• Chocolate Chip Cookies {egg-free}

    Chocolate chip cookies

    These are the slightly chewy and slightly crunchy kind of cookie, rich in flavor and texture, and very simple to get together. They store well when traveling, stuffed in a lunch bag, in a cookie jar, open air, or in glass container. If you don’t like dark chocolate chips, replace them with white chocolate, raisins and nuts, or just eat them plain.

    You can replace the butter with coconut oil if you prefer to have a vegan cookie, or just prefer to bake with coconut oil.

    Also, to keep them from falling apart, don’t store these cookies in a sealed container because they tend to soften and fall apart (no egg to hold them together). I keep them in a glass jar with the top half-way off.

    Note This recipe is SCD-friendly if you remove the chocolate chips, and replace them with raisins, nuts, dried fruit, or just eat them as is. This recipe is dairy-free when you use oil instead of butter.

    If you find that this cookie is too runny when baking, reduce the amount of butter by about 2 tablespoons.


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    24 Responses to Chocolate Chip Cookies {egg-free}

    1. Ann says:

      I made these just a few days ago, but i substituted almond flour for wheat flour. They turned out a bit dry and not chewy like they were suppose to turn out. (they still tasted goood though) Do you think that was because I used a different flour? I am thinking maybe almond flour adds moisture to the cookie, what do you think?

    2. Erica says:

      Hi Ann. I’ve never used this recipe with wheat flour, but it sounds like you followed the recipe and used almond flour. I’ve never had this come out dry – just the opposite actually – it’s a bit on the moist and chewy side. Did you inadvertently leave something out? The honey is sure to keep it moist.

    3. Ann says:

      I followed the recipe and used normal wheat flower, but then i made it again with almond flour and that added the moist to it, so i think you need to keep the almond flour, cause that’s what adds the moisture. I actually used carob chips instead of chocolate chips, and it turned out great. thanks for the great recipes, i love them!

    4. Erica says:

      Thanks Ann. This recipe is strictly for almond flour (from what I can tell). My old, traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe, using AP flour or whole wheat pastry flour is:
      2 sticks of butter, melted (1 cup)
      2 eggs
      3/4 cup of white sugar
      3/4 cup of brown sugar
      1 teaspoon of vanilla
      2 1/4 cups of flour
      1 teaspoon of salt
      1 teaspoon of baking soda
      2 cups of chocolate chips
      Bake at 375 degrees F for about 10 minutes.
      I knew this recipe by heart for quite a while. I haven’t tried it with honey, or adjusting this recipe at all. But I love the almond flour recipe even better.

    5. Kelly says:

      I noticed Elana’s Pantry says her recipe doesn’t work with Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour. Does yours?

    6. Erica says:

      Hi Kelly. I think it would work but I haven’t tried it. Bob’s Red Mill almond flour/meal is now blanched and skinless, so you shouldn’t have a problem using it. Let us know if you do.

    7. Susan says:

      These are great cookies! I love that theyŕe crisp, itś so hard to get that texture with SCD and my son really misses it, so these are awesome. His brother who eschews almond flour loved them too – getting them to eat the same thing is a minor miracle. I used Spectrum shortening instead of butter and it worked perfectly.
      Your blog has really helped me navigate the post Crohnś diagnosis world and put weight on my son.
      I cannot thank you enough, really…

    8. Erica says:

      Susan – thanks for filling us in on the shortening sub. Now I have to try that. I’m almost at the point where I can make these again (cooler temps tomorrow) 🙂
      Good luck with the weight gain. We have the same issue here with our son keeping the weight on.

    9. Susan says:

      I used 6 instead of 8 tablespoons of shortening, because I read it wasn´t a one to one substitution.
      I made them again today with butter and in a taste test the butter batch won. But itś good to know it works either way as butter is supposed to be limited in my son´s diet,and others can´t have any dairy.
      Your recipes definitely help the cause when it comes to maintaining weight, (so does the end of the heat wave).

    10. Erica says:

      Susan, thanks for the update. I was just about to try shortening with this recipe. I think I might try it with a biscuit recipe.
      I hear you about the weight maintenance. Smoothies with lots of stuff in them are good in the heat. My son is also still drinking a few nutritional drinks each day.

