• Strawberry Slushy

    Strawberry Slushy

    This is one of our favorite “smoothies”. This is really more of a slushy because I use fruit, some juice, possibly some ice, and blend away. A great cooler to have after varsity tennis practice (in our case), on a hot day, or with a spicy dish. Strawberries are still showing up here, but when they aren’t, I use frozen strawberries.

    It’s important to drink and eat something within an hour of a physical activity to aid your body in replenishing nutrients, fluids, repair any tired, sore, and injured muscles, and prevent a drop in blood sugar. During an activity, replenish fluids and if possible, some carbohydrates (a piece of fresh or dried fruit is an easy one), every 60 minutes of activity. Afterward, choose meals that replenish fluids, carbohydrates, protein, and salt. For more on this, here is a great site that has some nice checklists for different sports and further advice on sports nutrition.

    This recipe is using just strawberries, but I add extra fruit when I have it around or if I want to adjust the flavor of the slushy. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits to add to a smoothie because it sweetens it naturally and adds fiber. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to taste, and add yogurt if you’re up for that.

    Here are some other fruit pairings that make a great slushy:

    • strawberries and blueberries
    • banana and strawberries
    • watermelon and strawberries
    • kiwi and strawberries o freeze strawberries, I cut the stems off them, place them in a sealed bag or container, and then place them into the freezer. I don’t wash them before freezing. You can wash them before using if you want to.

    Tip To help replenish salt, you can add pinch of salt to this slushy as well.

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    3 Responses to Strawberry Slushy

    1. Thanks for the great recipe! I have found that the addition of organic coconut oil really goes well with smoothies like this and provides healthy fat–which everyone needs!

    2. Erica says:

      Great idea. I used to occasionally add lemon-flavored cod liver oil, but now we just take it as a supplement.

    3. elizabeth says:

      Yummmmmm i want it now

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