• Banana Porridge {using coconut flour}

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    Happy New Year! I’m sharing a new recipe from my coconut flour cookbook, giving away two copies of the coconut flour cookbook.

    I have sorely missed posting here, but life has kept me way too busy. A new job, both boys home from college, my need to downsize, and my furry companion have been the primary focus for me the last few weeks.

    I hope to share some new recipes that testers helped me with many months ago, so stay tuned for that. I just need to snap some photos and pull the posts together, in-between work, home-hunting, exercising, and having a life. Whew.

    Several readers, especially those following SCD, have been telling me how much they love this recipe for banana porridge from my coconut flour cookbook, so I’ve been successfully persuaded to share it here.

    Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook - Comfy Belly

    A Giveaway!

    I’d also love to give two lucky folks a copy of my coconut flour cookbook. To win, share a photo of a recipe you made from Comfy Belly using coconut flour. Share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all good) and send me a link.


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    29 Responses to Banana Porridge {using coconut flour}

    1. venus says:

      Hi, Hope you had a nice holiday and a happy healthy new year to you. Thanks for the update on your son. Im sorry he has to take double doses of Humira, hopefully he doesn’t experience too many side effects. I have had Crohns for over 25 years and my son who is now 15, was diagnosed when he was 9. and currently taking humira and following a teenagers version of SCD/Paleo when in my control. HAHA! Although the “SCD, Paleo, Primal” diet did not totally bring your son to the place it sounds like you were hoping, I like to think it has helped a ton. There is so much about this disease we can not control, it truly has a mind of its own. However, we can choose what we eat…I firmly believe without your knowledge and cooking lifestyle, he and mine could be WAY worse off. Job well done…also, there is a SCD group on facebook that would probably be a good resource to get your survey some peeps. Be well and thanks for all you do.

      • Erica says:

        Thanks, Venus. Would you like to share the Facebook link here? I think I know which one you’re referring to, but there may be others. Funny you should mention it, I’ve been thinking of putting an SCD resource page together and add to it as additional resources come up.

    2. Susan Avery says:

      HI Erica,

      Love your two cookbooks and use and recommend to others all the time. Re: SCD – seemed to work for a while, but it wasn’t until I discovered Jillian Teta’s book, protocol, supplements, etc. that true healing begins. Not sure everyone can heal in 28 days as she suggests, but I felt better within 24 hours. Available on Amazon – google Dr. Teta.

    3. Sam M says:

      Does the consistency come from the banana? I do not like banana’s could I add a few frozen blueberries or simply cinnamon? Also can I use shredded coconut instead of flour? Thanks!

      • Erica says:

        Glad you asked. I’m interested in experimenting with cooked apples and applesauce as an alternative (haven’t gotten to it yet), but the bananas are there for both sweetness and a bit of consistency. A lot of the consistency comes from the egg as well though. And coconut flour thickens it. So yes, I think other mashed or cooked fruits would work.

    4. Hi love the recipe, I normally added shredded coconut, coconut and almond milk with banana and mango for my for my version of porridge. Hope all goes well with the book.

    5. Bryan C says:

      Thanks Erica! — I filled out Suskind’s survey even though we’re not on SCD any more…

    6. Leslie says:

      I just tried your banana porridge and I’m so sorry but it just tasted like a bland flour/milk mixture… I ended up making oats with sliced banana which was much more to my liking.

      I will definitely try your other recipes though, thanks for posting.

    7. Dana says:

      What about GAPS? It’s got some differences from SCD and those differences might matter to some IBD/Crohn’s patients.

    8. Lori says:

      Love you recipes! Saw your site through my cousin Gabrielli! I also saw your post about your son and thought I would share my work with you and him. I assist in releasing the emotional causes of physical dis-eases, so the body can heal itself. Take a look at my site and God bless you! Lori

    9. Beverly Milley says:

      Made this today it is so delicious. I have celiac and never no what to do for breakfast. Thank you

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    11. Margaret says:

      Hi Erin
      Sorry to hear about your son. My thoughts and prayers are sent your way. I’ve got a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis with IBS symptoms.
      You may have heard of Dr. Amy Myers. I’ve got her book ‘The Autoimmune Solution’ published in 2015. I’m guessing you’ve probably tried all of her solutions (she has an autoimmune disease herself), but might be worth a look.
      Best of luck to you and your family.
      Thank you for making my life easier!!

    12. Margaret says:

      oops…sorry Erica!! not Erin

    13. Mari says:

      I just cooked this recipe. I omitted the eggs and used one cup of mashed banana. It is amazing, thank you so much you are the best <3

    14. Mari says:

      Also, I put it in the fridge and it tastes even better 🙂

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    16. Liaa says:

      I love this porridge! I am on the SCD diet and really miss hot cereals. It is so cold here in Michigan I have been craving this lately.

    17. Marjana says:

      Absolutely love the texture of this porridge. I used only 1 egg and for me was perfect. I shredded a bit of dark chocolate on top and sprinkled some chia and flax seeds for added nutrients. Perfection. Will be making this again! Thank you.

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