    11. Susan says:

      My son is also autistic and has sensory issues around food. He eats almost entirely according to texture. He hates ¨thick¨ drinks so won´t touch smoothies, and vegetables, fruits, and baked goods
      have to crunch. That´s why I am so delighted by your sesame brittle and cookies that crunch…

    12. Erica says:

      Wow, Susan. That texture thing is a tough one. I like crunchy too, and it’s kind of hard to get crunchy out of almond flour. The Parmesan crackers are crunchy, if he likes cheesy food.
      Peppers are crunchy – and sweet. Just thinking of crunchy foods I like. I have more brittle recipes I haven’t posted yet, but you can probably figure them out – almond and peanut brittle using the same technique as the sesame brittle.

    13. Susan says:

      Yes, red pepper is one of the few things he likes. That and sugar snap peas. Carrots are tragically on his allergy list. I´m going to dehydrate some green beans and see how that goes.
      He´s allergic to milk so cheese is out. I have wondered about some of your cracker and focaccia recipes with cheese, if they would work without it.
      Thanks for the brittle suggestion hiding in plain sight. I will change it up with nuts tonight, (I make it about 5 times a week).
      Thanks for your suggestions…

    14. Kim says:

      I’ve baked these delicious cookies 3 or 4 times now. They are awesome since we’re trying a low grain diet. The first time I made them, they were like your pic above. 😉 But since, they just run all over the cookie sheet and hard to get off. I’ve tried cutting back on the butter, not melting the butter (because I believe that is what the original recipe called to do) and less honey, etc. but nothing works. They are still good, but they aren’t a cookie by the time I get them off the sheet, more like cookie crumbles. LOL! Any suggestions? Thanks! P.S. I blamed it this summer on the humidity, but it’s cool now in IL today and I still have the same problem.

      • erica says:

        Kim – so sorry. In the process of moving my posts to the new site over the past few weeks, I had to edit all the posts and I think I may have been the cause of your disasters. I’ve been playing around with this recipe because I thought it always used 10 tablespoons of butter, but I use 8 most of the time. So at one point I changed this to 10 tablespoons, but now it’s back at 8. I’m about to post the recipe using egg, but if you don’t need have to eliminate egg from your diet, just add one egg to the batter/recipe and they will not crumble at all. I just edited this to avoid further confusion. Again, so sorry!! It’s been a long couple of weeks of editing and pictures and posts. I’m in the middle of testing them with other oils (instead of butter) so coconut oil is another option. Thanks for your patience!

        • Kim says:

          That is ok! Sounds like you been busy. Thank you for posting about the egg. I wondered yesterday after I baked them if adding an egg would help. Now I can’t wait to eat these up so I can try an egg. ha!

          Thanks so much!

          P.S. Don’t be sorry, they are totally edible the way they turned out. 😉

    15. Debbie says:

      I have made these cookies atleast 6 times, and although the flavor is good (my kids love them), mine also run all over the cookie sheet and are a mess to get off. I’ve been cooking with almond flour for over a year now and this recipe is one that has never turned out like the picture. I’ve even tried different cookie sheets.

    16. erica says:

      Debbie – the recipe changed a bit – lowered it to 8 TB of butter. Not sure if that helped you or not. Also try placing a smaller amount of cookie dough for each cookie before they go in the oven. And you can lower the amount of butter by about 2 tablespoons as well.

    17. wendy says:

      thx for the great recipe!! we make it w/o chips and add frosting (like an oreo w/o chocolate) using these every week. do you think there’s a way to turn these into cupcakes for my son’s bday? he can do almond flour but no coconut nor eggs. trying to stay scd for my husband’s sake too. thanks!

    18. Jess says:

      Hi Erica,

      I’ve got a warm batch of these cookies on the counter now and they are great. Thanks so much for the recipe. I’m always looking for egg-free recipes. The batter did look rather runny when it all came together, but I added a bit of flour and a bit of maple syrup and then it looked fine. Thank you!

      • Erica says:

        Hi Jess! Interesting. I think I need to test these to see if my measurements are off. Do you recall how much more flour and syrup you added? Thanks )

    19. Susannah says:

      The recipe should say 1/2 cup, not 1/4 cup of butter, right? 8 Tbsp = 1/2 cup.
      Just clarifying, thanks!

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