• Roasted Cabbage, Carrot Ginger Dressing {and Epicurean Oils Giveaway}

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing

    red savoy cabbage

    Sometimes what bridges the gap between me and a big plate of greens or roasted veggies is a good dressing. Once I discovered how easy it is to make salad dressing, I never looked back at a single bottle of dressing on market shelves.

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing

    Years ago in a Mexican restaurant in Cambridge, MA I ordered a large salad to balance out all the other dishes about to fly across the table. When I requested honey mustard dressing the waiter apologized for the lack of anything other than the standard vinaigrette. So I asked if they had honey and mustard. He left for a moment and returned with both ingredients, I whipped them together with a fork and poured it on. And that was the beginning of my love for homemade dressing.

    In cooler weather I eat hardier greens and roasted veggies, but I never thought to roast cabbage wedges until I spotted this rendition. And it’s e-a-s-y. Slice the cabbage into wedges, rub with oil, sprinkle with salt, and slide into the oven. While it’s roasting, make your favorite salad dressing.

    For salad dressings I choose oils that have been minimally processed and are nutritionally beneficial (olive, avocado, seed and nut oils). I also try to use oils that will complement the flavor of the food and don’t overpower the other ingredients. For example, I use sesame oil for an Asian-inspired dressing, but for mayonnaise I choose an oil with more neutral flavor such as sunflower oil.

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing

    To help you make some of your own dressings, Mountain Rose Herbs is offering a set of their Epicuriean Organic oils to one lucky winner. The oil set includes:

    • Sesame Oil Expeller Pressed/Unrefined
    • Olive Oil Cold Pressed/Unrefined (Extra Virgin)
    • Pumpkin Seed Oil Cold Pressed/Unrefined
    • Almond Oil Natural Expeller Pressed

    And here’s a bit about Moutain Rose and their line of Epicurean Organic Oils: We are committed to providing the most magnificent culinary oils from around the world. These exceptional oils are unsurpassed in color, depth, consistency, and key nutrients such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Every vegetable oil we offer is extracted through expeller or cold pressed methods, yielding the most desirable, unadulterated oil. We do not employ the use of solvent, hexane, or alcohol extraction, and we do not stock oils that have been processed through heat intensive hydraulic extraction. These methods produce lower-grade oils, which lack the fine qualities we require.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great comments and dressing ideas! I loved them all! Thanks to Random.org the winner is Linda Li! The giveaway begins today and ends on May 8th. To enter this giveaway,

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing

    Comfy Belly: Roasted Cabbage and Carrot Dressing


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    83 Responses to Roasted Cabbage, Carrot Ginger Dressing {and Epicurean Oils Giveaway}

    1. Kari Robinson says:

      One of my fave dressings is a raspberry viniagrette!

    2. Kate says:

      I love sesame seed oil, but I’ve never tried pumpkin seed!

    3. Ro'Chele says:

      My favorite oil is hemp seed oil. Nutty and delicious. I also like Mountain Rose Herb’s on FB.

    4. Jenna says:

      Since I’m paleo, coconut oil of course!

    5. L Nood says:

      This looks refreshing for a light summer meal idea.

    6. Elizabeth says:

      I like coconut aminos with olive oil and salt!

    7. blessedmom says:

      We just use ACV and Olive oil for dressing! Easy and yummy!

    8. Candice says:

      I’ve just discovered grapeseed oil, and love its mild yet buttery taste! My favorite way to use it is on roasted beets. They caramelize beautifully. Delicious!

      I also “liked” Mountain Rose Herbs on facebook, and shared this post/giveaway on pinterest. 🙂

    9. laura says:

      I love that you’re so into making your own dressings. For some reason I feel kinda intimidated…but I think I need to start experimenting. I like a simple balsamic and olive oil. But you’ve got me to thinking about what else I can create!

    10. Holly B says:

      I like on Facebook and I’d love to try their Pumpkin Seed Oil 🙂

    11. Melissa says:

      Oh that’s tough. There are so many tasty oils. I use a lot of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, bacon fat and butter/ghee.

    12. Lisa T says:

      I’ve been lucky enough to find a “garlic sauce” produced locally in small batches in Seattle by Karam’s (http://www.garlicsauce.com/) and sold at my grocery store. Ingredient list: fresh raw garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper & love. It’s very much like aioli (and unbelievably yummy), and I use it on anything from salads to fish or chicken to crudite or anytime I need a mayonnaise substitute (like tuna salad).

