• Cinnamon Bun Muffins {almond flour}

    Cinnamon bun muffin in tin

    Call these what you want: cinnamon bun muffins, cinnamon muffins, cinnamon rolls. The bottom line is, they are gluten-free and contain a lot of cinnamon. I thought I had posted this recipe eons ago, but when a reader mentioned cinnamon bun muffins recently and I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it.

    Cinnamon Bun Muffin split open

    I haven’t made these muffins in quite a while, but they are so good, and they were one of the first muffin recipes I made when we started the SCD diet way back when (probably in 2006). A sweet, cinnamon-like aroma fills your home when you bake these. It’s quite intoxicating if you like cinnamon.

    Cinnamon Bun Muffin split

    One thing I sometimes do, that is not SCD legal, is use maple syrup instead of honey. But they taste great either way. So, your choice. And if you prefer baking with coconut flour, you might prefer this version of cinnamon bun muffins.

    toothpick in muffin to spread topping

    Also, I like to use a generous amount of topping, inside and on top of the muffin. It gives the muffin an authentic cinnamon-bun taste. Again, your choice. If you don’t want as much topping, just make half the amount of topping my recipe calls for.

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    129 Responses to Cinnamon Bun Muffins {almond flour}

    1. Jess says:

      These look absolutely amazing!

    2. Amy says:

      Could I use coconut flour instead of the almond flour? Would they still turn out the same? Or would I use less of the coconut flour?

    3. Beth says:

      Wow, these look amazing! I’d love to make them for my diabetic hubby, what could I use to replace the honey with that would not raise his BS so much?

      • Sheri says:

        I just made them and I am not allowed to have sugar so I mixed 2 small packets of stevia with some water to make a liquid. I didn’t measure the water but it was about a tablespoon per packet. I also added a touch more yoghurt. I did this using only a half recipe so if doing the whole recipe you will need to double this. I also mixed a few unsalted cashews in with the cinnamon center and put a few more on the top. This is the first recipe using non wheat flour and no sugar that actually tastes good. Hope this helps.

    4. I don’t care how hot it is outside – I have to go make these. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

    5. Wendy says:

      Wow- this looks great! I won’t be turning on my oven until September, I expect, but this recipe will be going with us when we vacation in the mountains next month!

    6. Katrina says:

      With all my experimenting, I have a bunch of different kind of flours that I want to use up before buying more Almond meal.

      Does anyone have any recommendations on how to modify this recipe to use Oat or Spelt flour? Or a combination of oat, spelt, coconut, brown rice?


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    8. Janet NZ says:

      I just made these, but I had to use the vanilla cupcake recipe as I’m out of almond flour (!)
      I wish you could smell my kitchen right now 🙂
      I posted about it and linked back to you for both recipes – I hope that is ok?

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    10. liz says:

      these look fantastic. . . like, i wish it were morning right now so i could make and eat them for breakfast!

    11. Kristy says:

      what would you use to replace the yogurt if that was an issue? these look awesome! drooling over here!

    12. Theresa S. says:

      I’m on a slow-carb diet that doesn’t allow any use of sugars (honey and artificial included in that ban). Would these be okay without that ingredient?

    13. Fiona Elliott says:

      Hi there,

      Have just come across your site and are very excited. I made these delicious muffins last night and they were to die for. Batter only stretched to make 9 and was a little short on the cinnamon syrup so might double that for next time. Will make these again. Thank you

      Brisbane, Australia

    14. Heather V says:

      These were great! They taste like heaven.

    15. Annie says:

      I just made these with coconut milk instead of yogurt and melted bacon grease in place of the butter – delicious!

    16. hobby baker says:

      Delicious! Everybody, even the picky hubby loved these.

    17. Wendy says:

      How many will this make?

    18. Julie says:

      I just made these with applesauce instead of yogurt and 3/4 almond flour to 1/4 coconut flour. They came out great. Thanks for a new recipe to add to my repertoire.

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    20. Samantha says:

      Made them today, taste amazing! So light and moist! Thanks for a great recipe!!!

    21. Evelyne says:

      Just made the recipe yesterday. Instant classic! Instant favorite in our house! I am on a low carb version of SCD/GAPS. Did not add any honey and still delicious! For the topping, just mixed ghee, cinnamon and added hazelnut flour from Bob’s Red Mill together. Didn’t use muffin tins either. Just placed batter on parchment paper of baking tray. Picture posted on my Facebook page got raves! Thank you for posting! Always enjoy your recipes!

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    25. Kellie says:

      I just found your website last night and made these this morning. They are amazing! What an awesome recipe, thank you!

    26. Bridget says:

      Absolutely LOVE these!!! I just made them with subbing applesauce for the yogurt and 2 chia ‘eggs’ for the eggs. Aside from them being a little undone in the center(starving little girls rushed me to get them out of the oven!) They are a new ‘special occasion’ favorite!!!!! thank you for sharing this recipe.

