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    Cinnamon bun muffin gang

    Since I often experiment using almond and coconut flour in baked goods, it seems only fitting that I make cinnamon bun muffins using coconut flour, as an alternative to my earlier gluten-free cinnamon bun muffin recipe using almond flour. Both are great gluten-free flours, and impart different texture and flavor. And there are pros and cons to using each kind of flour, but in the end, it comes down to taste and your body.

    Cinnamon bun muffin closeup

    Big confession here: I prefer muffins made with almond flour, but I’ll let you be the judge. I generally prefer the texture of almond flour baked goods, but sometimes coconut flour knocks one out of the ballpark for me. And one differentiator for each side of the fence: almond flour costs more, but coconut flour uses more eggs. So if you love what coconut flour offers you, can’t or don’t eat almonds, or enjoy baking with coconut flour, this recipe is for you.

    Cinnamon bun muffin lineup

    One thing I will note that I do a bit differently here than in the recipe using almond flour – I don’t put the topping in the center of the muffin. I found it wasn’t necessary to do because the topping spread well through the batter when placing it on top. But, it’s up to you. Also, you could lower the amount of sweetener a bit – maybe to 1/3 of a cup and it will still taste good, but not as sweet.

    I’m a huge fan of using maple syrup in baked goods, but if you don’t or can’t have maple syrup, use honey. I haven’t tried other sweeteners, but if you do, please share it with us. I love to hear what others do with my recipes! Cooking and baking is a creative process, so don’t hesitate to play with the recipe, or modify it to your taste or needs.

    toothpick in muffin to spread topping

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    1. Kristin says:

      I swear sometimes it’s like you read my mind! 😉 I was drooling over the cinnamon bun muffins with almond flour and wondering if I could make them with coconut instead! My son is allergic to tree nuts, so thank you, thank you for doing the work for me! As a side note, though, I do prefer muffins with almond flour too. But the coconut flour muffins are more cupcake-like, and he seems to like that! 🙂

    2. only 1/2 cup of coconut flour? I know it absorbs a lot of liquid and there are 4 eggs vs 2 in the almond flour…Still seems a bit light on “dry” ?

      • Vian says:

        Most coconut flour based recipes use VERY little coconut flour and LOTS of liquid. Trust me, it’s best. Coconut flour absorbs tons of liquid and you don’t need much at all. I made these for breakfast this morning and they turned out great, though the cinnamon and butter mixture just kind of dissapeared into the batter, but still tasted wonderful.

    3. Pam Cotterman says:

      I was going to make these today, but my coconut flour just doesn’t smell right. So I tossed it…shew, that’s an expensive toss! How long can coconut flour keep and should it be kept in the fridge? Peace, Pam

      • Erica says:

        Not sure about the life of coconut flour, sorry. I just recently tossed a bag that smelled bad. Maybe storing it in the fridge would allow it to last longer.

        • Amanda says:

          I keep my coconut flour in the fridge and I’ve never had to throw any away.

          I have these muffins in the oven right now and they smell so good! LOVE your recipes!

          • DeeDee says:

            I always keep my coconut flour in the fridge, and have never thrown any away-same with my daughter in law.

            • Kate says:

              I make my own coconut flour…the pulp that remains after making coconut milk! I spread it thin on a silpat covered baking pan and dry it out in a warm (lowest setting) until crumbly. I run it through a coffee grinder in small amounts and throw it in the freezer. I can’t get it as fine as white flour, but it seems to work well :).

              Deedee…I’m still learning on carb counts…it looks like the majority of the carbs comes from the syrup and/or honey, yes? I’ll have to replace that, but these sound wonderful!

    4. Michelle C. says:

      I made the almond flour ones the night you posted them and they were fabulous! I can’t wait to try this version. Thank you for such great recipes!

    5. Sarah says:

      DUDE THESE ARE RIDICULOUS! Just pulled them out of the oven! THANK YOU! : )

    6. OMG! These look fantastic. I can’t wait to try them. I love baking w/coconut flour. I do some baking w/almond flour too.

      Thanks for the great pictures and recipes.

    7. Which brand of coconut flour did you use? I have had inconsistent results baking w/different brands. When I weighed half cup portions of 4 brands, they each had a different weight. I blogged about this:

      I followed your recipe to the T and it took 5 more minutes to test done w/a toothpick and they were still very wet/soft on the bottom. I plan to make the recipe again using a different brand. I’m still curious about which one you used.