    13. Lisa says:

      My go to for cooking seems to be coconut oil – it gives a slight coconut taste (which I like!). But sesame oil is a stronger flavor so makes a good dressing. I like tarragon oil blended with orange juice, vinegar, salt and pepper on one of my favorite salads: romaine with apple, pear and toasted walnuts, with a bit of gorgonzola.

    14. Genie says:

      I’ve never seen cabbage roasted in big wedges but it reminds me of hot version of an iceberg wedge salad.

      p.s. What kind of cabbage is the one in the first photo?

    15. Janet says:

      I usually just shake on some balsamic vinegar and italian seasoning. Thanks for the giveaway!

    16. Linda says:

      Thanks for the roasted cabbage recipe. Now I know what to do with the half of head of cabbage I have in the refrigerator! My favorite oil to cook with is Coconut Oil that I order from Mountain Rose and I love Olive Oil for making dressings. PS – I love your new book!!

    17. Vicki says:

      I love, love , love dressings which I make with a bit of sweet and sour. Sesame oil and mustard with rice vinegar and mustard for one.

      I liked Mountain Rose Herbs on FB 🙂

    18. Debra Schramm says:

      I love toasted sesame oil.

    19. Debra Schramm says:

      I liked Mountain Rose on Facebook.

    20. Susanne says:

      hi erica exactly my issue. “I’m not a good cook for salad dressing.” Always a little too acidic or too boring .. I will practice this spring :-)Best wishes! Hope all is well with you!

    21. Deborah says:

      Coconut oil and sunflower oil are my favorites!

    22. Jeanine says:

      I am terribly intimidated by homemade dressings, I would love to face my fear and experiment with these oils.

    23. Linda Li says:

      I love coconut oil.

    24. Linda Li says:

      I “Like” “Mountain Rose Herbs” on Facebook.

    25. Lisa says:

      Love olive oil for its versatility! A fruity EVOO for dipping bread is delicious and I love using a drizzle over toast instead of butter.

    26. Rachel N says:

      My favorite is olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar combined. hmmmm

    27. Aimee says:

      I recently made a grapefruit dressing and it was delicious! It’s so hard to find good dressings without sugar or other ingredients I avoid – making your own is definitely the way to go!

      • Erica says:

        love the idea of grapfriut dressing – can you share it here?

        • Aimee says:

          Approx. measurements ..

          1/3 cup fresh grapefruit juice
          2 tablespoon white wine vinegar
          1/2 cup olive oil
          1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest
          1 teaspoon grated orange zest
          1/2 teaspoon mustard (I used dijon)
          1/4 teaspoon salt
          1/8 teaspoon pepper
          1 teaspoon honey to taste (optional)

    28. KimH says:

      Im afraid Im good dressing-less. I love them when I eat them at some restaurants.. but Im clueless. I need HELP!

      Im going to make your carrot ginger dressing.. that sounds like heaven.

    29. KimH says:

      I already liked Mountain Rose Herbs on FB, but I didnt have them on notifications so I’ve fixed that. 😉

    30. Sarah says:

      Thanks so much for the kind shout-out! Cheers—S

    31. jacquie says:

      I so love roast cabbage – yum. I eat just like that w/o the dressing.

      I don’t have a favorite salad dressing I think because I mostly use a store bought oil and vinegar type. your post is reminding me that I really need to start making it myself.

    32. Dita says:

      I’m going right out to get some savoy cabbage. Never would have thought to roast it. Thanks so much for the recipe. I also liked Mountain Rose on Facebook. Would love to win their products. Thanks for info regarding Mountain Rose.

    33. April says:

      Olive oil is always a go to for salads, but I love avocado and walnut oil as well!

    34. Margaret says:

      I still love a standard balsamic vinaigrette. Going to try roasting some cabbage now!

    35. EM-MV says:

      That is the most beautiful cabbage at the top! The salad dressing I’ve been making all winter grapefruit juice, orange and lemon zest and olive oil. Otherwise, I just put a splash of olive oil, sesame oil, lemon, balsamic vinegar on the salad & toss.

    36. Sarah says:

      Roasted cabbage looks so yummy! Right now, I’m digging a version of a goddess dressing with lots of lemon, soy sauce, tahini, and chives. Delicious!

    37. Tara says:

      Macadamia nut oil is one of my favorite oils, especially for sweet baking!