    27. Andrea says:

      i am wondering if hazelnut flour would be okay to use in addition/substitution for almond flour? does it cook the same? i have enough of each flour to complete the recipe! 🙂

    28. I recently made Sinful Cinnamon Cakes and linked to this recipe of yours- which look so cozy and delicious! I want to make them right now with a cup of tea.


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    31. A says:

      These are absolutely delicious! I made one small change and did equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg. It takes a lot not to want to eat these all in one sitting!

    32. Joan says:

      absolutely amazing…yummmmmmm

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    34. Caiti Jayne says:

      I made this yesterday and it was delicious. I used half yogurt/half homemade applesauce, maple syrup instead of honey, added 1 sliced apple and 6oz blueberries and turned it into a loaf (cooked it all in a 9×5 pan instead of muffins). it took about 50mins for most of it to cook, then i had to cover it with foil and cook it again for another 30mins…..it turned out soooo good! actually i found out the best way to eat it would be a slice under some vanilla yogurt and topped with strawberries. its like a shortcake 🙂

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    36. Rebecca in GA says:

      I have to comment on this recipe. We recently switched to the primal diet (about 5 months ago) and I came across this blog via Pinterest. This recipe made my primal-skeptic of a husband say “that’s even better than non-primal muffins… when are you going to make more” and my not-so-verbal toddler said “yummy yummy c’est bon”.Definitely try this recipe. I had to increase the temp to 350.

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    39. SMM says:

      Wow, I was really impressed how well these turned out. Delicious!!! I even put a little marmalade in the topping because I ran out of honey. Thanks!!

    40. Debbie says:

      I added a little vanilla extract. These are amazing! Just the right amount of cinnamony sweetness. Definitely a keeper.

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    44. Mae says:

      Would brown rice flour be alright to use in this recipe? I really want to make these in the morning but brown rice flour is all i got in my pantry.

    45. Amazing recipe! Making these two day in a row! thanks

    46. Linda says:

      Ok, just made these. They are ridiculously good!! I have been wanting a nice piece of coffee cake and found this recipe very satisfying!

      Thank you, once again, Erica!

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    48. Jenny Huesby says:

      My family & I love these muffins! Have made them several times now. I really like the results of almond flour better than coconut flour. The texture of these is just like some coffee cake & muffin recipes I remember from the old days of cooking with wheat flour. I’m going to use the batter recipe to make blueberry muffins and see how that turns out.

    49. Jennifer says:

      Okay I really need to learn to read. I made these, but spread it out over a 12-muffin tin instead of 8-10. Oops! I wondered why they looked so small. Oh well. I’m sure they will taste great. The house smells amazing! Thanks for all you do!

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    51. Tricia says:

      I made the cinnamon bun muffins yesterday….I love them! My husband loves them. For the honey it called for…I added a little bit of maple syrup to the 1/4 cup honey and for the topping I added 1 TBS maple syrup to the 3 TBS of honey. Hey why not mix the 2 flavors together? Came out awesome!!

    52. Bonnie says:

      OK…I just made these! First of all, they smell amazing!

      I couldn’t resist and had to have one BEFORE my dinner.
      Oh. My. Goodness. These are unbelievable. The best thing I have made since learning how
      to cook with almond flour. Seriously. No, really! LOL

      I used maple syrup in the batter and raw honey in the topping, along with walnuts.

      Wow, is all I can say.

    53. Jen says:

      I made this this morning for a bake sale, they are delicious! And the baked goodness aroma in the house…amazing! And a great gluten free option! But I do need to make a few changes next time, maybe use some stevia or xylitol,to reduce the caloric load….I used plain non fat yogurt, but maybe some apple sauce also? I doubled the recipe and didn’t quite get 16 muffins = cal 340, carbs 25, fat 23, protein 11, sodium 200, sugar 17. That’s definitely a meals worth of nutrition! Does anybody think these would be good with bananas…sort of a banana foster muffin? Maybe mashed banana as sweetener in batter instead of honey/maple syrup? OMG, I think I might have just brainstormed a master piece…lol!

    54. Ehm_GT says:

      I made this just now! They came out of the oven about 10 minutes ago and I’ve already eaten two. That’s how good they are!!!

      I am diabetic so I always substitute ingredients. For the muffin, I used 3/4 cups Danone Peach Yogurt (sweetened with Sucralose) and skipped the honey. And for the topping, I used E.D. Smith syrup (also sweetened with Sucralose) instead. Sweet enough for me and smells heavenly. Thank you!

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    58. Susannah says:

      Made this tonight. So amazing I cried!
      3 changes:
      1. I poured it into a greased baking dish , coffee cake style.
      2. I added one egg white to wet ingredients and whisked it all together. (Kept from being to heavy/flat)
      3. After the first 25 min, increased oven temp to 350, baked 10 extra min.

