Maple Turkey Sausages

I created this recipe so I can avoid buying the packaged maple sausages that my older son pines for. This summer while he’s been home from college he makes sure to remind me to pick up maple turkey sausages when … Continue reading

Posted in Breakfast, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Low-Sugar, Nut-Free, Paleo, SCD, Wheat-Free  |  11 Comments

Meatballs Parmesan

Time for more comfort food. What this recipe really represents is a meatball bar at my stove. I bake the meatballs, simmer the tomato sauce, shred cheese, steam broccoli, cut up some raw veggies (like cucumbers, carrots, snap peas, and … Continue reading

Posted in Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar, SCD  |  18 Comments

Dry Brine

If you’re thinking about how to prepare your turkey, here’s how I season chicken, turkey, and other kinds of poultry. You can apply this technique at the last minute, as well as a few days before, while the turkey waits … Continue reading

Posted in Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Nut-Free, Paleo, Sauces & Dressings, SCD  |  4 Comments

Dog Foodie: Sweet Turkey Meatballs

Not to be outdone by a kid, my dog developed gastrointestinal problems a few years ago. I didn’t know what to think – except that maybe we were cursed. He had a limp, messy bathroom episodes, etc. So, now, our … Continue reading

Posted in Dog Foodie  |  6 Comments

Picadillo Recipe

This is a recipe for picadillo, and you can use ground beef, pork, turkey, or even chicken, depending on your taste and what you have around. It has a great flavor and is flexible enough to withstand ingredient alterations, if … Continue reading

Posted in Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Low-Sugar, Paleo, SCD  |  4 Comments

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