    38. Margot C says:

      I have become completely fascinated by coconut oil lately (being a trendy type of person I suppose) and I love it in baking. Salad dressing? Not so much. I am pretty interested in that pumpkin seed oil for that maybe, sounds marvelous.

      I like everybody concerned on facebook!

    39. The first time I made this, I was so surprised at how roasting brings out a different side of cabbage! I’ve never had it with Carrot Ginger dressing, but it sounds perfect.

    40. Michelle says:

      I finally found one my very picky family will eat, so many failed experiments for them. It is french dressing using Organic, expeller pressed olive oil, apple cider vinegar, organic ketchup, organic sugar and raw honey, and some spices: sea salt, pepper ? a couple more can’t think of. It is a winner, maybe not the healthiest but much better than storebought with highly processed oils like soybean….

    41. Carolyn G says:

      I love lemon garlic olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar as a dressing

    42. Carolyn G says:

      I like Mountain rose on FB: Carolyn gonzalez

    43. Christina says:

      I use mostly olive oil and coconut oil. I’d love to try the pumpkin seed oil!

    44. Ttrockwood says:

      I use coconut oil often but love hazelnut oil for drizzling tableside on quinoa or to jazz up steamed veggies

    45. Ttrockwood says:

      Liked mountain rose on facebook (teri)

    46. Meredith says:

      I like my mom’s mustard olive oil dressing!

    47. Meredith says:

      I Liked mountain rose on facebook

    48. Heidi says:

      I love using smoke infused olive oil on my roasted cabbage. goes great with pork.
      Can’t wait to try this carrot ginger dressing! thank you!

    49. rachel says:

      I like coconut oil!

    50. Celeste says:

      Yum ! Everything sounds so delicious! Here is one of my favorite quick dressings.
      1/2 cup of olive oil
      1/4 cup apple cider vinager
      Small chopped shallot
      Whisk or blend

      Salt and pepper your greens throw on your dressing …enjoy

    51. Meryl says:

      My favorite salad dressing is David Lebovitz’s French Vinaigrette.

    52. Louis says:

      I love Nunez de Prado Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

    53. maya says:

      lovely! tried this tonight and served with a creamy (homemade mayo) ginger dressing and toasted black sesame gomasio, thanks for the recipe!

    54. Rebecca says:

      In a pinch the other day, out of olive oil, and all other traditional go-tos for homemade dressing, I used.coconut milk, coconit oil, which had to be cut wayyy down because the second I refrigerated it it solidified in bottle… Anyway I also added homemade tahini, meyer lemon, acv, rice vinegar, salt, pepper, and blended in a food processor until creamy. Happy accidents! I cut it further to make it last longer with braggs and balsamic and it just keeps getting tastier!

    55. Nancy says:

      I like grapeseed oil, but have not experimented as much as I would like to with other oils.

    56. Penny says:

      I love good olive oil or walnut oil hand rubbed on salad greens then a sprinkling of good sea salt. Then wait 10 minutes or so. The salt helps the leaves slightly wilt, and the flavors become more accessible. A squeeze of lemon after is sometimes nice, but mostly I don’t want anything else added. 🙂

    57. Elaine Weigle says:

      I am new to your site and am loving it. I started eliminating wheat products about a month ago and what I am finding is that it has opened a whole new life for me. As a 56 yr old woman, I have been cooking the same recipes for years and years, but now I am cooking and eating things I never dreamed of making. I never even considered roasting cabbage (or brussel sprouts which I also recently starting doing!), but your recipe looks yummy. Your post also has me interested in making my own salad dressings…so exciting!!

    58. Karen D says:

      My favorite oil (other than evoo) is hazelnut oil

    59. Karen D says:

      Karen Goodwin Delaney likes Mountain Rose Herbs on Facebook

    60. Mary Christine says:

      Right now I’m mainly into coconut oil. I need to branch out a little 🙂
      I also liked Mountain Rose Herbs on FB. Thank you for this giveaway!

    61. Jenny says:

      I usually use olive oil for dressings and coconut oil for baking/cooking. I tried to make honey mustard dressing and it turned out much to sweet. I need to try that one again. Dressing is one thing that is so difficult to find without sugar when eating out. I wonder what restaurants would do if I brought my own homemade version?

    62. Cheri Oczepek says:

      My favorite oil is coconut oil because it has so many uses. It’s my only skin lotion anymore.

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