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    60. venus says:

      Have made these twice in 10 days…cant tell you how great they are and how many cravings they satisfy. YUMMY in my TUMMY. added justs a touch of cinnamon to the dry ingredients and a touch of good ole’ vanilla in my wet.

    61. Debbie says:

      I have been making these for ages now as a Sunday morning treat and kept forgetting to thank you for one of our favorite recipes. LOVE them!

    62. susan linck says:

      These are great. I wanted to try something other than the SC diet muffins and wow what an upgrade. I kept them SC legal and only used almond meal and they are great. A new staple in my recipe book ! Thanks

    63. Brenda Galloway says:

      My husband has probably missed cinnamon rolls more than anything since switching to paleo. He loves these & they are super amazing!! I did combine almond and coconut flours (1.5 c almond & .5 c coconut). Added an egg, & 1 tsp vanilla. We will be making these weekly!!❤️

    64. Jeanntte says:

      Soooo good! Just started eating paleo 1.5 weeks ago. This was my official, maiden voyage, grain free baking. Thank you! They turned out amazing!

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    66. Vidya says:

      I made these a few days ago and they tasted amazing but were very dense and heavy. I used almond milk instead of yogurt and I used an egg replacer.
      Any ideas what could have gone wrong?
      Im new to gluten free baking so im not sure how to figure out what to do differently.

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    70. Anne L. Texas says:

      These muffins turned out absolutely perfect! I didn’t want the honey in the batter so i subbed 3/4 c erythritol. I used coconut milk instead of yogurt. I added 1 tsp of vanilla and another 1 TBSP of coconut milk to replace honey moisture. thanks for the excellent recipe!

    71. Mary Schroeder says:

      The muffins are wonderful, after being on G F for a year and still having problems, I have gone ob SCD and how wonderful to have a muffin that does not have the grit taste or texture.
      Thank you,

    72. Sherri says:

      Can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour and also what is the difference of almond meal and almond flour. my apologies if this has been asked before. Looking forward to having my home smelling with the awesome aroma of cinnamon. thank-you for your wonderful recipes. Blessings to You.

    73. oli says:

      omg, I just made these, and they are awesome! I ate 4 in a row and now I’m looking at the 5th one.. don’t know if I can resist… thank you so much for this wonderful recipe :)!!

    74. meena says:

      what could i use instead of eggs?

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    76. Christine says:

      Do you think i can make these in a small square pan instead of muffins?

    77. Wendy R. says:

      Soooooo good! I made these today as mini muffins, using almond milk, coconut oil, and maple syrup. I don’t adhere to any specific diet, but I like treats that feel a bit healthy. I like that these are something I can share with my baby and with my GF/DF best friend…if I can resist eating them all myself. 😉 Perfect afternoon snack with an iced coffee.

    78. Alt Food Guy says:

      So of course I had to try and make this version of the muffin as well. And I think I might like this one even better. Might be because I made sure to add the topping last but even the one I didn’t use any topping was so light and fluffy.

      Also this time I actually had cupcake paper to bake them in so it cool to be able to easily eat them.

      Now I just have to try the version where you use coconut and almond flour.

    79. Debbie says:

      I have made these muffins as a Sunday morning treat many times since I found the recipe. I can’t believe that I have never thanked you for one of my all time favorite recipes. They are absolutely delicious!

    80. Yvette Anton says:

      Followed your recipe to the letter…used slivered almonds and raisins…oh, my gosh, they were amazing!! I used the batter for two including blueberries and they were also delicious. Thank you.

    81. nj says:

      Someone gave me some sourdough starter. So, I fed it for a few weeks with bean flour as I’m scd or paleo. Bean flour was as close as I could come. So by now the wheat flour is gone from it. So now I’m looking for cookie or coffee cake recipes to use it in. What do you think of this concept?

    82. Anne says:

      Just made these but they did not rise at alll. Not sure why. Followed recipe exactly. Super bummed!

    83. Cyndi says:

      I just made these a couple days ago and they are fantastic. I used agave instead of honey and it worked brilliantly. They were light and fluffy (and my husband and son can’t stay out of them)! I can’t wait to use this batter as a base for other types of muffins. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!

    84. Morgan says:

      These are AMAZING!! I used part honey and part maple syrup in mine when making these. Still can’t believe how great they turned out! Thank you

    85. Robert Herrington says:

      We made minor changes: Heavy Cream, Sugar Free Honey (Walmart)

      These are wonderful!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

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    87. Sarah says:

      These muffins came out delicious! One of the tastiest muffins I’ve made on SCD so far! Thank you for this recipe!

    88. Shayna says:

      Hi there! These look so amazing. I just started the SCD diet a month ago, and was wondering if you knew of a SCD-compliant almond milk or yogurt that I could buy? Thanks in advance!

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