• No-Corn Cornbread {almond & coconut flour}

    Cornbread (gluten and grain-free)

    I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to try it this year—cornbread dressing. But first I’ll need to bake a grain-free, gluten-free cornbread.

    I thought a little longer than usual about how to title this post. Like the mashed potato posts, the title “Cornbread” is somewhat misleading. I’m not trying to fool myself or anyone else, but it does taste like cornbread. Before I began baking gluten and grain-free, I had tried a number of cornbread recipes, and I even resorted to using the Jiffy mix on occasion.


    This recipe is for cornbread, but there’s no hint of corn anywhere in it. I think that’s part of the irony of how we eat, that is based on memories of foods we expect to have or have had in the past. Or foods we want to have but avoid for health reasons, or because we’re selective in what we eat. I’d like to change that a bit, at least in my mind. It’s much easier to appreciate what a food offers rather than what it tastes like, or imitates.

    So I’ve tried to change my expectations. Instead of hoping a cake will taste like the cakes I’ve had in the past using all purpose flour, I experiment to see if I can create a recipe that I like and that is appealing in it’s texture, flavor, taste, and in some cases, the cost of the ingredients.

    Almond flour happens to make a great base for cornbread, even when it doesn’t contain a single grain of cornmeal. Adding coconut flour lightens up the texture, reduces the amount of nut flour in the recipe, and adds a boost of good fiber. I should mention that I do have a recipe for blueberry corn muffins that combines both almond and corn meal, but it’s not grain-free. So here’s a gluten-free and grain-free cornbread.

    It’s a slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly buttery version of cornbread. The basic kind. The softer cake-like kind, not grainy. But don’t let me stop you from adding to the fun, or changing things up. I can see adding some minced jalapeno, chili powder, chives, or some grated cheddar to make it savory. Or if you like it sweeter, add a bit more honey (about 1 tablespoon). You can also use the batter to make corn muffins. Or just bake it as a basic cornbread, as is this recipe’s intent. Cool for a minute, slice into squares and serve with a hot bowl of your favorite chili or soup.

    You can also turn this into brown butter cornbread by browning the butter in a pan before adding it to the batter. I don’t always have the patience for this, but the nutty flavor of browned butter is something to consider. And the smell. Just that much better.

    And if you like your cornbread to have a slightly grainy taste, as if you were using a medium grind cornmeal instead of a fine grind, cut the milk in the recipe by about half (reduce to a 1/4 cup). Another option is to use Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour because it has a slightly larger grind, so the flour grains are not as fine as some others.

    Cornbread stack

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    50 Responses to No-Corn Cornbread {almond & coconut flour}

    1. Kathy says:

      I wish I could hug you! Really you have no idea … THANK YOU for posting this. I know this will work for me. I appreciate this so very much, have a happy blessed Thanksgiving, I am grateful for you.

    2. Cheri Bowling says:

      One of the most difficult things to have to live without on the SCD diet is cornbread. I can’t wait to try this! One question: Being from the deep south, I have always cooked my cornbread in a hot, oiled, black iron skillet to get a crispy crust with a soft interior. Might this be possible with this recipe?

    3. Denise says:

      Is there a reason to use dairy free milk? Or would cows milk work?
      I was just thinking about how I was going to have stuffing this year! Can’t wait to make this.

    4. Nichole says:

      My son can’t do eggs. Do you think flax eggs would work here given that the bread’s just going to be used in a stuffing?

    5. Nichole says:

      Just in case any egg-free folks were wondering, I substituted flax eggs for regular eggs, and I used the bread in the stuffing, and it turned out GREAT. The bread was a little darker, a little more moist, and it took a little longer to cook, but it was perfect in the stuffing.

    6. amanda says:

      Your ideas and recipes are awesome. I love cornbread, I miss not having it. So I will definitely try this. My question is when are you going to come out with a cook book? It would be lovely to have your recipes in a book:)

    7. anna says:

      Thank you!!! I made your “corn” bread today for breakfast and it was amazing. Thank you again!

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    9. Tamara says:

      Hi, I’ve just come across your website recently and have made this (cornbread) recipe and your almond flour chocolate chip cookie, both are great! I made this one using coconut oil and it turned out delicious! Thanks so much!

    10. amanda says:

      I made this with earth balance butter, and it turned out really well. I bet this tastes amazing with real butter, while substitute butter is good, nothing compares to that real butter taste!