    8. Lene says:

      A big smile from Norway, and thanks for a great blog! Just discovered it, and i know i am gonna try a lot of what u offer 🙂

    9. Leila says:

      These were wonderful! I didn’t have any yogurt so I subbed in coconut milk and they came out super moist and delicious. I also made this 7 minute frosting: http://www.comfytummy.com/2011/04/04/a-better-7-minute-frosting-scd-friendly/ (it’s really just meringue) to put on top and it tasted great with the muffins!

    10. Heather says:

      I tried these, but I used clabbered milk instead. They were fantastic!

    11. I have some Coconut Flour in the fridge. Will be trying this very soon!

    12. Sara says:

      Could you substitute butter for the yogurt? I don’t have any yogurt on hand now…

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    14. gg says:


    15. You say that coconut butter will replace butter in the recipe above. Did you mean coconut oil? Coconut butter has a texture like almond butter. Have you used it in this recipe?

      • Erica says:

        ooh – thanks, I meant coconut oil. I haven’t used coconut butter yet, but I am curious.

        • Judie says:

          Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil are the same thing. The oil is solid at room temperature like butter and when you heat it to 76 it liquefies into oil. I often use the solid coconut oil to spread on my scones instead of butter. Works great.

          • Erica says:

            Judie, coconut butter is different than coconut oil. The butter is a solid at a higher temperature than the oil.

          • Kristyn says:

            Coconut butter is the meat of the coconut processed (ground up) until it is a buttery consistency. Like Almond butter, or peanut butter. Coconut oil is JUST THE OIL. Not the “meat”.

    16. Leslie says:

      Just made these and all I have to say is AMAZING! They are SO delicious and SO satisfying! I have major, major yeast allergies that restrict my diet significantly, so when I find things I can eat I am ecstatic! Instead of the honey I used Plain Stevia, 1/2 tsp in the muffin batter and 1/4 tsp in the cinnamon mixture. YUM! Thank you Comfy Belly!! <3

    17. Paul Stocker says:

      Erica, these are great! Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t find my muffin tins, so I used four mini loaf pans (3×6″) and it worked great. Cheers!
      Paul Stocker, eatingSCD.com

    18. I love these cinnamon muffins! I made them a couple of times already. First time, I thought the honey was too sweet. I also used a blender. The coconut flour gets so thick and it was hard to remove the batter in the blender. Second time, I used maple syrup but only 1/3 cup. And I didn’t have any yogurt, so I substituted it for cottage cheese. Hand mixed it with a wire whisk as well. It turned out great! These muffins are so dense and filling! I can barely finish one without feeling stuffed. But its a good stuffed, not bloated as with other flour muffins. Thank you for this great gluten free recipe 🙂

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    20. Melissa wistrom says:

      My son can not have dairy. I used coconut milk instead of yogurt and it was delicious. I also used spectrum vegetable shortening in place of butter.

    21. Maureen says:

      Any suggestion for cutting out some eggs or at least the yolks?
      we are watching cholestrol and weight here in GF home.

      • Erica says:

        Have you tried egg replacements, like flax seed, and commercial products like Ener-G Egg Replacer? Here is a quick list, but remember that I haven’t tried these:

        1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce = 1 egg
        1/2 a mashed banana = 1 egg
        1 tablespoon flax seed flour or meal mixed with 3 tablespoons warm water = 1 egg
        1 1/2 teaspoons Ener-G Egg Replacer mixed with 2 tablespoons rice milk or water = 1 egg
        1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 teaspoon cider vinegar (or distilled white vinegar) = 1 egg

        These are from this site, which I love: http://www.cybelepascal.com/?page_id=99

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    24. Patiences says:

      I am on a grain free diet, and I’m always on the look out for great tasting food (I get bored easily). This recipe is wonderful, and my little ones loved it! I didn’t have yogurt, so I used coconut milk instead. I also used maple syrup instead of honey. Wonderful!

    25. Rebekah says:

      Tasty! I used 1/3 cup honey in the muffin batter and 2 tablespoons brown sugar in the topping. Thanks!

