Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes

Something you’ll discover as you modify your favorite recipes to suit your body’s needs, or just try to mix it up for nutritional reasons – you don’t always need AP flour (all-purpose flour) in a lot of recipes. And that’s what I’ve found with this zucchini pancake recipe.

Because I focus on eating protein, vegetables and fruits, I like to remove or downplay the flour in recipes – especially when it calls for AP flour, since it has very few nutrients compared to it’s whole grain counterpart.

The two flours I like in this recipe are buckwheat and almond flour. I prefer buckwheat, but either works, and I’ll bet coconut flour would work well too.

Feel free to double this recipe – I knew only two of us were going to eat these, and this recipe yields about 10 pancakes.

Tips These pancakes make a great alternative to potato pancakes, and they taste great for breakfast, or with just about any meal. It’s nut-free when you use buckwheat flour, and SCD-friendly when you use almond flour.

Zucchini pancakes in frying pan

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    10 Responses to Zucchini Pancakes

    1. jamie says:

      Thank you very much for this recipe it looks wonderful. I can’t wait to try it. I recently bought buckwheat flour from an asian market and now I have something to use it for. :)

    2. Natalie says:

      Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    3. Oh my goodness — GENIUS! Definitely trying this one! I’ll link back if I decide to post my experience with your recipe. Thanks for the insight! :)

    4. Alyne says:

      One of my son’s has a dairy and egg allergy, the other is on a gluten free/dairy free diet. What could I use in substitution for the egg to make this and similar recipes?
      The egg replacement powder is great for baking but not frying?

    5. marina says:

      I just made those, and I am telling you, the smell of these when they were cooking is incredible :))
      I did use coconut oil since it does withstand heat a lot better then sunflower oil and does not go rancid.

    6. mmmm.. love the dill in this! I have made a variation w/ a few grated spring potatoes as well. such a great savory breakfast :)

    7. lulu says:

      These are absolutely delicious. I doubled the recipe and both of my sons were begging for more- always the sign of a successful vegetable recipe in my book. I used a bit of fresh dill from the garden and a very large videlia onion. Yum. Thanks very much for the recipe.

    8. Sara says:

      I’ve been reading your recipes as I’m trying to make healthier food choices. However, I haven’t been able to find the accompanying nutrition information? Do you supply that info? I’m especially interested in zucchini pancakes and raw brownies.

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