• Chopped Chef Salad & Herbed Vinaigrette

    Chopped chef salad

    Ever try to stuff a huge piece of lettuce, dripping with salad dressing, into your mouth? It’s my salad discomfort zone. My solution is the chopped salad.

    Chopped lettuce

    I go through salad phases, and my latest one is chopped salads. An easy chopped salad to make is this version of a chef salad, chopped a bit more than usual. That’s all. Nothing fancy. Finely chopping makes a big difference because the pieces are bite size, so you can get more variety in one forkful. You can tell I think a lot about the best way to enjoy a salad. I’m a salad lover. And feel free to chop even more so than I have in the picture.

    Eating chopped chef salad

    The photos in this post don’t show chopped hard-boiled egg or the cherry tomatoes, but I usually add those as well, so I recommend doing so. Also, feel free to substitute anything, but it’s good to get a bit of salty olives on top, especially if you’re not going to add chopped cured meat.

    The dressing is a basic vinaigrette, with fresh herbs. If you don’t have fresh herbs on hand, dried will be fine.

    Playing in the surf NY summer 2011

    Signing off from cool Seattle. I’m certain we set a record, or got close to a record, for the coolest summer ever. Sigh.

    So glad we got to play in the surf while in New York.

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    3 Responses to Chopped Chef Salad & Herbed Vinaigrette

    1. Ina Gawne says:

      I am your neighbor – Victoria B.C. We too have had the coolest summer I can remember. I am still picking lettuce in August! Not that I am complaining….but still, a little extra heat would have been nice! Not much zucchini in my garden this year. I love chopped salads…the only way to go!

    2. Karen says:

      Thank you. Especially for the nut flour recipes… The fig newtons are my favorite I think though I haven’t yet tried the cashew bread. I love your recipes.

      I’m with you on the coolest summer. I’m south of you in the mid Willamette Valley in Oregon. Feels like fall the past couple of days. How can we have fall when we skipped summer? My tomatos are just not happy…. I have yet to have one ripen. Hard year that way.

      Thanks for a great blog!

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