    26. Wow these were amazing! I needed some inspiration this morning and made these- but I mixed coconut flour and blanched almond flour and made them dairy free with coconut oil and milk.

      I blogged about it here:

      and linked back to your post.
      I loved the little bit of walnuts, they added a great texture!


    27. Krystal says:

      I am baking these as we speak but I was unable to bake 12 muffins and only 9. I replaced the yogurt with coconut milk and mixed the batter but it wasn’t smooth like cake batter. Was I supposed to make the batter smooth or chunky like most muffin batters?


    28. Krystal says:

      Thank you!! I loved the flavor of these muffins! They didn’t expand and grow to look like ur photos but I will try again and make sure the batter is smooth. I had to substitute the eggs with bananas since I can’t have dairy and ran out of egg replacer…also used coconut milk instead of yogurt… I am new to using coconut flour and these kinds of ingredients to bake. 🙂 but it is a great recipe!

    29. Tara says:

      I love these muffins! I’m on the GAPS diet, so I substituted yogurt for butter and added pecans on top. They are so good!

    30. melanie says:

      I just made a gf squash muffin (from the naturally knocked up lady) for the first time combining typical gluten free flours (rice and tapioca) WITH coconut flour AND almond flour. It was AWESOME. It made them taste more normal then other recipes that I’ve tried.

      The rule that I learned is you add an extra egg per ounce of coconut flour and you never sub more than 1/3 of the flour with coconut. I don’t know any rules for almond flour.

      I’m wondering if you’ve experimented putting them together like that. I’m going to keep trying to modify recipes, but I’m hoping that I didn’t get lucky because of the squash…

      • Erica says:

        I haven’t, but this sounds great, and I agree that the ratios are the trick to getting the right texture. Good work and thanks for sharing this!

    31. Mary C. says:

      Made this in a square pan, yielded 16 pieces. Yummy! Like coffee cake!

    32. Mary C. says:

      Forgot to add:
      To replace the yogurt, I make “buttermilk” by using 1/3 cup coconut/almond milk and 1tsp apple cider vinegar (let sit for a little bit)

    33. Chris says:

      Sorry to say, they came out pretty awful. For starters, I’m not a huge coconut fan, so that doesn’t help. But they didn’t look anything like your picture either. They were very moist and dense. Maybe I can attribute that to my baking skills (or lack thereof) but I think I’ll try baking them with almond flour instead. Two thumbs down from the kids too 🙁

      • Erica says:

        Sorry it didn’t work out. Not sure what happened. I find them to be lighter than the almond flour version. Not everyone likes the coconut flour in baked goods.

    34. Pearl says:

      These muffins are AMAZING! by far the best recipe I’ve tried, and I’ve tried tons of coconut flour muffin experiments. you are the best!!

    35. I’m not a fan of Yogurt, can I substitute with sour cream? I’ve done this in almond flour muffins with no problems.

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    37. Em says:

      Thank you so much for an awesome recipe!! These were fantastic:) The kids and I really enjoyed them.

    38. Desert Rose says:

      These were quite yummy! Thank you!

      However, since I went sugar free last fall, and rarely have anything sweet, I actually found the topping way too sweet for my taste now. Next time I will significantly reduce the amount of honey, or perhaps use maple syrup instead as it’s not quite as sweet.

      • Fay says:

        Just made these today for my very picky GD and she did a thumbs up! Used honey in the coconut flour batter and maple syrup for topping…did cut cinnamon by half since she is a little “quirky abt cinnamon”. For myself, two tbumbs up!

    39. These turned out great, like sponge cake. To avoid dairy, I substituted soy yogurt and earth balance vegan butter.

      Can’t wait to try with almond flour!

    40. Elma Easling says:

      Wow! This is the first recipe I have tried using coconut flour and these are DELICIOUS! So easy to make too! I am so excited that I found this site!

    41. Mari says:

      I would love to try this but I don’t tolerate the yogurt very well. Can I substitute the yogurt for somethine else? Perhaps butter? Thank you
      Also, I tried your butter biscuits and they are amazing!

    42. Alejandra says:

      Can someone help me??? Because im on a candida diet i substituted eggs for “flax eggs, honey for stevia…” and yoghurt for coconut milk,,,when i blended the batter was very thick so i had to add more coconut milk..the batter was still thick but not than much….they were in the oven for almost half an hour and the center ttasted kind of uncooked ,,,,i had to take them out because the top was getting very brown….what could have been wrong?? Thanks!!!