    11. I love love love your site. I am not gluten free and often cook with organic flour but your respies provide a much sought after balance to my family’s diet. I do have a question though, what is the significance of grain free. I am so insoire by your site and reccomend to folks all the time.

      • Erica says:

        Thanks Samantha! and thanks for spreading the love too! The grain-free stems initially from my need to remove a lot of stuff from our diet following a protocol for Crohn’s (SCD diet – see on this site). But I do appreciate that not everyone is affected by grains. At this point I’m enjoying coconut and almond flour quite a bit, but I am curious to explore other flours/grains such as millet, rice flours, and oat flour. I’ll post something eventually. I’m also finishing up a coookbook that is for folks following a grain-free, gluten-free diet, so I’m immersed in those recipes at the moment.

    12. Tanya says:

      You know when a recipe is good, when your kids want to eat it !! I found this recipe as I was desperate for a fatter free bread type than my ham and cheese muffins I had been making as a staple. These are really, really good and do taste like cornbread !!


    13. Theresa says:

      If you choose not to use Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour because it has a slightly larger grind, what brand of coconut flour do you recommend? 🙂

      • Erica says:

        I currently use either Tropical Traditions or Honeyville Grain. I will use Bob’s as well, but I grind it down in my food processor first.

    14. Erin Collins says:

      I just made this and it was AMAZING! I am so happy to have come across your blog. Thanks for the great recipes!

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    16. I’m wondering – isn’t corn bread supposed to have corn or corn meal as one of the ingredients? Nothing at all corn-related is in the list of ingredients in this recipe. I’d love to make it but I wanna know if this is just a leave-out?

      • Erica says:

        I renamed it (so now it has the same name as the recipe in my book and it’s a bit more clear). It’s not a leave-out but thanks for checking. 🙂 I do have a corn muffin using corn and almond flour though. Best wishes.

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    18. Megan says:

      this looks great and I have been searching for this to have w/ my ham/bean soup. I am on a low glycemic eating plan and was wondering if you have tried subbing truvia or stevia for the honey? or if anyone else has, does the batter really benefit from the stickiness of the honey?, perhaps I could even sub in my molasses instead?

    19. Linda says:

      Do you have a carb count/nutritional data on this? It looks amazing! I have missed cornbread! Also wondering how the substitution of molasses for honey went.

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    21. Marcella says:

      This baked up beautifully in a cast iron skillet, if anyone cares. 😉 I browned the butter in it first to add to the batter, then greased the pan a little more with coconut oil. I would personally err on the side of less (coconut) milk… My bread seemed a bit moist. I like the idea of using less liquid for a crumblier texture. Served it with a maple syrup/honey/cayenne/cinnamon butter. It was a really nice treat. As usual, I love your recipes!

    22. Joan says:

      Wow! I just made this tonight and it is AWESOME!!! I used maple syrup instead of honey though, and used a cast iron pan. I think ithis would make delicious french toast too but I like this so much, I don’t think I’m going to need to do that! Thank you!!!

    23. Emily says:

      Thanks for the great recipe! I’ve made it a couple times recently – the first time in an 8×8 pan and the second time as muffins. Both times I used “crispy almonds” (I used 56 grams of almonds as the equivalent to 1/2 cup almond flour) and just put all of the ingredients into my vitamix – very easy and only one container to clean up! I also used yogurt in place of the milk. Everyone in my family loves it.

    24. lemly says:

      Love this recipe! Def does not taste like cornbread for obvious reasons, lol. It tastes like a sweet and buttery, slightly salty coconut-bread! But it does smell a lot like cornbread. Just as satisfying 🙂

    25. Maggie says:

      This recipe is amazing!! I only had trader joes almond meal so the color wasn’t as cornbread looking as it would with blanched almond flour but I didn’t care, it was decadent. I sprinkled shredded cheddar towards middle of baking time.

    26. Titani says:


      My daughter is on the GAPS diet and she also has tree nut and egg allergies. I wanted to try making a stuffing, but I was wondering if you think the bread would turn out ok with a flax seed egg substitute and either subbing the almond flour for sunflower seed flour or just using all coconut flour.


    27. Lisa says:

      I made this with a slight variance. I used flaxseed meal instead of almond flour die to a nut allergy. Turned out amazing! Close to the same texture as cornbread. I also added the jalapeños and cheddar. It was great with chili.
      THANK YOU! Z

    28. TR says:

      Thank you, thank you from someone with a corn-sensitivity living in the Southern US who happens to LOVE cornbread. This sounds like a GREAT alternative. No more stuffy nose for me.

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