• Salted Almond Ice Cream {no-churn}

    Salted Banana Almond Ice Cream - Comfy Belly

    Well, I asked for it and I got it. I have enough ice cream flavor ideas for at least the next two years.

    Salted Banana Almond Ice Cream - Comfy BellySalted Banana Almond Ice Cream - Comfy Belly

    Thank you to subscribers for all your banana ice cream ideas! Wow. While I ponder all the fabulous flavors offered up, I’ve landed on this one first. Thanks, Sherill! You win a Comfy Belly apron.

    Just so you know, there were a lot of variations on the caramel theme that were calling my taste buds: salted banana caramel, banana and caramel, salted caramel banana, and, well you see where this is going. So it was a tough call. Sherill convinced me when she put salt and almond butter together.

    Since my goal has been to lower the amount of sweetener I use in recipes, this one using just bananas, almond butter and salt allows me to capture that caramel flavor without all the sugar or additional sweetener. And it’s quite simple to make, with a short list of ingredients and no cooking, boiling or churning required!

    Waffle cone recipe is here!

    Salted Banana Almond Ice Cream - Comfy BellySalted Banana Almond Ice Cream - Comfy Belly

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    34 Responses to Salted Almond Ice Cream {no-churn}

    1. Tina says:

      Sounds yummy! Can’t wait to try with pecans. Wonder if it will resemble butter pecan ice cream?
      Thanks for all you delicious recipes!!

    2. Christine B. says:

      Yum! I can’t wait to try this 🙂 Thanks!

    3. Julia says:

      I just wanted to say that this sounded sooooooooo good that I couldn’t wait to freeze my bananas.
      I used my ripe bananas and made a pudding instead! So good. I froze my extra bananas so I could make the real thing, but thank you so much for this flavor combo–out of this world!

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    5. Bonnie says:

      OMG this is fantistic!!! I made the chocolate version first and my daughter loved it. Then I tried this version with natural peanut butter since I didn’t have almond butter on hand. I can’t believe how creamy this turns out. Thanks!!!

    6. I know you already have a lot of recommendations but you should really try banana ice cream with some frozen dark cherries and lemon juice! Amazing!

    7. Mechelle says:

      Helpful Hint: running frozen bananas through your juicer makes instant soft serve!

    8. Tammy says:

      How many carbs are in the recipe? Thank you.

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    10. donna says:

      you don’t have to have a Ice Cream maker to make this?

    11. Steph says:

      I just made this! Ah-May-zing! Going to share the recipe (with credit) in a moment at Orangespoken.com! I paired it with my grainfree apple crisp. Wow! Thanks! 🙂

    12. Sandra says:

      Saw this on Nom Nom Paleo…read it, went to my freezer and made it. Eating it now. Delish!

    13. Crystal says:

      Just made this now, I am blown away at how amazing it is and yet so simple to make! Thank you 🙂

    14. Aileen Lane says:

      I think this may be the best and healtiest ice-cream I have ever tasted. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you.

    15. Pat says:

      Can you please make print – printer friendly, so the “whole” page including posts won’t print? Thanks.

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    21. Sophia says:

      I just ordered the machine from Amazon. #42.99. I love the recipes and am definitely a banana fan. However… I’m in the US and gram measurements are a problem for me.

      Can you also add the US measurements like tablespoon or cup info? Even ounces would help.

      Thank you.

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