    43. Summer says:

      GREAT site!!! I can’t wait to try these muffins as I was just saying the other day, “I must find a cinnamon bun something!” I can’t use any sweeteners but stevia and xylitol so I replace honey or maple syrup with the same or less measurement of xylitol and add a bit of hot water to it. Turns out great!

      • Erica says:

        Thanks. That’s so good to know. There are readers who ask about stevia and other sugar-free sweeteners that I haven’t tried.

    44. I love this recipe, I am always looking for new recipes to try with my coconut flour this is perfect!

    45. laura says:

      These are amazing. I put some vanilla in the topping and an extra tablespoon of butter as well. Healthy replacement for my favorite very addictive cinnabons 🙂

    46. Leslie Rhys says:

      I made these for my kids and husband this morning. They LOVED them! Great recipe.

    47. Steven says:

      These were awesome! Mine came out light and fluffy. Thanks for the recipe.

    48. Mari says:

      I baked these yesterday and they are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! Your recipes are the best. I like these better than the ones with almond flour. I used butter instead of yogurt, and for the topping I used melted coconut oil. I also used a blender.

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    51. Ruthi says:

      I used 2 eggs and substituted ‘ground flax’ for 2 eggs (1 tablespoon ground flax to 3 tbsp warm water per egg). They turned out moist and light!

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    53. Heather says:

      Made these this morning for the family – I have to say they are pretty tasty BUT really sweet and all the cinnamon stuff sink the the bottom of the muffins. Next time, I’ll cut the honey in 1/2 in the muffin and also cut the amount in the cinnamon stuff. I also wont swirl it in.

    54. Deb says:

      I used WheyLow sweetner, usually I sub 1/2 of their white sugar type and 1/2 the brown sugar equivalent. Superb. Whey sugar is very good, and the effective carb is pretty low, 1 per tsp I think. So over a batch of using a cup, it is 32 carbs over the whole batch.

    55. Mari says:

      I love these cinnamon muffins. Yesterday I made these into almond muffins. Instead of adding the cinnamon topping, I added 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract to the muffin batter. They turned out to be pretty good!

    56. Heather says:

      I am not a huge fan of coconut flour but I am trying to cut down on the amount of almond flour I eat. I saw this recipe and knew I had to try it. Thank you!! The muffins were delicious. And, I like that you gave the basic muffin recipe and that you encourage us to vary it. Nice!

    57. Sukhi says:

      I wanted a sweet treat that wasn’t too guilty since I’ve been sugar free for the last couple months… I halved the sweetener (maple syrup) and used butter instead of yogurt. The cinnamon topping OMG I licked the bowl clean! They are in the oven now, can’t wait to try them out 🙂

    58. Sophia says:

      These are really good. The consistency of the muffin is great.

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    60. Justin says:

      I substituted a banana for the yogurt, because yogurt isnt Paleo….and let me tell you! It was so good. I baked them in a mini muffin pan…about 30 and they didn’t last 5 min in our house. Thank you sooooo much

    61. Sarah Mizrach says:

      Can´t wait to pull these out of the oven 😉 I made a few variations. I added raisins and chopped walnuts to the batter & a this slice of banana to the bottom of the muffin pan & one atop the muffins. I also added the cinnamon to the dry ingredients & left out the topping, hence the banana on top.. I will keep you updated & thank you for sharing.

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    65. Maureen says:

      This is the first recipe I have made with coconut flour and it was delish! I did use a little brown sugar instead of honey in the cinnamon mixture, but otherwise made it as written. These are moist and sweet, thank you for posting such a great recipe, I look forward to trying more.

    66. PCJAE says:

      I so appreciate doing a search for a recipe and finding what I need. Thanks so much for sharing!

    67. Lauren says:

      So I just made these and they were awesome! I added 2 whole bananas to the batter and I used a zero calorie maple syrup as the sweetener. Worked out perfectly! Well almost..I filled the cups a little too high and the topping overflowed and burned on the bottom of the oven smoking out my house 🙂 but most importantly they didn’t ruin the muffins! Yum. My modification made 24 mini muffins.

