• Morning Glory Muffins {using coconut flour}

    Comfy Belly: Morning Glory Muffins

    There’s been a lot of shredding of carrots in my kitchen lately. I’m oh so grateful to own a food processor. I started off shredding with my box grater but after I every so slightly shredded some of my left thumb I decided to forgo the potential for human flesh in my muffins. Writing recipes is fraught with perils. Others perils include eating too many muffins and running out of just one ingredient at 10 pm with the oven preheated.

    Comfy Belly: Morning Glory Muffins

    Comfy Belly: Morning Glory Muffins

    I’m deep into recipe writing for my next cookbook and high up on the list is carrot cake and morning glory muffins. I found out about morning glories through some readers and tucked it away on my to-do list. Well here it is. This recipe uses coconut flour since I’m knee-deep in coconut flour.

    I thought I wasn’t a carrot cake fan, but it turns out I am very much so. Must stop eating it soon or I will start turning orange. Enjoy!

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    58 Responses to Morning Glory Muffins {using coconut flour}

    1. Leigh says:

      these look great. you mention zucchini in the headnotes, but I do not see them on the ingredients list. did I miss something ?

    2. I was making homemade chocolate the other day, had melted my coconut oil and honey and went to add the cocoa and found I didn’t have enough. Off to the store for me! We have all been there.

      Thanks for making this muffin with coconut flour (I can’t have nuts). Printing it off to try soon!

      • Erica says:

        Good to know I’m not the only one 🙂

      • I made these today, and OMG, they are delicious! Definitely going in my regular baking rotation. The only change I made was to make the whole recipe in the food processor to save on washing dishes. I also didn’t squeeze the extra moisture out of the carrots and apples, and the muffins still turned out great. (I’m all about the simple!)

        • Erica says:

          Good to hear that it can withstand the food processor. I guess it also chops up the carrots and apples a bit more which is not a bad thing, just a slightly different texture.

    3. eric michael says:

      where is the zucchini in the recipe? thanks

    4. Libby says:

      Seriously. I was just thinking about Morning Glory muffins the last few days. Grateful for this recipe!

    5. Tina says:

      Any idea if this would work with tapioca flour instead of coconut?

    6. Nina says:

      How are these dairy-free?

    7. Michelle says:

      CAN you substitute the coconut flour with the same amount of AP flour??

    8. Rochelle says:

      Do you know what I might be able to replace the eggs with?

    9. Morning glories indeed! I would love to wake up to one of these guys.

    10. Kaori says:

      these look great and super healthy! yum!

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    12. Debra says:

      Can I substitute prunes for dates in this recipe? Simply because I have prunes in my pantry.

    13. Manon Ruel says:

      This would be a perfect occasion to put carrot pulp to good use !

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    15. Paige says:

      Just made these and while the flavour is wonderful, they are wayyyy too wet inside! I cooked them for the reccomended 25 minutes plus an extra 15 and the bottoms are cooked and nearing on burning but the inside just doesn’t seem cooked through. Any idea why this could have been?? Suggestions?

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    17. Tawny says:

      These are in my oven right now!!!! I’m excited!

    18. Rachel says:

      I love these! I dream about them sometimes. Thank you for the recipe! I completely love your website!!!

    19. michele says:

      What about those dates…. can’t seem to find them easily in Ireland – anything I can replace them with or can I leave them out? How will it affect the taste? Can’t get coconut flour easily, either – don’t suppose there is anything gfree I can sub for that too? :S


    20. Cheryl K. says:

      These sound so good! Can I substitute another gluten free flour for the coconut flour?

    21. Lindsay says:

      I made these and used coconut oil and also did chia eggs instead of eggs. They were very oily and moist and I had to book them for at least another 15 minutes. I did drain the grated vegetables. I’m not sure what the culprit was.

    22. D. Maynard says:

      These sound delicious, and I’d like to try them, but what is the carb count. I’m diabetic, and healthy foods that are low carb.

    23. Jen says:

      These were sooooo good. I didn’t have carrots so I doubled up the apples. Reminds me of bread pudding! I recently started the SCD and have been loving your book, thanks so much for your great recipes!

    24. Nancy H says:

      These muffins are fabulous! They taste exactly like the morning glory muffins made at a local bakery (with regular flours) I also made the pumpkin muffins, but haven,t tasted yet. Thank you for these great recipes!
      Am making the fluffy pancakes this AM.
      Great website, thank you

    25. Renee says:

      Made these this morning and they came together very easily. I did not drain the carrots and apples and I did notice that there was extra moisture. I will make sure to drain next time. I eliminated the dates and found that these were plenty sweet without. My poor kids have to wait a whole day to have these great muffins! (Of course I had to have a taste-test today!) I will make these again because they were so easy and I was not put off by the texture of coconut flour as with other recipes. Thanks, can’t wait to check out some of your other recipes.

    26. amanda says:

      I just wanted to tell you that these were amazing!! All of us were able to eat breakfast together ( a rarity since my son went SCD) and enjoying these with my 3 picky kids over some herbal tea and a laura ingalls book made for an utterly perfect morning! You are my GO-TO site for SCD baking cause i know that even my 2 year old son (loving called mr.picky) will enjoy anything you create!

    27. Carrie says:

      These were fantastic!! First time using coconut flour!! I will definitely make them again!! I would love to try zucchini next time!!:)

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    29. Tania H says:

      I was wondering if anyone knew the nutrition fact breakdown for this recipe. I made them this morning since my toddler is in a stage where she doesn’t want to eat veggies so I thought this is a great option. She loved them and gobbled up two of them! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

      • Erica says:

        Good to hear! They are a great source of Vitamin A and C. I don’t trust the program I was using for nutrition info so I haven’t added it anymore.

    30. Pam says:

      I’d like to add 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple to these muffins but know that would add more liquid. Do you think an additional 1/8 cup of coconut flour would work with that? Thanks for all you do. Our entire family loves, and trusts, all of your recipes!

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