24. Teresa says:

      Looks delicious! Looking forward to trying. Love the gluten-free option for a panini.

    25. Kelli says:

      These were positively yummy!!!!

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    27. Lisa says:

      I use these for personal size pizza crusts. Sprinkle with basil and oregano, top with cheese, thin tomato and onion slices, then add whatever after. YUM!

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    29. Amanda says:

      I made these last night. They are AWESOME!

    30. Alaine says:

      I made these today. I think they would make great french toast!!!!

    31. Lisa says:

      I have made these with coconut milk and yogurt. I was very (pleasantly) surprised at the difference. The coconut milk recipe was much firmer-great for personal size pizza crust. The yogurt was much lighter in color and fluffier (turned the heat down in the oven to 300 degrees F for the second batch). Love this recipe. Going to try for cookies next with the honey, and maybe some nuts and dates.

    32. These look delicious! I haven’t had any luck with making buns or sandwich bread using almond flour, so I look forward to trying these out!

    33. Renee says:

      What a great day to discover this recipe. The variations are endless! I thoroughly enjoyed having a real sandwich for the first time in months. I cannot wait to make Eggs Benedict with this recipe! Thanks for the recipe.

      Ordered the muffin top pans so I can have perfect circles every time.


    34. laura ortiz says:

      I made this and im in love!
      I used ghee,a pinch of himalayan salt,and almond milk…works perfectly!
      thank you so much!! 🙂

    35. Lisa says:

      Just so you know-You deserve a gold medal for this recipe!
      Basic and incredibly versatile. I have had no flops. This is how I spend my Saturday mornings, making bread for the week. I sweetened and works wonderful for waffles.

      • Erica says:

        Aw, thanks! So glad it’s working well for you.

        • Lisa says:

          I have been having difficulty finding a cookie recipe with the correct texture. I added in 1/2 cup honey, 2 cups chopped walnuts, 1 cup shredded coconut (I will probably add more next time), 1 tablespoon vanilla, 1/2 tsp salt. I finally have cookies I like! halved the yogurt since I was increasing the honey.

          Best basic recipe ever!

    36. Linda says:

      Wondering if these can be cooked as pancakes are, in a frying pan?
      and still used as bread.

    37. Karen Berkebile says:

      I can’t WAIT to make these. I missed my ‘grilled cheese sandwiches and soup’ Halloween tradition this year. Now I’m thinking ahead to leftover Turkey sandwiches.

    38. Dana says:

      I have to agree with Lisa. Ever since you posted this recipe, I have been making them every week without fail. These sandwich rounds take almost no time to make. My almost 3 year old, has been introduced to sandwiches and toast for the first time in her life. Thank you, Erica!

    39. maria says:

      Just so readers know… this SCD book that is mentioned is by Elaine Gottshall and is titled “The Specific Carbohydrate Diet”.

      It is a 5 star book!!! 🙂

    40. Lisa says:

      “Breaking the Viscous Cycle” is the book by Elaine Gotshall-the woman who we all have to thank for taking the time to investigate the diet to make our lives better-well, mine anyway.
      I recommend highly for anyone who has not read and is doing the SCD diet.

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    42. shelley says:

      Do you know how many calories they are?

    43. Helen says:

      Made these today. Love them and so does my 4 year old son. Hubby felt they were too sweet so next time I’ll cut the MS out so we can use them for burgers and sandwiches but for now they’ll be great for breakfast for my son. FYI – my son has CF so the added wonderful fats is awesome!! Where else can you make a piece of “bread” with such a high fat value!!
      Wondering if anyone has ever added seasonings to the mix IE – garlic or italian??

      • Erica says:

        yes, they are on the sweet side of things, which can easily be remedied by reducing the sweetener or swapping in salt and spices (as you mention).

    44. Berneda says:

      I love these. What type of container or package should they be stored in the refrigerator? I have put them in a plastic storage bags and they get soggy (wet). Thank you!

    45. Heather Collins says:

      Hi Erica, I have two sons. My younger son has Crohn’s and is on SCD. My older son does not have health issues and still eats some foods that are not SCD legal. I have been wondering how hard it would be for my younger son if they had a friend over during meal time. I was concerned that I would need to feed the friend a meal that was not too odd for him. Which would leave my younger son watching his brother and their friend eating “normal food” while he ate his SCD meal. We had a friend over today during lunch so I tried this sandwich round recipe for grilled cheese and it totally made my whole week!!!! All of us tried them and everyone loved them. I could have surely made everyone’s sandwich with these. Eating them made me never want to eat any type of traditional bread ever again. Thank you so much for allowing my son to have a moment of normalcy where he didn’t feel like an outcast as he eats SCD food. Additionally, thank you so much for giving away so many free recipes on your site. I have not had the financial resources to invest in any SCD cookbooks yet so what we get on the web is it. We love your site and have enjoyed more of your recipes than any other in the past month. We really appreciate you!!!

    46. Rebecca says:

      I was thinking of trying this recipe with olives,rosemary,garlic & red onion and making a savoury flat bread. Has anyone tried this yet?

    47. carrie says:

      So delicious. My son loved them so much he was jumping up and down. .. happy to have yummy tasting bread. We used coconut milk and no honey plus salt. Fabulous, thank you!

    48. T says:

      What other substitute flours can be effective alternative for almond flour?

    49. T says:

      Do these freeze well and toast well in toaster?

    50. Jade says:

      These are a revelation. Just made for the third time in a week, they are gorgeous and brilliant. Had them with steak, chicken, cheese, toasted, every way they are great. Going to try adding cinnamon and raisin to make a sort of toasted teacake. Yummy. Thanks so much for the recipe.

    51. Julia says:

      Sooo I made the rounds..love them but they all fell apart.. I used the scd yogurt..melted my butter n it was all thin.. Should I drop my yogurt???

    52. Betterways says:

      What about chick pea flour?

    53. Judy says:


      Just wanted to let you know I have been making your recipe for sandwich rounds for about 6 months now. I love them. Today I made a few batches and forgot to add in the maple syrup. (I useUncle Luke’s No.3 dark syrup) When the 1st batch came out of the oven I thought maybe it would be yummy to drizzle the rounds with syrup. Delicious!! Give it a try!

    54. Bryson Williams says:

      I’ve been a chef for years and was recently diagnosed with UC. Not being able to cook whatever I want was tearing me apart. These rounds make sandwiches possible again! Thank you!

    55. ClassiqueGal says:

      Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I really, really, really, think my 9yr old granddaughter recently diagnosed w/CD is gonna give this a big thumbs! up! 🙂 Now, she can have sandwiches!! 🙂 I am so very thankful for you, Erica! God Bless!

    56. ClassiqueGal says:

      ..and p.s. … for anybody out there, like me, (not a cook/baker/kitchen person lol) do not hesitate to give this a go.. if I can do it, you can do it, too! 🙂

    57. Ann says:

      I did not use sweetener at all and they are perfect

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