    68. Sarah says:

      I added walnuts to the muffin as well as on top, organic coconut palm sugar instead of honey or maple syrup, added a scoop of vanilla Whey protein, and ground chia seeds….AHHHHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!

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    72. Valera says:

      I want to make these, but I’m going to use regular wheat flour, since I grind my own. Would I use the same amount of wheat flour as you use of coconut flour?

      Man, these look SO good. Too bad I’ll have to share them with my family. 🙂

      • Theresa says:

        you can’t sub wheat flour for coconut flour. Coconut flour is very ‘thirsty’ and requires a lot of liquid, which is why there are so many eggs. The batter will be too thin using any other kind of ‘flour’. It would be best to use a different muffin recipe and then maybe use the topping from this one.

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    74. Keith Da Costa says:

      I just found your website through a friend. I was wondering if you can do this with greek yogurt?

    75. Didi Gonzales says:

      Just made these, and they are absolutely delicious! Made the chocolate chip muffins–they didn’t last long at work–everyone loved them! Thank you for providing these recipes, I’ve purchased your book and am looking forward to sampling those recipes as well, as I am starting to see a significant improvement in my health. 🙂

    76. Chela says:

      I love these, kids gobbled them down, I used rice malt syrup in place of the honey, as we watch fructose consumption, loved them! Today I will make them into a bundt cake…looking forward to a nice cake to take for morning teas that I can eat!

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    78. Allison says:

      Made these this morning using maple syrup (no honey) and coconut greek yogurt- yummy and moist!

    79. crohn's mom says:

      Just baked them with a few changes. I added 1/2 cup of almond flour for texture and removed one egg. I also added 1 tspn of vanilla extract (love this in most baked goods). They turned out moist and delicious. Can wait until my son tries it. I think it’s going to be his new favorite!!!

    80. Katie says:

      I just started SCD for Colitis and I have been trying to satisfy my huge sweet tooth – this did the trick! I couldn’t find my muffin pan so I used a loaf pan and had to cook it much longer, but it still tasted great. My 3 year old asked if there was pepper in it because it was too spicy 🙂 so maybe next time I will cut back on the cinnamon and add more honey. Thank you! Just ordered your cookbook too!

    81. Barbara Corbeil says:

      Thank you so much! I just made your banana cake with coconut flour recipe. It is so moist and delicious. Now I want to make the cinnamon muffins. I’ve recently started eating kefir daily instead of yoguert. Can I substitute the yogurt with kefir? I’m glad I found your site, Cheers to you.

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    83. Milly says:


      I just made these using Greek yogurt. The batter was really thick, almost like a dough, is that right?
      I baked them for 25-30 minutes and they came out quite dense and not at all sponge-like. Have you got any idea what might have gone wrong? Maybe the Greek yogurt?

      It’s a shame as the taste is lovely but the texture doesn’t seem right..

      Any tips?

      Thanks! x

    84. Martha says:

      just made these… substituted more maple syrup for the honey in the toppings, substituted sour cream for the yogurt in the muffins. Absolutely the best muffin I have every had! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    85. Kailani says:

      Thank you for the updated version! I am also using more coconut flour and this is a nice complimentary flour to the almond flour. Being on the SCD diet- at times consuming too many nut flours can be problematic for me- but the coconut flour is actually a fruit … not a nut- and we love that here in Hawaii. Mahalo!

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    87. Laura says:

      I never comment on recipes that I find but I felt the need to for this one and another. These are GREAT! I get so frustrated cooking with coconut flour and these were perfect. Thank you! I also (about every few days) cook your chocolate fluffy muffins…those are amazing too! I add sugar free chocolate chips to them.


      • Erica says:

        Thanks, Laura! what brand of choc. chips do you use, if you don’t mind. Happy New Year!

        • Laura says:

          I use Hershey’s sugar free chocolate chips or I also have added the Atkins chocolate candies I recently found. I don’t have a gluten allergy nor do I try to eat paleo. I just am trying to make better eating choices and I LOVE baking so coconut flour has been a savior for me; I can bake sweet things and still be eating good 🙂 I sometimes also add some protein powder to my icing.
          I am about to go bake these again! They were AMAZING!

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    89. Karina says:

      I dont know why but mine came out sort of ” jelly” inside. I followed recipe carefully. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
      Thank you!

