• Dog Foodie: Sweet Turkey Meatballs

    Oh hi there - just watching

    Not to be outdone by a kid, my dog developed gastrointestinal problems a few years ago. I didn’t know what to think – except that maybe we were cursed. He had a limp, messy bathroom episodes, etc. So, now, our 8 year old Australian Shepherd is a dog foodie. Here is one of his favorite recipes.

    I start with ground turkey, add squash or sweet potato puree, and some
    leftover brown rice (if there is some), mix it together, and bake.
    These can be frozen, or stored in the refrigerator. If
    your dog eats raw food, this is good raw too. Our dog doesn’t like raw
    food, but he’ll eat it mostly-cooked. Sometimes I add an egg to the
    mixture as well.

    As for the food pics, the photo shoot started out with four meatballs…

    4 in a bowl

    But, um, why is my bowl over there, under lights…

    Oh, she won’t notice one, or two…

    Oh what the heck

    He’s actually a very good doggie – I made him do that for the photo.

    Note You could pull this off as human food by adding some salt and herbal seasonings. They’re kind of tasty.

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    6 Responses to Dog Foodie: Sweet Turkey Meatballs

    1. Karen says:

      My dog too has had some health issues. In doing some research I found it is hard to find a dog food that does not contain mostly grains. I was spending way too much on a grain free food but I have now found a moderately priced food with minimal grain content at Costco, and switched both my dogs to it. My 13 year old black lab who was diagnosed with liver disease/failure is doing great and still loves to go on walks. I will definitely treat her with this recipe! Thanks!

    2. Erica says:

      Thanks Karen. Good to know about Costco dog food – I kind of gave up on them for most food, but this is worth checking out. Right now I’m using Evo, and you’re right – it’s quite expensive. I did the math, and it came out cheaper to make my own food and supplement with grain-free dog food.

    3. Tracee says:

      How cute. I bet he’s a very happy dog. I’ve had three pets so far that had food issues. One of our dogs can only tolerate lamb and rice dogfood. I had a cat that was not thriving on cat food. The vet said she “could not tolerate the fillers”. Little did I know at the time that I had the same problem. I guess our pets need real food just like us.

    4. Holly says:

      Add me to the list of people who have a dog with GI issues. Plus he’s picky! Maybe he would try these meatballs (he won’t eat raw either). At least I have a healthy bird who eats nearly everything I put in front of her!

    5. Erica says:

      Holly, how funny – I want to be your bird!

    6. Stephanie says:

      I just made these for our red boston terrier. So I’m happy to see that someone else made them too. He gets gr. turkey/br rice/mixed veggies in the evenings, so I thought a yummy meatball would be nice for breakfast. I do gr beef, slightly smashed swt potatoes and jasmine rice. I’ll toss in a little low grain dry dog food and that’s it. Perfect….and I truly think our dogs are much better for the home cooking!

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