• Blueberry Corn Muffins

    Blueberry corn muffins

    Note: This is not a grain-free recipe, however folks have requested that I keep it live because it is gluten-free.

    Food and memories seem to go together. Corn muffins remind me of a diner in the Bronx, somewhere, sitting with my dad, coffee for him, a corn muffin and juice for me.

    Recently I had a craving for a corn muffin, and this is what it produced – a gluten-free corn muffin recipe that is high in protein and retains that corn muffin taste. You can probably use this recipe for corn bread as well, I just haven’t tried it yet.

    Blueberry corn muffin

    Tips I’ve tried both milk and yogurt in this recipe with great results. When you use yogurt (1 cup), it takes a few minutes longer to bake, comes out a bit moister, and is a bit denser. The corn muffin made with milk is a bit sweeter. Also, see the comments in this post for baking powder recipes and sources.

    I store these, covered, at room temperature or in the refrigerator (they last longer in the frig), and then reheat them in a toaster oven for 7 minutes at 350°F to get that crunchy muffin top that they have when they’re first out of the oven.

    Note This recipe is lactose-free when you use almond or coconut milk.


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    28 Responses to Blueberry Corn Muffins

    1. Michelle says:

      your website has been a lifesaver for our family since my daughter became ill with crohn’s 2 years ago. Finally found holistic doctor, MD, to help so she is living normally again and healing I believe completely after 2 year, 10 doctor/healer search.Thanks so much for helping us eat throughout this ordeal. Our entire family has drastically changed our diet and your recipes have been only ones she consistantly likes, as well as rest of us.. a major feat indeed.

    2. Erica says:

      Wow, Michelle – that’s fantastic.

    3. Sophie says:

      MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,..What more can I say but these lovely muffins look just DIVINE!!

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    6. Sheri says:

      I am on a Candida diet and it seems like there is not a lot of recipes that are wheat free, dairy free(I can have plain yoghurt) and sugar free ( only can have stevia as a sub. no other sweetners). I love to bake but this is hard. Any suggestions on how I can modify this recipe to work for me?

    7. Erica – these look divine. I used to go to a diner pre-GF and order a muffin just like this, and they would butter and then grill it butter side down and it would get crisp. Oh, I loved them. I’m going to try that with this recipe. Thank you!

    8. Rachel says:

      I didn’t know that I could use corn flour. How long should I wait on SCD before trying corn flour?

      • Erica says:

        you can’t use corn flour on SCD. Sorry. This recipe is not tagged as SCD (see the end of each post). You can try using just almond flour though. I haven’t done it but it should work.

    9. Emily says:

      I love your website! I tried your banana bread recipe and it was delicious! I can’t wait to try out some more. Thanks so much and keep ’em coming!

    10. Jessica says:

      Just made this w/corn meal instead of corn flour, not realizing they might be different. Added a bit more meal to make a thicker batter and crossed my fingers. The muffins were delicious. I substituted agave for honey and coconut oil for butter.

    11. Mary W says:

      I use your recipes/blog more than any other and love how simple everything is! Just to let you know, this recipe works really well as straight cast-iron skillet corn bread! I added fresh corn instead of berries and my boyfriend and I devoured it with black eyed peas and collards. This is easily the recipe I’ve made the most from your site. Thanks!

    12. amanda says:

      I can’t wait to try this! It looks amazing:)

    13. maryann says:

      …hi!…..i’d like to use this recipe as a bread instead of muffins—any thoughts on modifications?….cooking time?…..thanks!

    14. Erica says:

      ooh. so good to know. Thanks Maryann!

    15. Doc says:

      Made these today, using corn meal instead of flour. Also, my oven runs a leeetle hot, so they were in for 15 instead of 20 mins. Didn’t have a great deal of rise, but they’re moist and flavorful. Next time, I think I’ll go with jalapeños instead of blueberries so I have corn-something to go with chili. Thanks for the recipe.

    16. Joanne says:

      What can you substitute for almond flour if you don’t have any? Can you just use the corn flour and increase the amount?

    17. Joanne Dozier says:

      What can you substitute for the almond flour? I only have corn flour, can I just use all corn flour and increase the amount?

    18. Sharon says:

      Can you double the recipe to make 12mufins?

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