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    91. Lora says:

      I made a batch of these this morning. Followed the recipe exactly, except that I did not have honey, so I had to use Splenda. Nevertheless, these were delicious. Just a tiny bit dry, but it has been almost a month since I had anything even closely resembling a muffin, so I was overjoyed to put this in my mouth! The flavors were awesome. Thank you for the recipe. Next time, will try the honey.

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    94. Wen says:

      OMG! I loved it! It turned out so well! I used an agave maple syrup blend vs 100% maple because that’s what I had on hand. I also opted for no nuts, just as a personal preference for the first go at this. I also added topping on top and used a toothpick to swirl it around- it came out well and looked pretty too! I’ll be sure to make these again! Love that this is Real Food. Nothing fake. And Gluten Free and Dairy Free. I used coconut oil and the coconut flour version. Right on! Thank you! ✌️

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    96. Chrystal says:

      Wow! I just made these and they are amazing! I doubled the recipe because I knew they wouldn’t last long.. good thing I did! lol! I used maple syrup in the topping and honey for the muffins. These are going on the ‘gonna make again and again’ list 🙂

    97. Avril says:

      Hi there, I was wondering if it’s at all possible to bake muffins with coconut flour without eggs? I use 1 tbsp chia seeds to 3 tbsp water. I tried it with a different recipe and it didn’t hold together. Any suggestions would be great! If really like to try this recipe too!

      • Erica says:

        I haven’t had great results replacing that many (4) eggs with chia or flaxseed. 1 or 2 eggs are usually ok, but not for this. Now if you want to pair down the recipe it might work, but I haven’t tried it.

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    99. Emily Woodall says:

      These were just delicious!!! I am mom to 3 sweet kiddos. Our family tradition for the past couple of years is to have Immaculate Baking Company cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning breakfast. We typically do not eat many sweets or grains during the week, so this was always a special treat for us. Last week we found out my oldest daughter has a gluten allergy. I wanted to find a wheat-free, gluten-free version of our cinnamon roll tradition. These muffins were my first attempt and they were perfect!!! I think they taste better than the cinnamon rolls!!! I am thankful that our first of many hurdles in the gluten-free life has been cleared smoothly! I can’t wait to try out more of your recipes! Thank you!

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    103. Heather says:

      Has anyone made this recipe as a cake instead of muffins? I don’t have time at the moment to read through all the comments. If someone has done this and can advise about how long to bake that would be wonderful. I will be using a round cake pan and making this as my son’s birthday cake tomorrow morning. I appreciate any advice. Heather

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    105. Mindy says:

      I am allergic to coconut so what can I use in place of the coconut four?

    106. vickie says:

      I followed the recipe exactly but not sure why my muffins did not rise at all? this is my first time using coconut flour, but i followed the recipe exactly? any advice?

    107. Lisa says:

      Delish! Thanks so much 🙂

    108. letoya says:

      How many are these supposed to make? I followed directions but the batter turned out pretty clumpy and only filled 9 muffin liners

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    110. Alyssa says:

      These are so yummy! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

    111. Susie says:

      These were sooooo good! Made the house smell amazing! Used canned coconut milk in place of the yogurt and maple syrup in place of the honey. Baked for 5 minutes longer and they were perfect! Thanks for the recipe>

    112. Jenn says:

      Made these with my 2 year old this afternoon. We only had organic banana vanilla yogurt on hand and we subbed 2 whole eggs for flax eggs. They turned out fantastic – delicate, fluffy and moist.

      I wasn’t sure how the banana flavor would work out but it added another dimension of flavor we all loved. We will definitely be making this again! Thank you.

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    114. S says:

      These are awesome! I used stevia in the muffins instead of the honey/maple syrup. Being gluten free makes it hard to find good dessert recipes. I will definitely make these again! Thanks for the recipe: )

    115. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I just made it for the first time this morning for Christmas breakfast & it was delicious!!!! One of the best coconut flour/paleo recipes I have ever had!! 🙂

    116. Karen says:

      Can I get a count on how many muffins this recipe makes? It’s helpful for those of us who move slow and have to prepare our cupcake liners/pans ahead. Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe!

