• Orange Cranberry Bread

    Orange Cranberry Bread - Comfy Belly

    I’ve eaten about 4 pints of cranberries this week and the result is an orange cranberry bread recipe I feel good about sharing. Of course I couldn’t have driven myself into a baking marathon without some trusted recipe testers, so I owe Comfy Belly testers/bakers/adventurers a big thanks.

    Orange Cranberry Bread - Comfy BellyOrange Cranberry Bread - Comfy Belly

    This cranberry bread recipe has been tested across three countries, and it made it’s first public appearance last week in a “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. One person, who I’m hoping feels well soon, tested it despite being in a Crohn’s flare.

    It’s also been taste-tested by the most honest and discriminating group of humans—kids—and received two thumbs up. It’s had chocolate chips added to it, of course, and it’s been modified by testers to fit their needs and likes. One change-up you might enjoy is adding one very ripe banana and swapping out the maple syrup or honey for the equivalent amount of coconut sugar. They also make great muffins—see the headnotes for yield and baking time.

    And if you’re looking for a recipe using just almond flour, here’s my original orange cranberry muffin recipe.

    Orange Cranberry Bread - Comfy Belly

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    38 Responses to Orange Cranberry Bread

    1. PCJAE says:

      No need to cook the cranberries first? Just chop them in the food processor and add them in?

    2. Lisa says:

      What would be a good substitute for orange juice? I do not like oranges at all. Orange seems to crop up in a lot of things.

      • Erica says:

        You can leave out the orange zest and juice and it will still taste great just no orange flavor but you’ll have to replace the 1/4 cup of orange juice with water or coconut milk (or other milk). Or try swapping with lemon zest and some coconut milk to replace the orange juice.

    3. Jamie says:

      Baked two batches today, one for breakfast and a second for a friend’s birthday. The first batch was gone so quickly I had to bake the second! Delicious! In the past I’ve made flour blondies this way, but these are just as wonderful and much healthier. Thank you!!

    4. Lise says:

      Just wanted to say hi and THANK YOU for all the beautiful recipes you post. What a gift; I’m very grateful that people like you are out there creating and modifying these amazing recipes.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    5. Marcella says:

      This bread was delicious! Made 6 mini loaves and everyone was so impressed. I cut the OJ in half like you suggested. You really do have the best recipes! Thanks for all you do!

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    7. Jen says:

      This was so amazing, it tastes like cake! I used cashew meal instead of almond just for giggles and it was so good! Making more soon. Thanks for ANOTHER great recipe.

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    9. Katharine says:

      This was yummy! I set slices out on a plate for pre-thanksgiving meal munchies. I used agave instead of honey/maple syrup (I know) and my kids kept sneaking more pieces of it! That’s a true sign of a winner. I had some for breakfast today – toasted and slathered with butter. YUMMY! thanks!

    10. Karen G. says:

      This was a big hit for weekend company brunch. I did add a handful of coarsely chopped walnuts, otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Definitely added to my “make-again” collection!

    11. Bart says:

      I found your site a week or so ago, made the bread – LOVED IT, forgot to save your site… Panicked this morning, googled extensively, found you and not letting go of this recipe! It’s phenomenal. Thank you!

      I made muffins today and they’re just as amazing as the bread. I also used agave as sweetener.

      Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    12. This bread looks delicious! I love fresh cranberries in baked goods!

    13. Linda says:

      Can I substitute the coconut flour with king Arthur’s flour and I have a lot of homemade cranberries with a little to much liquid could that be used for the cranberries and juice?

    14. Marie says:

      Just made this, as in just took it out of the oven. I plan to make another version next time, subbing lemon for orange and blueberry for cranberry! So excited!!

    15. Ceab says:

      Made with lime and raspberries as cranberries not available. Still yum. Thanks for my brekky.

    16. Julie says:

      This was so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    17. Tanya says:

      This was so easy and absolutely delicious, a new favorite that will be on our regular dessert rotation 🙂 Thanks for an amazing recipe!

    18. Cheryl says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this scrumptious recipe. We’re in snowy MA where I feel like staying inside and baking. This bread really hit the spot and adheres to my nutrition rules.

    19. Monique says:

      Thank you. Made muffins tonite. Great flavour! I don’t like things sweet so I only added 1/4 c of honey and it was perfect for me.

    20. Emily says:

      Could you substitute ground almonds for almond flour? If not, how can you turn ground almonds into almond flour? Is that even possible?? Thanks!! 🙂

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    22. Jackie says:

      Just made the muffins. Very tasty! I love the citrus flavor in them. I thought the texture was perfect. You may want to use foil liners to prevent sticking. Mine stuck a little. But maybe if I had let them cool a bit it would have been better. Thanks for the great recipe!

    23. SeattleJPM says:

      Delicious! I bought unsweetened dried cranberries and used a cup after simmering them in 1/2 cup of water. I also added a cup of chopped walnuts. This is so good and keeps so well I make two loaves at a time

      • Erica says:

        Great idea, making two loaves at once. I do the same to save time (and have more food). Thanks for sharing your tip on soaking the dried berries.

    24. SeattleJPM says:

      Thanks for the recipe, Erica; it’s a winner!

      When fresh cranberries are available in the fall I will try this with them to see if I want to freeze several bags so I have them when they’re no longer available.

      Any other breads like this you know of? I was considering substituting dried cherries…

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