    117. Elenor says:

      Haven’t tried these yet, will do so! Just had a “meta-reaction” as I read through comment after comment. (I’m old, I do that…) It’s SO AMAZING that we-all can try out and report on a (what’s looks to be fantastic) recipe — and share what works and doesn’t. How we’ve expanded or changed to suit or experimented to find what works for each of us and our families.

      God bless the Internet!!!

    118. Alt Food Guy says:

      These came out pretty amazing and I had no clue if they would turn out good or dud. But I was so happy when the came out tasting so sweet. Something I’ve really been missing since I started SCD.

    119. Amy L. says:

      1/4 cup of applesauce equals 1 egg

    120. Adele M says:

      I used Yacon Syrup in place of the honey or maple syrup. They came out great!!

    121. Kristi says:

      You really nailed it with these! Every time I make something with only coconut flour I’m the only one who will eat them because of that texture! So, I only made one batch. I could have tripled it! We do have eight children, but they were that good! I used raw milk and pecans for the cinnamon mixture. Love that they are sugar-free!

    122. Rebecca says:

      I just made these and they’re amazing!! Thanks for the recipe!

    123. Mai says:

      It’s awesome! Thank you so much. I made it twice now in a little oven. I made them into a loaf for 32 mins and cut down maple syrup to a bit less than 1/3 cup and only 3 tbsp for the topping . I love them. Thanks! 😉

    124. Noi says:

      Wow!! These muffins are delicious and the cinnamon filling is to die for!
      I was hesitant to use coconut flour since it is dry but these exceed my expectations. Now I’m making a 2nd batch

    125. Aurora says:

      Thank God I tried this recipe!!! My husband is diabetic and I can’t make him ANYTHING that he likes. Thought I’d give them a try using all natural non processed honey. They turned out fantastic and you would never know they’re made with coconut flour or with no white sugar. These are delicious!! I did cut back the honey like you suggested and they are perfection! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

    126. Sandra says:

      These muffins are delicious! I made them last night and will be enjoying them again and again.

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    128. Michelle says:

      I only just found your recipe, I soo much prefer using coconut flour to any nut flours. This recipe is amazing, love the texture. I have decided to us these as a base recipe for my coconut muffins and just keep adding different ingredients to the mix. So far everyone loves all of the ones that I have tried.
      Thanks for a great recipe.

    129. Mary says:

      I tried this recipe with egg replacer—I used 4 flax eggs (1T ground flax seed + 2.5 T water = 1 egg). It didn’t work very well for me, unfortunately…I would stick with real eggs next time. There was barely enough batter to fill 9 muffin tins, and they turned out a bit mushy, without a “bready” texture.

      • Erica says:

        Yes, I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t use flaxseed with a recipe requiring more than 1 or 2 eggs. You could try splitting the recipe in half.

    130. These were fun and yummy! I used maple syrup, pecans, and coconut oil. Next time, I am going to try butter. Thank you!

    131. Jiselle says:

      Absolutely love this recipe! This is the best coconut flour muffin recipe for me. The texture seems just like a regular bread and there is no eggy taste! Every coconut flour muffin recipe I’ve tried tastes like egg so I am super excited for this!!

    132. Miss Diane says:

      I made these muffins and they are very good, although they have a wetty texture that I don’t like, they are very sticky on our fingers. Can you tell me what I did wrong? My husband has always been a cinnamon bun fan and he did not have any since 1985, the year he was diagnosed with celiac desease. I must admit he loved these muffins.

      • Erica says:

        Coconut flour is a bit tricky. It sounds like it might have too much honey or sweetener, since it’s sticky. This recipe is so full-proof though that I would check your measurements again and trying adding another tablespoon of coconut flour if you don’t want to reduce the sweetener. It sounds too wet.

    133. Pingback: 19 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Eat Each Week | Yuri Elkaim 

    134. Pingback: Muffins med kanelfyll (av kokosmel) – scd kjøkken

    135. Pingback: SCD 101 (aka what I wish I knew 2 years ago) – Explorations for Myself

    136. Amy Caldwell says:

      I have made these muffins a bunch of times. They are excellent, the only thing I would change is to double the recipe for 12 muffins. Otherwise you end up with 12 half muffins.

    137. Maria says:

      The best coconut flour muffin i’ve EVER had. I am not usually a fan of coconut flour. These are absolutely scrumptious. I ate the entire batch in like 3 days.

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